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Fan Fiction Forum RULES - Read Before Posting!

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Fan Fiction Forum Rules:

1. Create a new thread for Fan Fiction stories. Don't post two different stories in one thread.

2. Threads should be stories/fan fiction ONLY. Don't post new threads to discuss anything, chat, etc. You can use other forums or the stickied Fan Fiction Discussion thread.

3. Be respectful towards everyone. Offer constructive criticism. If you don't like something, explain why. Don't just say "it sucks!". Also remember that writers here are of all ages and have various levels of experience. Don't be a jerk! This place is for fun!

4. If a story isn't safe for children, please warn in the Topic Title and at the very beginning of your post.

5. Any story can be put here. It doesn't have to be Zelda related.

6. Individual parts or chapters to your story should be placed in the thread where the first part of your story is. Do not post new chapters as new threads.

7. Double posting in your thread to bump it to the first page of the forum is against the rules. Double posting is fine if you are posting new parts to your fiction, but otherwise is not allowed.

8. Your thread must have content to it. If there is no fan fiction, then the thread is not allowed.

Please refrain from one-sentence/one-word replies saying how much you like the Fan Fiction. Explain why you like it.

Please try to use spellcheck through means of Microsoft Word, Mozilla Firefox, or something similar.

Please make sure your Fan Fiction makes legible sense to the readers. Which means proper punctuation and the like.

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