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crossword sample

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before i start i'd like to say i had direct permission to do this, from GM.

right as you know there is a clan clan known as the sinking goron :P

but what you don't know is of their weekly exclusive zelda crossword. :P

i have a free sample here for you to try, if you PM me the hidden word then you'll win 10 rupees.

if you enjoy the crossword, then i reccomend you join the sinking goron, for a new crossword every week.

here's thwe link, to it, it does work. below i'll explain the rules.


if you can find these letters in the crossword:

1. the 3rd letter of the 5th word.

2. the 2nd letter of the eight word.

3. the 6th letter of the 7th word.

4. the 3rd letter of the 1st word.

5. the 4th letter of the 6th word.

6. the 5th letter of the seventh word.

then it will spell out a word, PM me that word and you'll win 10 rupees. :joy:

clue: the word is something i detest even though it's hardly threatening.

please if you enjoy join the SG, for more info on the clan PM me or GM.

most of all though, have fun. :lol:

gerbillious regards - LDGM

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