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I make papercrafts. I just started a few mos ago, but i did a midna and a longcat papercraft.



MIDNA ^^^ this is the ninjatoes midna model. Took about 3 hours.






if you want the templates for these just email me, i also have the ones for every version of link from MM, the four swords/windwaker link, ganon, ganondorf, the mastersword, the triforce, rupes (you color them in), stalfos (OOT), wolf link, link from OOT and TP, kid link from OOT and MM as well as all the sages all of the spiritual stones and medallions and all seven of the sages, (including zelda) as well as all the bosses and over half of the enemies fom the game. The file is about 5GB and it is FULL of LoZ papercrafts down to those little bugs you put into a jar. Email me if you want something.

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YAY! Another papercraft! Cool! :joy: 3 hours, wow! my first papercraft model (OoT Zelda by Ninjatoes) took me 5 months to do :embarrassed: not every day, of course, and with several delays but still...

Btw, what paper did you use for Midna?

I also have quite a collection of templates but seems like they all can be found here http://www.nintendopapercraft.com/labels/Zelda.html ;) I took them from different places though... Plus to that I've got the Deku King .pdo file and Zora Link ver.2 (hat fixed), that can be found on 'Navi Papercraft' site. But that's all I have.

Could you please send me those seven sages templates? Are they hard to do? Any tips or instructions added? And the most important question: where did you find them?! :blinky: I've never seen Adult OoT Zelda model before, that's amazing!

Also, by 'kid link from OOT and MM' did you mean Ninjatoes Young Link model or do you actually have OoT Young Link model, different from MM?

Sorry for a lot of questions, but I also started to make models not so long ago, and i'm still getting excited when I see something like that ^^

P.S. Don't you have Anju and Kafei templates by any chance? :rolleyes:

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