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The Ultimate RP: The End

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In the following days rumors began to spread across Hyrule market like a plague. Word of the heroes return to save them had become the most common thing heard in homes at night. As the thieves and bandits began to steadily vanish, so did the peoples' fears and doubts.

Sigilant's plan worked perfectly. The more they killed, the more that were sent after them.

"Where is Twilin located?" Sigilant barked, increasing the pressure on the man's throat as he smashed him into the brick wall.

"I-I-I... The sewers..." He panted as Sigilant relaxed his grip.

"Thank you." Those two words Sigilant spoke were quickly followed by a crunch and the splatter of blood.

"The sewers eh?" Validus asked. "Be back in a moment." He vanished in a green flash. Then reappeared just as quickly with a smile. "Yep. They're down there. Ended up in a ring of them. They looked scared."

"Perfect." Sigilant growled, ripping the grate out of a street and dropping down. Validus followed.

They ended up in a torchlit tunnel with foul liquid flowing down the center, there were two ledges on either side, just big enough for three men to walk side by side. This is where they had dropped.

"I'll go this way you go the other." Validus said, walking off to their right. Sigilant sighed and went left.

Before long Validus could hear whispering, he caught the words 'Twilin', 'Heroes', and 'They're here', before warping ahead. He found himself facing the same people he had seen earlier.

"Hello." With lightning reflexes Validus jumped into the air, kicking one in the head and causing him to fall in off the ledge screaming. He whipped out his sword in midair and decapitated one of them before thrusting his blade deep into the remaining twos' chests.

He continued down the ledge cleaning his blade.

Sigilant encountered no one, in fact. He hit a dead end minutes after he started walking. Angry, he turned and ran back the way he came. Catching up with Validus moments later.

"Dead end." He growled.

"Shhh..." Was Validus' reply, holding out an arm to stop Sigilant.

There was a door a few feet ahead, it was open slightly, and they could hear voices.

They entered without naother thought, surprised to see it was a small room where it's two occupants were currently very busy. They hurried back out again and shut the door behind them.

"False alarm." Validus coughed quickly.

"Mmhmm." Sigilant agreed.

Before long they ended up facing a large set of steel double-doors. Sigilant smashed through them while donning his clawed gloves. A small army of frightened looking men waited. Within moments they were dead.

"This is too easy..." Validus sighed, wiping the blood off of his sword again.

"Why do you do that right after you kill? It takes a long time to rust."

"It was my father's, I like to take good care of it." Validus replied. "Look."

Several more were rushing out of a nearby passage. Validus sighed and sheathed his sword, Sigilant lunged. They were dead in seconds.

Validus started down the passage next to it, Sigilant followed.

They fought their way through several corridors, rooms, and passages. Destroying anybody who saw them, until they finally came across a barred door, which Sigilant smashed down with ease. They followed the tunnel behind it until they came to a large room. Noise exploded around them, and then they were facing another small army. But what caught their attention was the throne at the back of the room where a woman sat, drinking out of a golden goblet while she watched them slaughtering her men.

"That has to be Twilin." Validus said, slahsing through several men and ducking under an axe before kicking the man over and using him to knock over others.

"Definitely." Sigilant shouted from across the room, he was making his way towards her, jumping from shoulder to shoulder, head to head to get there.

He jumped and executed a glorious spin, decapitating several people before landing infront of her. Validus arrived a second later, having cleared away those Sigilant ignored.

"You took longer than I expected," Twilin frowned. "But no matter. I can kill you now." She smiled wickidly.

Sigilant actually started laughing uncontrollably, doubling over and clutching at his stomach. Validus simply watched as he rolled around, laughing loudly.

"Whew... whew..." Sigilant panted, leaning on his knees.

"Now that you're done." Twilin did it so fast Sigilant didn't have time to gasp, next thing hek new he was lying in a heap at the other end of the room, Validus was flying towards him. He ducked out of the way just in time, Validus smashed into the ground where he was moments before, rolling a few feet before getting up.

Twilin smiled evilly as she approached them, stepping over the bodies of her fallen men.

"And, by the way. It's not Twilin, it's Kira..." Her smile widening.

That's when Sigilant noticed it, the purple eyes, the purple hair, the purple bladed sword she clutched in her hand, and why didn't he notice how she was sitting?

"Kira's dead!" Sigilant barked.

"Yes, Im afraid my brother passed away a few years ago. But that doesn't matter, his failure opened a gateway to my success." Kira lunged, sword whistling.

Sigilant and Validus were side by side, a sword and a dagger at their throats. Then the pressure was gone, and metal rang.

Velna was now there, forcing back Kira with remarkable sword skill. Within moments Kira was laughing as she gained the upperhand and forced Velna back. Instead of staying to fight, Velna turned and ran, she grabbed Siglant and Validus in a bear hug, and they all vanished in a blast of green light.

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They ended up in an alley in one of the streets; it was deserted.

"Well... that was quite a revelation..." Validus muttered as he looked around to take in their surroundings.

"What the hell were you two thinking?! 'Oh, we'll just take everyone before the others could even know.' I SAW YOUR DAMNED DEAD BODIES IN THE FUTURE. Even Sigilant was gone!" Velna was leaning against the wall for support, shaking with anger, relief, a bit of fear, and disgust-- Kira hadn't exactly killed them without inflicting some horrible wounds. "At least that future is changed.... for now."

"Calm down, Velna... Wh-"

"Why did you teleport us to an alley?" Validus shot a look at Sigilant; he was about to ask the same question.

Velna had quickly regained control over her nerves and emotions and was now almost perfectly still. Her gray eyes searched the alley for about a second before she answered, "I didn't know if she would follow us..." The unspoken words were clear in her actions for Validus and Sigilant to read: '... back to the house. she could very well be here right now.'

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Posted (edited)

Good job,Near,but I think that Sigilant would've gotten the answer out of that thief by threatening to bite him.He would talk to the thief in a friendly way,and then would slowly inch in to the thief's neck when the thief objected.He would tell the thief that he was starting to get thirsty and impatient,and about how he wouldn't be able to keep up his resistance to the thirst for long.He'd let the thief live if he got the answer,but that's just the thief.It depends on who it is,really.

Thanks for the save,CG.

"You two cannot fight her," Sigilant told them."You probably already know,but her brother killed off the other heroes."

"And what,you're going to fight her yourself?" Velna asked sarcastically.

"I'm a smarter fighter than you might think...We just haven't been up against anything that would force me to actually think up until now...Kira,I have no clue what he was...I don't know how he was possible.This is really bad."

Laughter came casually from a dark alley.The heroes looked,drawing their swords.A pale man came from the alley.

Sigilant froze,unable to move.He was shocked.The bite mark that infected him ached like it had instincts of its own.

"You should really hear yourself," The tall,white-skinned,red-eyed,spiky-brown-haired vampire chuckled.

"How many of you bloodsuckers are there?!" Validus yelled at Sigilant.

"Seriously...Heroes.You really crack me up,kid.I wonder...How well trained are your heroes?What if they were to face death right now..."

"What is that supposed to mean?" Sigilant challenged.

"You think I'm stupid enough to take you posers on alone?Posers or not,you're not exactly weak posers.Besides,it's not you I'm after.I'm here to make you miserable,of course,but I had to target something specifically to do that."


"Better get to saving that girlfriend,huh?"

Sigilant took off before the last word in the sentence ended.The others followed,trying to keep pace.They eventually gave up on that and just warped next to him as he ran.

They were there in what felt like seconds.Already Ness,Lucas,Lilly,and Arcaniss were fighting off three vampires.

"I ask again,how many of you are there?"

"Too many!" Sigilant yelled,jumping into the fight.

"Can't argue with that!" Validus also yelled,joining Sigil.


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Arcaniss was, of course, more than happy to oblige. Yet oddly enough, she first focused for a couple seconds on a summoning spell rather than a fire one. In an instant, Zag'gak, who'd been fighting tooth-and-nail to keep the vampires at somewhat of a distance, disappeared and was replaced by a very confused imp.

"Why has Master -- ?"

"Dammit, Pippit! This isn't the time! Firebolt the Fel out of them first!"

"Oooh, fighting! Pippit enjoys fighting! Pippit will fight for Master..." With an insane grin, the imp charged up a ball of fire, then hurled it at the nearest vampire. His clothes caught fire immediately, and the vampire stumbled mid-leap, looking confused and weakened. Ness and Lucas were on the vampire immediately, and with screams of agony and terror, the vampire fled the fight.

Arcaniss used her immolation spell soon after. The difference here was that when she unleashed it, her unlucky target not only got its clothes ignited, but the skin went up in flames as well. So powerful was the blaze that the vampire immediately stopped attacking Velna and started running around and flailing like a madman; it took only one sword blow from Velna to end his misery.

This left one vampire, looking around with a worried expression as he realized the odds were stacked against him. But still he fought, and he was wising up. Before Pippit could get in another Firebolt, he lunged forward and grabbed the imp, snapping his spine. Pippit was dead for the moment, but by this point Arcaniss had charged up another Immolation, and the last vampire standing erupted in flames. Quickly she whipped out her wand, about to finish off the vampire with bolts of pure arcane energy...but the others were faster. Blasts of PSI, magic, and fists were evidently too much for the vampire to take. He tried to flee, but swayed as he walked away and fell over, unconscious.

"...I'd say that takes care of them," Arcaniss muttered with a sigh of relief. She seemed edgy, though, and couldn't make herself relax no matter how hard she tried. It was explained by her lack of a living minion summoned at the moment; she felt naked and vulnerable without one of them to defend her, however insane they might be.

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Yeah well... Your characters are confoosing DX

"Nice work." A cold voice said.

Every single one of them whirled and charged to find a boy no more than 13 sitting relaxed on a crumbling rock wall. He had jet-black messy hair, a broadsword on his back, and dark traveling clothes.

"Never seen so many vampires beaten so quickly... by one their own kind." He got closer to the armed heroes, apparently taking no notice they were armed and dangerous.

"Hrrm... You need to be faster. You'd be a lot more dangerous," he said, pointing to Sigilant, who growled. "You need to focus more, expand your attention to everyone around you, not just the one you face," He pointed at Lucas. "You scream too much..." He nodded in Ness' direction. "Nice summonng skills... But you should be a bit faster next time," He mindlessly waved his hand in Arcaniss' direction. Never once did he take his eyes off of Velna. "You... Need to work with your allies. Instead of cursing loudly when they get in your way. And Validus there... Well... Nice swordsmanship." The boy sighed and leaned back a bit, crossing his arms and watching each of them in turn.

"What is it with all these mysterious people who come out of nowhere for nothing!?" Sigilant roared.

"Yes... Kira told me all about you. Much faster than her brother... No match for her, Im afraid eh?"

"Are you going to attack us or not, you obviously know Kira, which obviously means you're working with her, or under her."

"Too true... Thing is. I don't really want to kill you yet. I'll give you some time to... hone your skills? It's Kei by the way." Key turned and vanished over the rock wall.

"... The hell was that all about?" Ness asked.

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Posted (edited)

Sigilant's scar started throbbing.Suddenly the vampire who was put down and slashed was pulled to his feet and was at a distance,being held up by the vamp they encountered earlier.Sigilant recognized the weakened vampire.

"How?!I didn't let him out!" Sigilant yelled.It was true,Sigilant didn't let Linl out of tower's filthy basement.So how did he get out?

The other vampire laughed.

"Surely you remember me...You may not know my name,but you know my face...And that scar knows my venom." the vampire told him proudly.

"Wait,he's the one who turned you??" Lilly questioned,obviously shocked."Why aren't you ripping his throat out?!"

"Because it doesn't work that way," The vampire told her."That scar knows me.It has an instinct to fear me,and it tells him not to attack.That's a smart little bite mark,if I do say so myself."

"I freed Linl here to make you even more miserable,Sigilant.Just knowing that Lilly would be fighting him...Just knowing that he might kill her right in front of you...Again."

"But how did you get to and from the shadow lands??" Sigilant asked unbelievably.That pretty much spoke for everyone.They were all wondering the same thing.

"You don't know?" he asked Sigilant,suprised.


"So you,Sigilant Marcus,son of the great inventor Guile Marcus,don't know?"

"You knew my father??" Sigilant was amazed.He didn't remember the man.

"I knew him when he trapped me,extracted some of my venom and blood,and tried to make a cure for vampirism out of it."

The vampire chuckled at his next thought.

"Tried to save your ass with it,too.Too bad it wasn't aged enough."


"But yeah,you don't know who he is?God,he invented the back-scratcher!"

"Wait,seriously??" Validus asked.

Sigilant suddenly fit everything together from his dreams.He remembered the man who looked like him shoving around test tubes and yelling about saving him.He remembered the man scratching his back with that back-scratcher.It suddenly fit...

"Yeah," the vampire continued,"among other things."

"I find it hilarious that you don't know about your own father,kid." the vamp teased."I'll just let you figure it out yourself.Come on,Linl..."

He disappeared.

"I don't know,Kilik," Guile said in Sigilant's mind."It's not like he's just an experiment for the heroes.I just want him to be able to defend himself."

"I've never seen anything like him," Kilik told Guile."He has immense acrobatic skills,has knowledge of martial arts,and to add onto it,the ability to control the wind at his will,which you added in there.He's something else..."

"Filthy bloodsucker," went through Sigilant's mind after that.He just buried the common view of vampires."Parasite.""Leech.""Monster.""Demon."

Sigilant just shook his head and continued

felt Lilly'sworried eyes staring at him.He knew that she would ask him soon how he was holding up after Linl's revival and the one who infected him showed up.He didn't want her to ask.

"Are you alright,Sigil?" She asked.Damn her.Damn her to the deepest pit in Hell.

"Sure,I'm fine.Don't worry about me."

"I can't help but worry,Sigilant.The odds look like their stacked against you."

"You think I don't realize that."

"Look,these people need a leader.They don't need you in such a mood.What will that inspire them to do?"

"Alright,I'll play along."

"Thanks." Lilly hugged him and started to walk away.

"I haven't had anyone hug me since you last hugged me.That was over four decades ago."

Lilly shrugged and kept walking.

Sigilant sighed and looked out the window.His human memories were starting to flow back to him.He remembered what he wanted to be.He wanted to be either a soldier or like his father.One thing that he wanted either way,however,was marriage.He wanted to grow old with the one he loved and die with her.He wanted to see his grandchildren climb onto his lap and hug him.He especially wanted a daughter.A lovely,angelic daughter.

He knew now that with his curse,that would never happen.

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Doode. O_O

Four decades?

"We have a problem Sigilant!" Ness roared, crashing inside the piano room, quickly followed by Lucas, who tripped over his foot and landed a good five feet away.

Sigilant was up and tearing outside before Lucas even began to get up.

He met up with Validus and Lilly, who were running back towards the crumbled wall. Arcaniss and Velna were fighting off some familiar looking people.

With a roar of rage, Sigilant dove through the air, claws on, and landed on Kei, who was seconds from dealing a fatal blow to Velna. Sigilant stabbed at him repeatedly as he kneeled on his chest. But Kei chuckled with madness as he easily deflected each blow with his braodsword. Then something hit Sigilant, knocking him off of Kei. It was a rock. A massive one.

Kira was fighting off Validus and Lilly at once while Kei showed off his acrobatic skills as he fled Zag'gak. Sigilant grunted and leapt to his feet, charging Kei. Kei managed to block just in time, in mid-air above Zag'gak. They landed next to him, Zag'gak swept at Kei, but missed and hit Sigilant sending him flying.

NOT FINISHED. Phone call :0

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Well,let me take over for Sigil vs. Kei.Don't worry,I won't get Kei killed.

Sigilant did a back-flip and skidded to a halt on the ground.

"Go help the others," Sigilant said.

"Bu-" One of them tried to object.


Sigilant stood up and looked at Kei.Kei smirked.

"Really think that you can take me on,hero?Please," Kei mocked.

Sigilant only stared.

"Control the wind," played back in the Sigilant's mind.He had to.

Suddenly,Sigilant was there,right in front of Kei.He brought up a fist,and Kei reacted in time to block.However,a strong and unexpected wind blew up from under Kei's wrist.It was too powerful for his human strength to hold out in.He drew back and dodged--Only to be backhanded by Sigilant's fist.

Kei fell to the ground and got up weakly,coughing blood.

"You bloodsuckers are strong."

Sigilant kicked Kei for the insult.Kei blocked with his wrist.Sigilant kept his ankle there and used it to flip Kei into the air.Kei easily recovered in the air,but met a chain of several mid-air roundhouse kicks from Sigilant.He blocked all but the last three.Sigilant grabbed Kei and spun in the air vertically several times,building up force.He launched Kei into the ground,causing a huge dust cloud and a hole in the ground to form.

Sigilant landed on one knee.Kei seemed to be put down...For now.Now he needed to focus on "Kira."He gave Kei a parting gift,a claw mark on his left cheek,and sprinted to help the others.

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Posted (edited)

Lawlz. That's almost exactly what I was going to do.

Just as Sigilant remembered, Kira was a killing machine that just wouldn't break. No matter how many times they through themselves at her, attacking like mad, she always managed to block and counter with some sort of blow that would send them flying.

Ness crept around behind her, bat at the ready...

"PK FIRE!!!" Ness screamed. A small blast of fire hit Kira in the back, unfortunately, she doved forward and rolled. Coming up just in time to block a ferocious claw swipe from Sigilant.

"Puny--little--humans." Kira panted, dodging and blcoking several of Sigilants attacks. None of the others dared get near, for fear of being hit by Sigilant.

"Ha!" Kira screamed, finding an opening. One second Kira and Sigilant were pushing eachother's arms out of the way, and the next Sigilant was lying on the ground with a dagger protruding from his stomach, and a bloody patch on his head.

Kira turned and fled, vanishing in mid air.

"Sigilant!" Velna rushed forwards, kneeling next to his unconscious body.

"Will he be okay?" Lilly asked uncertainly.

"Of course he will. But I think it's time we moved you into the castle. Being isolated isn't safe anymore." Validus said reassuringly, patting her on the shoulder as he rushed past.

Within seconds Velna and Validus had Sigilant awake and walking again.

"Back to the house?" Arcaniss panted.

"No, we're going to the castle." Velna vanished, taking Sigilant with her. She returned a few seconds later looking worried.

"What is it?" Validus asked her.

"Nothing... Come on."

They transported them all into the hospital wing, where the very best healed them with potions almost immediatley. Then Velna showed them each to a different room in the guests' quarters of the castle. Ness and Lucas ended up in the same room, after a heated argument with Velna.

"Long day... Well. Good night." Velna vanished in a green blast.

Validus chuckled and did the same.


Kei sat layed back sideways on a large chair, he was listening to Kira as she paced back and forth mumbling to herself, her red dress swishing as she whirled on her heel and walked in the other direction. Several times she stopped and cursed, then resumed mumbling again.

He'd been sitting there for nearly an hour, sharpening his dagger midnlessly. He finally noticed that he had it so sharp it was damaging his wet stone. He sighed and examined it, the glassy surface reflecting his grey eyes.

"Kira!" He suddenly barked, causing her to jump.

"WHAT?!" She barked back, glaring at him for interrupting.

"What's the plan? We can't hide in this shack forever."

"There is no plan! And we're not hiding."

"What are we doing?"

Kira smiled at him, purple eys glinting. "Waiting."

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"Ok," Sigilant began."Let's discuss the battle plan.Validus,what do you do?

"I take her back while you get her front," he answered.

"Lilly,what will you do?"

"I'll take her left side."

"And my personal favorite tactic,Velna.Explain."

"I'll warp around her openings and attack.I'm supposed to make sure not to stay in one place for more than a second."

"Very good.Ness and Lucas.Go."

"We're going to support with PK Fire and such."

"If need be,I'll have to take care of Kei," Sigilant explained."When this happens,what will you do,Arcaniss?"

"I'll have Pippit hold that side while you deal with him."

"Perfect.Hopefully this will work.Now,onto a new lesson."

Sigilant cleared his throat.

"Alright.How to kill a vampire.To begin,I would suggest fighting them in the sunlight.The vitamin D weakens us.It softens us up.If you cut us open and expose bone,it will weaken the bones and make them easy to cut through.Also,fire will effectively weaken us.Finish off the vampire through decapitation."

"Cut off the head of the snake,and the body dies," Validus mused.

"Exactly.It's just one hell of a snake.Be careful.These things are extremely fast and strong.I wouldn't advise going toe-to-toe with them.Set em' on fire first.

"That's it.Just remember those basics."

"So when do we attack?" Ness asked impatiently.

"We don't," Sigilant answered with a smile.

"We wait for her."

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Posted (edited)


Indestructible is my new favorite song XD Now I know where you got your title from. Master Chief's song for shizzle.

Kei is now a full fledged character now.

"I take her back while you get her front." That sounds so wrong XD



Where you are from:Unknown

Skills:Acrobatics, Swordskills, especially blocking attacks.


Weapons:Broadsword, several daggers.

Special ablitys:Strength... blah blah...

History:Has worked with the 'Kira's sister since Kira's destruction, working to destroy the heroes to free his friend, who is being held hostage. His mind is a bit fried, but he's an extremely skillful fighter, nearly matching Kira in all but strategizing.

"Waiting.... waiting.... waiting.... waiting... Okay. We waited. Now what?" Kei joked.

"I want you to spy on them." Kira stated plainly, vanishing from the room. Kei sighed and left through the collapsing doorway. Emerging on the other side with a look of determination in his eyes. He started wlaking slowly, but gradually it grew into a mad dash.

He arrived at Hyrule Market not long afterwards, breathing irregularly from his run. He ran up the wall and jumped over the top to avoid the guards, landing in in alley close to the wall. No one paid him any attention as he worked his way to the castle.

He took out a small dagger and held it in his teeth as he scaled a shadowed part of the wall. The guards were too preoccupied playing cards and gambling to notice him reach a window several hundred feet from the ground and pry it open with the dagger he had.

Kei landed softly on the inside, taking a quick sweep of the room to make sure it was empty before proceeding to the door. The handle slowly started turning. Panicked, Kei sprinted and dove out the window, grabbing the ledge and hanging out of sight. Then he realized he'd left the window open.

Sigilant entered his room with a sense of exitement, he'd heard somebody in his room. Possibly Kira? He noticed the open window and hurried over to it, peering down. Something hard hit him in the face and he stumbled backwards, Kei sat crouched on the windowsill.

"Nice plan... I heard it climbing up. Too bad Kira plans the same thing."

Sigilant didn't answer, he knew Kei was like Kira, got inside people's heads. He lunged, a growl escaping him as he did so. Kei dodged to the side quickly, and Sigilant almost flew out the window. He caught he sides just in time to stop himself. Kei kicked him hard across the back, then leaped across the room, growling as well.

"You're a... vampire?" Sigilant asked, momentarily stunned.

"Yes, actually... Pity you're so much more advanced than me."

False hope.

Sigilant lunged again, ducking under a fist and bringing his own up to catch Kei in the stomach. Kei grunted and spun out of the way, crouched, and sprang forwards like a cat. Grabbing Siglant's shoulders an smahsing im into the wall. Sigilant managed to grab Kei's shoulders as well, and they struggled back and forth for a while before Sigilant whirled and shoved Kei into the wall. The brick started to crack, and the entire room groaned. Sigilant brought one fist away and punched Kei hard in the chest, a small crack followed, and the entire wall gave way.

They both fell out onto the red carpeted hallway, bricks and dust everywhere. Several heroes appeared out of other doors and rushed to help. Kei threw Sigilant to the side, knocking over Ness and Lucas, then quickly got to his feet and bolted back through the destroyed wall, turning to wait by the window. Sigilant was charging him again, all he had to do was move to the side... But Sigilant was too fast, and caught his shirt, spun, and they both were launched out the window.

The punched and kicked at eachother until they were nearly at the ground. Sigilant ended up on top, and to Kei's horror, shoved him down with all his might. Sigilant's legs thrust Kei down, and him up. Sigilant grabbed onto the wall, Kei hit the ground so hard he made a four foot deep hole.

Kei had to be dead, anyone would be after that. Thought Sigilant as he approached the hole. But Kei isn't normal...

The dust settled, revealing Kei, crouched next to the hole. Bloody and broke, but alive. A rib proruded from his chest, a bloody spike. Blood oozed out the corner of his mouth, and his wrist hung limply over his knee he rested his right arm on.

"Nice move..." Kei groaned, grasping his chest with his good hand.

"It wasn't good enough." Sigilant growled as he walked forwards more.

"Dammit... you broke my sword." Kei pulled a handle with a jagged silver spike protruding from the hand guard.

"Too bad." Sigilant murmered, and kicked Kei hard in the chest. Kei grunted as he flew a few feet backwards, rolling head over heels until he reached the bottom of the slope, where he lay limp.

The sound of footsteps caught Sigilant's attention, and he whirled to see the rest of the heroes.

"Is he dead?" Validus asked. Sigilant turned to look back at Kei to get the answer, but he was gone.

An unexpected roar caused Lucas to jump violently, accidentally smacking Ness in the face with his elbow.

"FAILURE!" Kira roared. Kei lay on his chair again. A cast over his wrist, and his rib back inside of his skin. But unable to fight.


"I told you... I got caught, I had no choice." He said in a strangled whisper, wincing.


"It was unintentional... I was focusi-ungh... Focusing on the enemy's moves." He gasped, laying a hand on his chest, pained from the effort of speaking.

"You don't deserve this..." Kira hissed, uncorking a bottle of red liquid and dumping it down Kei's open mouth as he gasped for air.

Very slowly, the pain started to fade away, his breathing became normal, and before is very eyes the hole in his chest sealed itself up and the bones mended. He ripped the cast off angrily.

"I am sorry for failing you... Master." He spat the word out. "But I am eternally grateful for saving me. What should I do now?" Kei sighed.

"I want you to monitor their moves from afar. They'll have a new plan now that they know ours, so I want you to report to me everything that they do."

"What will you be doing? Lounging around here?" Kei hissed imaptiently.

"I'll be befriending their enemies." The same twinkle appeared in her eye as when she had the first brilliant plan.

Kira left late that night, while Kei was sleeping in his same chair, now stained with blood. She took only a traveling cloak and her sword, for she had a long journey ahead of her.

She traveled at least fifteen leagues by dawn, and she was at her destination. Bulbins roared warnings and massed upon her, weapons drawn, ready to kill.

"I wish to see the godess." Kira said, as a much larger bulbin appeared. The bulbin grunted and signaled for them to lower heir weapons. Then walked off into the trees. Kira followed, a smile on her face.

They soon entered a large cleaing, where a blood-red temple stood, gleaming in the sunlight. The bulbin stopped at the entrance and beckoned her forwards, pointing inside. Kira nodded and stepped inside.

It was cool in the temple, as was to be expected. Blood Elementals didn't like heat much. Kira stopped inside a large room, where a red figure floated in midair, several red barbed tentacles swarming around her.

Kira slashed one off as it neared her, and it immedietley regenerated.

"Who are you?" The red person asked, eyes narrowing. Kira took in her every detail. Several horns on her head, the tentacles, the dress, everything was just as she heard.

"Adriana I come as a friend. As I understand the people of Hyrule constantly slaughter an torture your people for 'fun'." She paused for a moment to let her words sink in. "New people are forming an alliance with the Hylians, they're known as 'Heroes'. Far more skilled and powerful than any of the Hyrule Soldiers. More skilled than Link. Even. Well, now that he's gone anyways."

"How do you know this?" Adriana hissed.

"I know everything. I only come to ask for your help in ridding these vermin and taking Hyrule as our own. You would be queen, of course... And you'd have all the blood you wanted."

Adriana remained still and silent for several moments, besides the squirming of the tentacles. The cool of the temple started to affect Kira, and she shivered. Adriana smiled, revealing pointed teeth.


"Oh, one more thing. We'll be facing vampires. One in particular who is far more powerful than the rest. He is also a Hero."

Adriana's red face paled into pink for a second.

"No problem." She replied, a little shakily.

"Will your bulbins be in as well?" Kira asked sweetly.

"Yes, of course." Adriana glided forwards and past Kira.

Kira held back a grin. Everything's going so perfectly... She thought.

It was late night again when she got back to the deserted hut, Kei was gone. No doubt off to find food. Her first mission successful Kira stood in a room, pacing.

"Now how to draw Alastor out... But more importantly, how to win him over..."

"Unlimited souls?" Kei suggested. Kira whirled, sword already out. Kei stood in the doorway, more colorful than usual.

"Feed well?" Kira asked as a distraction. Kei's plan would probably work... Why hadn't she thought of that?

"Cows are boring, they don't struggle..." Kei sighed, lounging in his chair again.

"I need your help."

Kei looked taken aback. "You? Need my help? with what..?" He asked cautiously.

"In drawing out Alastor, high Arbiter of the demons." Kira replied.

Kei frowned. "He'd most likely suck out my soul... If he's even in Hyrule at the moment..."

"He is. Adriana told me he's lurking in the forest."

"Oh really? Tell him I said hi."

"YOU WILL HELP ME DRAW HIM OUT!" Kira roared, catching Kei off guard and causing him to roll out of his chair.

He grumbled as he stood again. "You don't care if i die, do you? Oh sure, I'll act as bait and sacrifice myself for you to rule Hyrule and settle a grudge." Kei sighed.

"Yes, you will. Come with me." Kira turned and left the hut, Kei following closely.

Kei sat at the edge of the forest, his wrists tied behind his back to a wooden pole. Kira was hiding nearby, he was sure of it. Alastor would be there soon, in the trees. And he'd suck out Kei's soul.

He gasped when the familar massive, purple armored, spiky helmed, massive clawed creature appeared in front of him, a ball of purple swirling souls in his hand. Kei's body went cold.

"ALASTOR!" Kira screeched. "I have a proposition."

Kei slowly warmed up again. Kira had done it, somehow...

Kira appeared beside him, shaking slightly. She cut him from the pole and bowed low to the massive creature.

"I offer you the souls of millions, the souls... of heroes." She said, her voice cracking. "If you help me destroy them, you can have their souls. Do you accept..?"

The High Arbiter of the demons said nothing. He lowered his hand, the souls fading away as he did so. The ground shook as he turned and stalked away into the trees, a rumbling voice came from him.

"I accept..."

Kira smiled at Kei. The heroes didn't stand a chance.

Validus sat next to Arcaniss on a large tree root, they were out behind the castle, Velna was training them. As if they needed it.

Sigilant had brought down Velna at leats a dozen times with unexpected tactics. That was what Sigilant excelled at, being unpredictable.

The PSI boys however, still screamed when Velna turned on them. So Siglant was helping them as a team.

Ness shot a blast of PK fire at Velna's head, Sigilant came from the side with a right hook, and Lucas from the left with a massive stick.

Velna ducked under the PK Fire, grabbed Sigilant's wrist and used his momentum to swing him around and knock Lucas off of his feet.

"Whoo! Well done Velna!" Validus clapped. That was the fourth time she'd beaten them as a team. He grabbed his sword from where it lay by his side and jogged over to Velna, she was sweating and her hair was a mess from how hard she'd been fighting.

"Want some help?" Validus asked. Velna nodded vigorously.

They waited for the three heroes to come up with a plan, then readied themselves as they took positions. Sigilant shouted 'Now!' and they all jumped into action. Lucas and Ness repeatedly fired PK Fire at Validus while Sigilant punched and kicked at both of them, occasionally catching one of them off guard. Validus ducked under a PK Fire blast, and paid for his mistake with a kick to he head. He dropped and rolled, abandoning his sword. He tackled Sigilant as he lunged at Velna.

They wrestled across the grass for some time, unaware of what the other three were doing. Sigilant punched Validus in the gut, and in turn Validus headbutted Sigilant in the face. Sigilant managed to pin Validus down, and started punching him repeatedly. Validus rolled, flinging Sigilant off of him, and stood. Sigilant attempted a sweep kick, but Validus jumped over it. When Sigilant stood as well, he was immediatley caught off guard as Validus delivered a roundhouse punch to his face. Grunting, he flew back several feet before landing hard in the grass.

Validus looked over and saw Ness and Lucas in a bruised heap while Velna stood over them, healing her burns from PK Fire.

Sigilant stood panting beside him.

"I've fought so hard since the last encounter with the first Kira..."

"Im Hylian. Much like a Vampire in most of my abilities. Except for the blood thing, and the whole fire, sunlight thing... Fast, strong, magical... yeah. You get it." Validus panted back, wiping blood from under his nose.

Sigilant smiled.

Credit goes to 'Wen-m of DeviantART for the pictures.

Alastor, High Arbiter of the Demons.


Adriana, the Blood Elemental.


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"Lilly," Sigilant began to ask,sitting on the bed."What was it like down there?In that tower?"

"It was...I don't know how to explain it.It went on forever.The thirst was unbearable....And I think that it affects you over a longer period of time down there.You know,to give you hope."

"I'm lucky it does.You wouldn't have listened to me if it hadn't."

"Actually,I would have.Getting out means getting blood.My instincts aren't that stupid."

"Do you know anything about my human life,Lilly?"

"No.You and Linl found me after a vampire had beaten me up and left me there thirsty.I remember how Linl treated me like a pet..."

"I didn't appreciate that," Sigilant informed."I think that you're just as much a vampire as any other.In fact,I would say that he's the pet in comparison.You make vamparism civilized.He doesn't.He just feeds off of humans."

"Now it's my turn," Lilly said.Kei hung outside by the window frame.

"Why did you free me from the Shadow Lands?Am I really that important to you?Why would I be?"

"You showed me that I had another choice.That I didn't have end human lives for my nourishment,but animal lives instead.Sure,human blood makes us a bit stronger and it tastes better,but animal blood will satisfy me.I thank you for this.I freed you because of this.I needed you.You and your lessons were very important to me.It felt like you didn't deserve to rot in that tunnel.Plus,just to be honest,you're my friend,and I wasn't going to give you up that easily."

"Thanks," She muttered,obviously trailing off in thoughts of the tower.

Kei knew that vamires didn't sleep,so he wouldn't be able to walk around in the hospital.He would carefully look through each room.He started to climb away,looking for another occupied room.

I hope this is enough,I'm really tired right now.Good night.

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Posted (edited)

Lol. Anything bigger than a paragraph and makes sense is perfect XD



Validus awoke to a metal clang. He sat bolt upright to find Kei standing at the foot of his bed, his sword in his hand. Validus sprang forward far faster than Kei had anticipated, wrenching his father's sword and turning it's point to Kei's throat.

"Never. Touch my sword." Validus hissed. Kei's face remained impassive as blood trickled down the side of his neck. Validus looked up as his door swung open, Velna stod there, sword in hand.

She ran forwards and put her blade point alongside Validus's.

Then Sigilant came, quickly followed by Lilly.

"Good, you caught him. I wanted to have some fun." Sigilant smiled at Kei.

"Fun? He's about to be executed, but not in here. I love this rug..." Validus pulled Kei up by the collar of his shirt and hauled him into the hallway.

"How about you set him free outside, give him a while, and I dispose of him?" Sigilant suggested desperately.

"Does he mean that much?" Validus asked, turnnig around to face Sigilant.

Sigilant nodded slightly.

"I don't know why... but let's do it." Validus smiled, then punched Kei as hard as he could, breaking his nose. Kei grunted, but could do nothing as Validus had his arms pinned behind him.

Several hours later, at midnight, Sigilant equipped his clawed gloves. On the moonlit grass Validus held Kei pinned to the ground, they were outside the market, for people's protection. Kei would probably kill innocent people in his escape, or his battle with Sigilant.

Validus looked at Sigilant, who nodded slowly. In one swift movement Validus unwrapped Kei's arms from around him, thrusted a broadsword into his hands, and gave him a huge shove that launched him a couple feet into the air.

Sigilant stood and waited until Kei was about 100 yards away before darting after him, running at full tilt to catch his prey.

Kei skidded to a hault and whirled, sword arm outstretched. The flat of the blade smacking Sigilant hard in the shoulder. His timing was perfect, Sigilant was diving through the air about to tackle Kei and sink his claws into him. But Kei's blow sent him off ocurse and he hit the ground hard.

"Ooh... That had to hurt." Kei mocked. Sigilant growled as he pushed himself off of the ground.

Just don't kill Kei :o

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OOC: At this rate, I'm seriously gonna have to struggle to find a reason for Arcaniss to stay in the group any longer. She's going to be PISSED about Sigilant's decision with Kei, and she basically sees the whole group of heroes as self-centered, egotistical morons who place glory first, humanity second, and her want to get back to Azeroth at dead last. :X


And, unbeknownst to the fighter and the observer, Arcaniss was watching the scene between Sigilant and Kei. She was getting more and more furious by the second, too, and her hands were clenched tightly at her sides. She apparently had no demon with her, as she stormed into plain sight of everyone in the clearing alone. Though she would've loved to have screamed in Sigilant's face, seeing as he was the one who had suggested the idea of what to do with Kei in the first place, but he was a bit...occupied at the moment, the warlock settled for Validus.

"YOU FREAKING IDIOT!" she shouted as she marched over, ignoring the fighting vampires for the moment.

"Huh? Oh. You." Validus muttered, looking confused but also annoyed. "What are you doi--"

"Let me get this straight. You find someone with obviously close ties at our FRONT DOOR and you make him a helpless prisoner."

"Yeah --"

"And then, despite his obvious usefulness in getting information about our enemy, whom we know NOTHING ABOUT, you don't ask him anything."

"W-Well --"

"And then, after THAT horrible wasted opportunity, you decide that this vampire, who has been outright STALKING us in either an attempt at espionage or assassination should, instead of being killed right there so we don't have to deal with him again, SET FREE. AND THEN YOUR EGOTISTICAL, IDIOTIC FRIEND OVER THERE DECIDES TO PLAY SADISTIC CAT-AND MOUSE!"

"Th-That's --"


Validus was shocked into silence.

"Furthermore, I still haven't found out how I'm going to get back to Azeroth, and NONE OF YOU have shown ANY interest in helping me back! I've fought for you people, been put in EXTREME danger by you people, and I haven't been shown any extra payment for what I've done! What sort of heroes ARE you?!"

Though the blood elf had no demon with her, she did have one stationed much farther away, watching the battle with hawkish eyes. It was a beautiful yet twisted succubus on guard, making sure that Kei didn't get away if the battle went poorly. After all, with a thin, nimble body, very...few clothes to slow her down, and hooves instead of feet, the demon could flag even a vampire down...

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Velna looked between the the two fights with annoyed eyes: The one between the two vampires, whom did not notice a thing, and the one between Arcaniss and Validus. Well... That one wasn't much of a fight more than a lecture. Velna sighed and ran over to Validus and Arcaniss, seeing as there was nothing she could do in the other fight besides keep an eye on Kei's decisions and make sure to stop him if he tries to run. She nimbily stepped between the Hylian and the Elf and shot them both an annoyed glare, Validus more than Arcaniss. "As much as I agree that the decision was COMPLETELY ad TOTALLY idiotic and discussed in a matter of two minutes, I think we should be focusing our attention more the fught than anything. We have to be ready to stop him when he decides to run, which is quite inevitable to begin with." She shook her head before turning fully to Arcaniss. "Listen, I know that we've been giving off a rocky impression on you, but you've got to understand... there's probably no way for you to even get back without getting rid of Kira first. We aren't perfect yet, but we'll be fighting. You joining us will only help us both. Besides, I've got it all up..." Velna's sentece drifted away as her dark grey eyes softened to a lighted tone and she looked a million miles away.

"He's going to run.... but he'll be stopped."

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