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The Quest ~An interactive story game!~

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Alright, people. I just created a game, remember those interactive story books where you turn the page and stuff? Yeah, neither did we, but heres an interactive story!!

Basically, what your doing is that I am describing an area and stuff, and you pick answers on what the character in the story should do, simple enough right?

Ok, here's the beggining!


You wake up from the sound of a yell and open your eyes to find yourself a big field thats nearly empty. You have a bag, a stick, a fishbowl and there's a trail of blood leading somewhere backwards (Didn't you come from there or something?) What do you do?


Now, reply with an answer and I'll choose the one that is best!


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Look at the stick. The stick begins to sing.

Me - 'What the heck?!'

Stick - 'You're telling me.'

Giant wisps of fluorescent greens blues and red seem to rise from the earth as they circle the descending pandas.

The panda speaks as he floats down. His fur shifts colours from green to blue to red. The wisps of colour have faded away but now a foreboding mist rises.

Panda - 'It is now the end of all things. Time has run out and there is nothing left for you to do.'

Me - 'But I. He. What?'

Panda - 'You do not understand. You are small and weak. I have no need for your stupidity.'

Stick - 'I knew you would show up sooner or later!'

Me - 'What?'

Stick - 'The end of all things. Ha. I mock you. You have not the power of the gods. And I think it foolish of you to think so.'

The Panda, now enraged changes into a colour of most fearsome red

Panda - 'You dare underestimate me?! You shall perish! You are but a twig. An insignificant piece of foliage.'

Me - 'What is this about?'

Stick - 'These are the eight pandas of the apocalypse. They arrive at the end of all things to wreak havok on the living and put an end to the pathetic goings on of the human race'

Me - 'Hey! Isn't there anyway we can stop this?'

Panda - 'Yes. BUY MY CEREAL!'


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