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Attached with prints of Transformers is a trailer for a secret movie by "Lost" producer J.J. Abrams which looks like a home movie depicting a going away party for a guy going to Japan. That's when a strange roar is heard the guests turn on a tv and watch as news develops about an earthquake, going to the roof an explosion destroys a something in the distance, sending debris raining down towards camera. The camera operator runs back inside and down to street level just in time to hear more roars and then more flaming debris flies through the city including what is revealed to be the statue of liberties severed head. The camera goes black and on the screen flashes 1-18-08. This is for a secret movie being called "cloverfield"(not real name) Not much is known about it other than some monster attacks also two cryptic websites have gone up and both about a fictional prophet named Ethan Hass and his prediction of the end of the world. So check for the trailer online at Youtube(but be quick as it is taken down all the time) or better yet see Transformers and join in the hype.

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