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SSBB European release date

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after searching long and hard, i've found that GameFAQ's has a confimed European release date for Super smash bros. Brawl (SSBB)

the European release date for SSBB is (holds breath).....

the 6th of June 2008! :joy: (that's a friday, just thought you may want to know :embarrassed: )

or 06/06/08 for those who like their numbers >_>

however, no Australian date has been confirmed yet. :cry:

Source: GameFAQ's


on a side note (i'm spoilering it because it contains hidden character names)

is anyone going to make a news article about the latest hidden character R.O.B. ?

he was announced on friday, so i'm quite dissapointed that no-ne has done so yet.

Oh, yeah, the game is supposed to be released in a matter of hours (according to the timer)

i'll be able to watch it countdown :D

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After this was posted on the brawl thread yesterday, I have a quick look around all other gaming sites, none of them have the date down as confirmed, so I'm sorry to say that this doesn't seem to be officially confirmed either. So it's still classed as a rumour.

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