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Doubtful Love-A Continutation

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It's Vivi again! Well, I decided to make a continuation of the not-so hated, but not exactly loved pairing of Skull Kid x Link story. ^^

... Well, I don't like it as much as the first one, but it deals with the emotions of Skull Kid and why exactly he was so quickly attached to Link.

This WILL have extra chapters, so if you're (somehow) impressed by this, you'll have to check back for updates.

Hope you enjoy; some of the chat got a preview, so that's why some of the spacing is odd; I copy-pasted it from there.

Oh, by the way, one curse early on. But what can you expect of Tatl? Edit: OH ROFL. IT EDITED IT! XD


His head felt strange; aching. But he was used to this; Link rarely got a proper sort of bed to rest in after a long day's travel; usually it was a rock for his pillow. This roof tile was more like a freaking luxury.

But the Deku-form Hylian remembered something else as well; he was much more comfortable when he'd fallen asleep.

Asleep in someone's arms he'd never expected to be with.

But where'd he go?

"Nice to see you awake."

His eyes snapped open to see a burning light in front of them. The little Deku let out a shriek, and a bubble came flying from his tube-like mouth, another shriek, high-pitched and girlish, followed his.

"You *******! It's just me!"

Indeed; once his vision readjusted, it was the yellow fairy of his travels long past by 12 months.


"Sorry..." Link popped the bubble with his glove-like hand, and she collapsed into his hand with an aggravated sigh. She fluttered her wings, finally zooming back into the air, and finding a nice place beside his head to fly.

"Listen, have you seen my little brother?" Tatl asked, sounding immensely concerned, "He disappeared last night when we fell asleep somewhere... I thought he might be here, so I stayed to ask you."

The Deku rubbed his head, eyes closed. He couldn't remember a thing. When he shook his head, she let out a whimper of fear.

"Oh, what if he gets hurt?!"

"That reminds me, Tatl;" he said, startling her. She remembered how very little he spoke in the mornings when they'd still travelled together, so she hadn't expected him sounding so alert all of a sudden. "Have you seen the Skull Kid? He... er... disappeared too."

Tatl suddenly let out a rather evil sounding giggle; he was sure if she could, she'd be smirking at him, but instead of mocking him, she found her cool and replied...

"I'm... I'm not sure where Skull Kid went, Link, but I'm sure he's still in town." Link leapt off of the roof, his legs nearly giving out from under him. Once back on his feet, he took in a quick view of Northern Clock Town... no one was to be found.

"It's kind of like... last time, isn't it?" Tatl chirped, sounding almost cheerful to be attached to Link again. The Hylian (well, technically, a Deku right now) looked up at her, and he would have smiled. "I guess." He took off towards the open tower ahead of him, already taking a guess as to where the Skullkid ran off.

The Yellow Deku Flower stood, still as bright as the day he'd used it a year ago. "...How does this work again?" The fairy guiding him let out a growl of frustration. "You haven't changed any, have you?!" A smirk, if he could... "Nope, not really."

After a quick re-cap on Deku Flowers (and a reminder of Link's awful memory), he was up in the air once again, gliding towards the steps to the top of the Clock Tower. He had no idea why it would still be open, but who else could be up there?

There he was. A purple fairy hovering above his shoulder; he probably was snuggling the imp's ear, whispering comforting things... "I.. I just don't wanna believe I did it.. but I did.. y-you can still see the scars from the mask on my face.." Tael merely snuggled closer, shushing him. "It's alright, Skullkid, it really is; no one hates you for it..." "Yes they do..."

SkullKid reached up, and held the fairy close. Link and Tatl watched from behind the half-closed door, listening intently. "See, I told you... he's still guilty... he really is sorry.." Link looked at her harshly, and put a finger to his mouth. "Shh!" She sighed, annoyed, but obeyed, as Skull Kid continued his lament, Tael silent now.

"I.. I bet Link doesn't really like me, either; 'cos of it... I'd be lucky just to have his friendship." The purple fairy yelped, his small frame being squeezed by the SkullKid. The fairy finally escaped, after the very pregnant pause between the two. "I doubt it; Link saved you once. If he didn't dislike you then, it'd take a lot for that to change."

"They go quiet too much, don't you think so?" Tatl whispered. Link wanted to agree, but didn't respond. He didn't have anything on his chest, like Skull Kid... he was forced to do things he knew he'd never really do; many of them quite terrible... and Link was the one to fix that. That's a lot to carry on one's shoulders, he thought to himself, especially if you can't make up for them after they've been cleaned up by someone else.

He mentioned this to Tatl, as they walked back down the staircase. They figured that the imp and her little brother would come down when they were ready to, and weren't about to bother them. However, Tatl merely snorted at his thoughts. "Just because you have the emotional range of a sword hilt doesn't mean another person can't feel that way!"

Link rolled his eyes, finding a place to sit at the bottom of the tower to wait. "Don't act like you know about a person's heart, Tatl." The fairy made an noise that sounded like she was about to make a comeback, but said nothing in response. "..Any idea why he did.. that, last night?"

"Did what?"

The fairy was flying down near the pools, but the empty area caused her voice to echo up to him as if she were still beside him.

"I know you were there, Tatl; I heard you and Tael laughing."

She stopped, just skimming the surface of the water. She started to blush furiously, and Link nearly expected her to burst into arguement. Instead, she sighed, flying back up to hide in his hat.

"Let me tell you something, Link. If you EVER make me say it again, I'll haunt you when I'm dead, and force you to deal with me 'til YOU'RE dead."

"That's an empty threat. You can't die."

"Shut up."

Tatl took a moment to collect her thoughts, Link feeling a little uncomfortable. He could feel her breathing into the back of his head. She took a breath, and started...

"Well, y'see, Link... Skull Kid couldn't get the friends back he had before, other than the giants. But he couldn't be with them, obviously, they had jobs to do... You know how the Dekus are; they wouldn't let him back in. And there wasn't any way he was going to get into the mountains or live near the ocean...

"So he had no one but us. But then you came back... when he saw you, you weren't paying attention, were you?"

"Don't make snaps on my observation, Tatl, just tell me the rest."

"Ergh, fine..."

Tatl climbed out, and chose instead to sit on his nose (or was it his mouth? Link never could figure that out in this form...).

"I saw the old light he had, that he showed when he met us... I think Skull Kid needs you, Link."

The Deku'd Hylian felt his face grow warm, and he batted the fairy away with a flick. She shrieked in a scandalized tone, and flew back in to bop against his forehead.


Tatl seemed to be seething, almost to the point where he was reminded of when the two first met.

"I'm SERIOUS, Link!" she scolded, her fairy wings ringing angrily, "The way he talked about you when you left for that place you call Hyrule; he...he... heehee, funny, isn't it?"

Link felt his eyes widen in panick; had she perhaps gone mad? But instead, he heard the squeaking of wooden stairs behind him, and the flutter of familiar wings.

"Oh, yeah, funny!" Link played along, his chest hurting, not because of the forced laughter, but because of the new feeling...

What did Skull Kid really think?


YAY DRAMA. Anyhow, if anyone's confused as to why Tatl giggled at Link being concerned about Skully's whereabouts in the beginning, for some reason, I thought she might think they're cute together... fangirls existed back then, too. In the form of girls wanting to marry the handsome prince! -killed-

And why wouldn't she want to tell Link why Skully's like this? Well... I'm pretty sure he would have made her promise never to tell. :/

So uhm...

Chapter 1.

Not that great.

I'll try to improve in Chapter 2.

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Yaaay! <3 ^^ It's getting even better Viv~ Loving the suspense. Skullkid is so cuuuute!

Keep it up~

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Damnit. This is so good. I hate suspense. You are good at this. Keep going and don't ever stop.

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>w< squee, isn't he, Cirt?!

^/ / /^ I don't see how suspenseful it could be, really, but thank you. I can't let it get in the way of my other projects, though, so if it updates slow, sorry.

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Argh... Suspense builder. XD This is really good. I can't wait for chapter 2. :D

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Well. This is fantastic, but its not about one of the four giants and Gyorg, Vivi. ;)

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Keep up the good work Vivi :joy:

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It's getting better and suspence is very nice too, great job Vivi.

I'll be waiting for chapter 2.

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Oh wow. Invader Zim's on in the other room. Ahh, memories!


And Thank you, Linox. ^w^

But I did some thinking... brain-storming is healthy, you know. I came up with the theme of this chapter. >w< Link is staying in Terminia for a while now... isn't he? takeahint

Oh, and by the way. Unless you're going for supercalifragilistic fluff, don't listen to My Best Friend by Toybox while writing.

Just... take my word for it. :fear:

~~SKxL~~SKxL~~SKxL~~SKxL~~SKxL~~SKxL~~SKxL~~SKxL~~<-- Hey, it's the famous paragraph cutter!

"Oh, you're up!"

Skull Kid looked a great deal happier than he had before; in fact, Link suspected it was forced to a point. Tael fluttered down beside him, only to be tackled by Tatl, who was quick to scold him for running off like that. The imp stared at them for a bit, Link unsure whether to laugh, or simply look. It then occured to him that he was still a Deku.

"Hey, uhm..." Skullkid turned to look at him, alert. Link felt a little startled at how ready he was to pay attention, but continued, "Do you mind if I... take off the mask..? I--"

"Oh! S-sure!"

"Y-yeah, 'cos I.."

"It's not a problem, go ahead!"

"You're sure?"

"O-of course!"

Indeed, Link was eager to return to his human form now. The mask came off quickly; the familiar feeling of dizziness overtook him, but he was back on his feet.

"Thanks..." he mumbled, pushing the mask back into his pocket. The Skullkid was staring at him again, looking to be in deep thought. Link raised his eyebrows, but said nothing as the being waddled closer, looking at him meaningfully...

It was lucky no one was around; they probably would have something to say to Link and the imp, if they saw the imp kissing him on the lips just for that one second in time.

The Skullkid pulled away quickly, jumping back as if he'd been shocked, but he was smiling (or so it seemed; Link could never tell with that strange mouth of his).

"So what do you want to do now?" he asked, acting as if the kiss was entirely normal. Link still had a hand over his mouth, looking a little scared, but caught himself from an awkward moment.

"Oh! Hmmm... well, it's still early, so I don't know if the inn would be open yet... we could get something to eat there."

Skullkid smiled once again. He looked as if he'd like nothing better than to just spend more time with his newly found 'friend'.


"Ugh, you had to suggest the inn?"

"Shut up, it's the only place I knew!"

Anju, who was an old friend of Link's, had allowed them to come eat at the Stock Pot Inn, which wasn't all that famous for their cooking. Link had forgotten the warnings from Anju's granny's diary; now they weren't even eating and were just talking at this point.

"So, uhm..." Tatl landed on top of Link's head. He looked up at her fondly, a smile crossing his face. "Yeah?"

"Did.. did you ever find your friend?"

Link suddenly went very quiet. He looked as if he were about to change the subject; however, except for the fact that Tatl cleared her throat.

"..she wouldn't come with me... she'd found another traveller to go with."

He stared down into his lap, fists clenched in anger.

"What does he have that I don't... w-why..."

Tatl and Tael exchanged glances; they knew what this was about. Skullkid merely looked sympathetic, seeing as his own fairies couldn't leave him on purpose.

"Link... it's not your fault. What did she say to you, exactly?" Tael asked, fluttering towards his side of the table.

He looked at the purple fairy longingly.

"I.. she said that she'd served her purpose with me.. that she was really sorry."

Tatl nodded.

"Like I thought." She joined Tael; Link suspected she'd be leaning back in his teacup, legs crossed and arms behind her head, if he could see her body. "Y'see, Link, fairies... they're usually assigned to people that need them. When they no longer need them, they leave, disappearing or finding someone else."

Skullkid suddenly seemed to panic slightly, only to be stopped by Tatl saying, "We're wild, so we choose who we please." He shut his mouth, smiling slightly.

Link closed his eyes, and rested his head on the table. Tatl floated, gazing at him for a few moments, as did SkullKid, but said nothing but 'sorry'.

"That's why I came back." Link opened his eyes again, but didn't get up. "I came back because I was... lonely. I only knew one other fairy, and that's you, Tatl."

If only fairies could blush...

"Oh, Link..."

Skullkid looked a little jealous.


This is Chapter 2.

^^; Short, yes, but it explains why Link came back.

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Ooh~ It's getting pretty heated up! ;D I like how you tied Navi's sotry back in. Good work!~

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So that is why Link went back, I feel sorry for the other traveler Navi went with. :D

Some very nice work yet again Vivi.

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This is getting good. >__> How many chapters will there be?

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Okay, just finished reading Chapter 1 + 2.

Comments on chapter 1: SUSPENSEFUL!! :D Lol Tatl makes a nice fangirl. Wonderfully done!

Comments on chapter 2: Lol I like how you wrote that SkullKid acted as if the kiss was something normal and went on with the day. ^_^ And the backstory on Navi was great (I also liked how SkullKid was scared for a second of his fairies leaving him.) Poor Skullkid. Well, at least he's got Link, Tatl, and Tael. =)

I can't wait for Chapter 3!! This story is so cute. :)

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To UZF: No idea.


Chapter 3! >w<


"Do I have to?"

"Yes, you do!"

"But... it feels so... wrong."

Link hiding behind a rock with his newly found best friend (could he call him that?) didn't seem quite heroic.

"You take this game too seriously. You're SUPPOSED to hide."

They'd gotten out into Terminia field, and after some wandering, decided to play Heroes and Villans. But according to SkullKid just now... it was really Hide and Seek. He and SkullKid were the heroes; the fairies chose to be the villans. Why, he had no idea... it had been Tatl's idea, truly.

"It's really exciting if you hear them coming..." SkullKid began to giggle, his knees doing that annoying shaking thing again. "If you're lucky, they don't see you and keep going... once, I wasn't found for an hour."

Link could hardly see the fun in that; but felt his heart lift at the little giggles the imp was making.

"Shh! If you keep this up, we won't be able to break the record..."

He gasped, looking around quickly, but put a hand to his mouth (?), smirking.

Link couldn't help but smirk as well.


"See? They're cute."

Tael made a retching noise beside his sister, and she huffed, crossing her little fairy arms. The boy had no idea what GOOD romance was... Even if this was young, and technically, GAY love. Which made her feel strangely giggly inside; she enjoyed watching the two be together, trying to ignore the fact that they...

Well, yes.

"You have NO taste."

The purple fairy shrugged, resting himself against the log they were hiding behind to spy on the two. Tatl still stared, as the imp and Hylian both shared some unknown joke and laughed together; even their laughter sounded perfect together to her!

"They're just... guys. I mean, I GUESS it's sweet..."

Tatl huffed impatiently, her wings fluttering angrily.

"You need to grow up, Tael!"

"Well, EXCUSE me!"

The two both had a momentary urge to laugh, but they maintained their rivalry's reputation. Link and SkullKid had sat down now, chatting happily. What could they possibly be discussing?


"I'd sometimes go into the woods just to get away from everyone..."

SkullKid felt his head tilt to one side out of curiousity. Link blushed lightly, smiling. He'd never noticed before if anything had any cute quality to it, but considering what Tatl said, he couldn't help but notice now.


Link shrugged nonchalantly. He just barely remembered; faint traces of mocking from a certain child, rejected for being fairyless... not a man.

"Just to get away from the pressures of daily life."

SkullKid began to giggle again. At one point, Link was sure he saw a pair of shiny wings from his peripheal vision, but it disappeared once the imp finished.

"Pressures? You had the Deku Tree; we SkullKids only had our flutes and each other, and that was when we LIKED each other."

Link smiled.

"Well, I had no one but Saria 'til Navi came around."


Link realized. This was the first time he even mentioned her name to anyone ever since she left; of course, they'd spoken OF her in the Inn...

"The friend I was looking for."

SkullKid suddenly sobered, his face not as smiling.


"No, you didn't know."

It was strange... This was the most Link had ever opened up to someone. Zelda (or Sheik, your choice) was the only person he talked this much to, but she was gone now. More like, the guards didn't remember that it had been him who rescued them from their deaths. The last time he saw her was before he went to go find Navi and got caught up in Terminia...

But he'd tried to get back in. Security had increased ten-fold, due to the sudden increase in crime... when he was being taken away, it looked as if Zelda wished to tell him something... the same look in her eyes that she had when she opened up to him about her prophetic dreams.

But he never found out.


The hero realized he was next to the person who had kissed him first all of a sudden, and felt very self-concious thinking of someone else he'd been close to.

"S-sorry. Thinking."

SkullKid smiled at him, and shrugged. For a few moments, he looked around, taking in the breath-taking sight of the sunset near the horizon of the Zoran side of the field...

"I've never hung around here long enough to see it..." The imp sighed to himself, leaning his chin against his hand. Link followed his gaze... he'd never truly gotten a chance to appreciate the sunset. He'd always been fighting, or off in some God-forsaken dungeon, and could never catch it...

But now...


"Can we go 'find' them now?" Tael whined. Tatl shook her head, smiling from ear to ear while watching the imp and Hylian sit together. The sun-light cast a most beautiful glow over the two, it certainly didn't do them any harm...

"Not yet."

Tael mumbled something like, "You romance sap", but watched with her.

Tatl found herself staring up at the sky. She remembered, just how beautiful it truly is...

"It's nice, to see no ugly crater-filled rock up there, isn't it?"

Tael followed her gaze, eyebrows raised. He found himself nodding... he'd seen the sunset before, but tonight, the pinks, yellows, and purples it gave off made a most wonderous effect...

Silently, Tatl thanked Link for his help.

And his return.


The sun dipped into the ocean, finally diving under as the dark-blue night sky, studded with diamond-like stars, leaving Link with a lazy smile on his face. It was nice, not to fight, just to live like a normal person, with the person you...


You what?

"Link..." The imp was staring intently at the moon now, rocking back and forth on the balls of his feet. The Hylian looked up; when did he get up?


The SkullKid was looking at ANYTHING but him. He sort of wished their eyes would meet... but why?

"I'm... I'm glad we both got to see it together."

Link shrugged, getting up and dusting his hands onto his tunic. "It's no prob--...."

SkullKid took his hands, but not in an intimate way like he almost expected.

He was inspecting them, eyes ablaze from the darkness of the night. Link felt his hands grow a bit warmer; they'd grown fridgid in the cool grass from leaning back on them, cutting off the blood flow without meaning to.

"...what's it like to have flesh?" he finally asked. Link almost wanted to ask him to put his hands down... almost.

"What kind of question is that?" he said, trying not to chuckle. The imp's hands tightened slightly on his fingers; but he didn't take the evident chuckle personally.

"I.. I just wanna know.. I've been.. THIS my whole life."

He brought the hand up to his wooden face, and rubbed it wearily against it. Link's eyebrows shot straight up; what was this behavior all of a sudden?

"Your hands are all rough... from holding a sword so much. Doesn't it ever hurt? Or tire you?"

The hero blushed furiously.

"Link doesn't get tired; he perserveres!"

SkullKid finally smirked, and dropped his hands. Link let them fall loosely to his sides; why did he feel so lonely all of a sudden?

There was a furious flutter of wings; he looked over, but saw nothing. What kept doing that? Perhaps that thieving bird still lives here?

When he finally looked back, SkullKid was leaning right into his face.

"W-wah! Don't d-do that--" He was grabbed by the shoulders so he wouldn't topple over, like he feared he would.

"Link... I.. I really like you. I can't... place why."

How was he to respond to that, or the face now looking down at his feet? He looked frightened beyond his wits...


Thankfully, Tael made it so he wouldn't have to.

Oddly enough, Tatl never seemed more cold towards the purple fairy as the group made their way back into town.

Link couldn't help but feel a bit of that coldness, as well.


:joy: ...


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The truth finally comes out, I wonder how Link will react?

I like how you managed to make me feel like I was seeing from each point of view, awsome feeling.

Next one is going to be great, I just know it. Keep it up.

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