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The Ultimate RP: The End

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Well, we still don't know how Issun really feels... Let's get that established and we can continue.

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OOC: Can do, sir.


After a few bewildered minutes of looking around at everything that had a few seconds ago been the size of skyscrapers, Issun finally shook his head and recovered. When he was done being amazed, he was all grin.

"Anna...that really worked! That's amazing! Even my clothes and brush and sword...!" Issun drew the sword from its holster and swung it experimentally, obviously not putting too much effort into it; it cracked the air anyway and everyone flinched in surprise.

"What're we waitin' for?! Sooey ain't gonna stay put forever!" Issun barked, alive and exuberant again. "I've got a sword and I'm ready for action! C'mon, c'mon, let's pick a plan and get on with it!" He seemed oblivious to the fact it was night and sleep was necessary, it seemed.

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"Alright," Sigilant said, still pointing at the map. "We're going to split up into groups and check out three towns. The small farming settlement of Prosper, the town of Hernan, and the city of Madrigal, which is right at the castle's doorstep. We don't want to attract to much attention, so we need to send only one swordsman to each town. A group of sword wielding adventurers would be very conspicuous."

"Send me to Madrigal!" Issun jumped in.

"Can do. Anna, Ness,Lucas, and Link, you'll take Hernan. Anna can easily keep her sword concealed, so there's no problem with sticking her with another swordsman." It was obvious that he was pulling a string to allow Anna and Link to go on the same trip. "Velna, you can also keep your sword concealed, so you're ideal for checking out Prosper. Amaterasu, as much as I hate to split up you and Issun, you'll attract too much attention anywhere but Prosper. Even inside Prosper, you'll attract attention. We'll need you to stay outside of it and monitor the roads." Amaterasu nodded. "Issun, you'll need a cloak and/or an overcoat, but we'll both take on Madrigal. We'll have to split up, but we'll find a meeting place. A group in that city would attract attention, and it's a lot easier to just fade in with the adventurer crowd individually." Issun nodded and bounced with enthusiasm. "So we'll have to split up tomorrow. Everyone, get ready. We'll meet back here in a week."

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Sorry, I haven't been on lately... At all. I planned on staying off until April first, at LEAST. But this little voice in my brain kept saying:

"Go to Go.... Just go.... You know you want to.... Ryu... Just go.... GO TO HYRULE.NET!!!"

I had to give in eventually.... To show 'misa' how to get on, and such. BUT IM BACK. SO THERE. Now I shall epicly ruin the entire RP |D Hahahahahaha!!

As soon as I figure out what to post DX

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OOC: In with the new and out with the old, I say! Character Attention Deficit Disorder strikes again.

Also, Ryu, if a new minor villain, say, a hero employed by Saooey, would help speed the plot up, drop me a line. |D


Issun sighed and looked around the bustling market. He was starting to get bored. He and Sigilant had arrived not too long ago, but Issun could already see the state of the defenses here; they were tight, but not as tight as expected, with Saooey's guards on almost every street but only in groups of two or three.

But, wait...was that a sword holster he'd just seen in the crowd? It was hard to tell, but he shouldered his way through anyway, trying to keep people from bumping into his own sword hidden under a loose coat.

Yes, it was a sword holster, and now he could see its carrier better. He was a youthful-looking man, with blue, feminine eyes and long, orange hair pulled back into a ponytail. He was dressed in simple red-and-white garb, and seemed to be trying to get one of the passerby to stop and pay attention to him, rather unsuccessfully.

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"Most certainly not!" Sigilant replied with obvious enthusiasm. Sigilant put the medallion on and felt the power run through him. It would be a lot easier and much more effective now. "Thanks."

They exchanged their farewells and left. Sigilant decided to walk into an alley to practice where no guards would look. A man leaned up against the wall with his arms crossed.

"Well, what do we have here? That's a nice coat you have there, sir. I imagine you must have a fair amount of money. Give it to me."

Sigilant knew that he looked much less intimidating with his overcoat hiding his claws. He didn't need them for some thug, though. Sigil reached into his pocket and pulled out a couple of gold coins.

"All you need to do is ask," Sigil remarked. He reached out to hand them to the thug. The thug stepped forward and walked closely to the open hand. Close enough. He reached out for the money. Sigilant clutched the coins in his fist and punched the man in the throat. He heard the neck crack and saw the man fall to the ground.

"What's going on over here?!" a guard yelled, running over.

"Just my luck..." Sigilant muttered, putting his money in his pocket and dusting off. More guards followed. The lead guard examined the corpse and looked at Sigilant in accusation. "He wanted to take my money, and I defended myself. Arrest me if you want, I admit to killing him. However, I did it in self-defense."

The guard's expression changed to a grin.

"We could use a guy like you..."


"Hey, Issun," Sigilant said, standing behind a seated Issun in the pub. Issun recognized Sigil's voice and turned around.




"It's...Eh, kind of a long story."Sigilant wished he had somewhere to put this stupid spear he was issued. He took off his new helmet, set it on the table, and took a seat. "Besides, what better way to find out how many guards there are than to become one yourself?"

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Posted (edited)

I think I know what to post.... Maybe....

Validus, Velna, Kei, and Claus sat with Amaterasu, the sun was nearly down, not one single person had been seen leaving or entering Prosper. It felt... strange. There hadn't even been people in the fields, that Validus could see, and he could see pretty good.

"This doesn't seem right... at all..." He grumbled, fidgiting his sword hilt.

"I agree, we should probably send somebody to check this out." Velna put in. All eyes drifted over to Kei, far off to the right of Amaterasu, alone.

"Kei!" Validus shouted. "Come over here a second." With a grumble and a Sigh, Kei came walking over, shoulder slumped, slightly leaning forwards.


"It doesn't feel right, we haven't seen one person since this morning. You should probably go and check it out... Leave your sword here." He added, as Kei turned to walk away. Kei undid his belt and let it drop to the moist grass. "Whatever you say." He mumbled, sticking his hands in his pockets and starting towards the town.

The town was barracaded when Kei got there, he hadn't seen it at first, as it was cleverly camoflouged. He jumped over it with ease, vaulting himself over with one arm. The sight he recieved caught him off guard, as did the arrow in his left hand. He was pinned to it, trapped. Which meant he was almost easy prey for the hundred or so soldiers that charged at him.

His left leg snapped up instinctively, snapping the first to reach him in the chest. He fell backwards and knocked over several others, like dominoes. The others managed to grab onto him, but not for long. He managed to wrench the arrow out of his hand, tearing it up even more. He groaned as the blood poured out his hand. He stabbed the guard holding his arm with the arrow, then threw him into the other, and he was free. He turned and leapt over the barracade again, using his right hand.

Panting for an unknown reason, Kei sprinted off, back to the hill with the tree on it, where the others were waiting.

It didn't take him long to get back, and the others had charged at him almost as soon as they saw him.

"What happened?!" Validus shouted, catching Kei as he collapsed.

"Hundreds of guards... ambush..." He murmered, spitting out blood.

Velna's eyes began to drift out of focus yet again, and visions began to play in her mind. She saw a burning village, Prosper, and all four of them laying on the ground, dead. Kei wasn't there.

"They're going to kill us... and burn the village..." Velna blurted.

Validus sighed.

"Was Kei in your vision?" He asked.

"No, why?"

"Because I think we just lost him."

Edited by Ryu (see edit history)

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"Did you hear about Prosper?" Sigil overheard one of the guards in the barracks.

"Yeah," replied his buddy. "Why do you think they barricaded it?"

"No clue. The soil's very fertile down there. I don't see why they'd turn it into a fortress instead of a farming community. It could've done a lot for cities like this."

"It makes me wonder if the higher-ups have truly lost it this time."

"Maybe they're just trying to stir up some action. It's been relatively uneventful in this kingdom lately."

"I'd prefer it just stayed that way. That just means less work for us. We still get payed, regardless."

"Amen to that!"

That worried Sigil greatly, but he was sure that the other heroes could handle it. He had confidence in them.

Sigilant was on patrol in the bazaar. It was getting late, but he didn't mind it. He loved it, actually. His green eyes allowed him to blend in with all of the others. He didn't have to cover up blood-colored eyes anymore. It was wonderful. Sigilant remembered what happened to him last night in the back alley. That could happen to anyone. He decided to check into it.

"You know you owe us. You've owed us for months now."

"Look, I'm trying to get what I can, but I can't pay you right now!"

"That's what you say every time. That's what you'll say next week and next month."

Sigilant overheard a man and a woman talking. The man was obviously some thug working for a gang or something of that nature. The woman was trying to tell him that she'd pay him later. Sigil decided not to jump in just yet.

"I'm not so sure if I should trust your word. It hasn't held true in the past."

"It can't be helped. My work hardly pays me enough to live as it is. I'm trying. I'm going without food to be able to pay you."

"Maybe you should find better work."

"I'm trying..."

"Enough! WHERE'S.MY.MONEY!?"

"I don't have it!"

He slapped her.

"You're going to wish you did." He pulled out a knife and jabbed at her.

She dodged it? Impressive for some random girl in debt like this. Sigil was about to impale the man's neck with his claws, but this was interesting. She not only dodged it, but countered. She grabbed his arm, twisted it around and forced her elbow into it, breaking it easily. She then gave him a bone-jarring hook to the jaw and almost punched his lights out. He doubled back and gripped his face. Pathetic. She grabbed him and slammed him into a wall. He was out, but she wasn't threw. She finished his pathetic exsistance by curb stomping him, forcing his jaw into his cranium.

"I'll just call that self-defense," Sigilant remarked, sheathing his claws.

"What do you want, pig?"

"Hold on, now. I'm not like the other guards. Trust me."

"Yeah right. Next thing I know, you'll be trying something funny. You're all just disgusting perverts who do nothing."

"I'll be sure to keep that in mind when I tell my friends about this place's security."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"Long story. Seeing as how you hate the guards, I suppose I can trust you by telling you."

"You forget, that means that I hate you. I know how you guards are. Try something, pig."

"Don't worry about that."

Four more thugs appeared.

"You just made a big mistake, girl..." One thug said.

"We'll be sure to take out your new friend, too," another said. Two faced Sigil and two faced the girl. The girl kicked the dead thug's knife up into her hand. She and Sigil faced these thugs back-to-back.

"This is gonna be fun," Sigil said.

"Can't argue with that," the girl remarked.

Sigil pulled out his claws and the two thugs were down in a second. He turned around to see the girl skillfully fighting off the other two. It was obvious that she was aware of his victory.

"Don't help me!" she shouted. Sigil liked that in a person. Honor.

She sliced one's throat and stabbed the other's forehead in the same second. Nice.

"It didn't even take you two seconds to kill those guys... You were right. You are different. You don't even use the spear they issue you. You use those claws."

"I would prefer to not have to where this clunky armor, either. I want to wear what I want to wear, not some crappy armor that makes it harder to move in combat."

She chuckled. "It looks kind of ridiculous, too. Now about that story..."

"So you're part of the group of heroes that was thought to be dead for five years? Where have you been all this time?"

"Unconscious, apparently."

Sigil had learned a lot about this cute and kind of short girl. Her name was Mila, and she had slipped into debt a few months back. She learned to fight when she was a kid, and she's developed that skill to survive.

"Well, I hope your beauty sleep didn't take away any of your skill. I'd love to see Saooey gone. So much in fact that I'm willing to help it happen."

"Are you, now?"

"I'd love to."

"Welcome to the club, then."

"More than happy to be in the club."

Sigilant wasn't so sure if she could take on Saooey, but she would certainly help. She was nice to have around, too.

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I knew it XD

It was bound to happen.

"Crap! WE'RE ALL GONNA DIIIIIE!!!!!" Claus wailed as the arrows started flying. Whoever was shooting them couldn't have been normal Saooey minions, it had to be someone far better. The arows were shot with dead precision for being so far away, one nearly buried itself in Validus' hand as it lay next to Kei. Two were smacked out of the air by Amaterasu, an another by Velna.

"Fall back or charge?" Validus grunted, pulling the arrow out of Kei's back.

"Charging would probably turn us into pin-cushions, falling back would mean we're out of range, but then we wouldn't be able to get them either." Velna replied, no help whatsoever.

"We charge then?" Validus suggested.

"Yeah." Velna replied casually, blocking several arrows.

They waited for a few moments until the arrows died down, then they charged. The arrows started back up almost immediately, but the small group was already under the cover of the roofs of the nearest houses.

Claus peaked out around the corner only to get yanked back again as five bows sang and five arrows whizzed by.

"Next move?" Claus panted, recovering from the arrow attack.

"The fire..." Velna gasped. "Claus! Use PK Fire NOW!" She barked.

"But whe-"


Claus nodded and edged to the corner of the house, peeking out again. A whole army of guards stood in a perfect phalanx, impenitrable. Behind them and infront of them were twice as many archers, but they weren't... human. They were much taller, pointed ears, long hair, holding their bows at the ready. They were Elves.

Claus moved back just in time for the arrows to start flying again. He sighed, preparing himself, and shouted "PK FIRE!" Peeking around the corner for a last time. The blast hit a house to the left of the phalanx, it exploded into flame, and the soldiers were forced to flee out of the way. He shot another to the right, and then the left again, and then the right, Validus grabbed his shirt collar and dragged him back.

"Great job!" Velna smiled at him.

"Three... Two... One... NOW!" Validus charged out and across the street, diving behind the next house. At least a hundred arrows whizzed by, barely missing him. Then it was Velna's turn, but she didn't charge across, she charged towards them, Amaterasu directly behind her. Velna slahsed through four of the arhcers expertly before the others were able to load more arrows, Amaterasu grabbed the back of Velna's armorish thinggy and yanked her behind the nearest house just in time, as it became stuck with arrows.

The houses were catching more and more on fire, and the whole town was nearly in flames. Velna saw Validus nod across the street, a few houses back. They bother charged, Velna darting right across the street, Validus to where Amaterasu hid, the diversion worked perfectly, Claus was right in front of the army.

"PK FIRE!" He shouted, unleashing a barrage of fiery blasts into the archers. With wails they fled backwards, away from the flames and the small boy, they burst through the phalanx, catching all the others on fire as well. Like dry trees in a forest, one by one they lit up, screaming and desperately scurrying around, looking for water. A few threw themselves into a well, but there came no splash. By the times all the flaming guards had died, only a few remained, all Elves.

Validus peeked out around the corner, watching Claus standing there at the foot of the flaming field. The three remaining archers stood by him, they seemed to be talking.

"You have freed us young one!" The leader smiled. "Saooey enslaved our race, and stole our Queen's throne, thanks to you, we can regain our land."

"Umm... I just burned down like... a hundred of you..." Claus mumbled.

"Think naught of it, they were ready to die if it saw the return of the Elves to the castle. Now we go, young Claus. We will return when the time is nigh." With a smile and a bow, the three elves turned and darted off.

"What was that all about..?" Velna asked Claus as he came marching up the street, a grin splitting his face.

"The elves are gonna help us... I think. He said something about coming when the time is 'nigh'. Whatever that means." Claus waved his hand in the air as if to dispell it. "Anyways, the highlight is that they're not angry for burning them down." He laughed.

They started blankly at him.

Claus nervously coughed a few times, looking away.

"What do we do now? Sigilant never specified..." Validus shrugged.

"We should probably go to Madrigal, then we an discuss this further." Velna sighed.

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"Saooey wants us to crackdown on these clicks immediately," Allan, the guard who found Sigilant in the alley that night and recruited him, informed Sigil. "I don't want to send in these rookies to do it. They're best suited for watching the streets. You, however, are very skilled, Sigilant. We want you to go undercover and deal with one of these gangs."

"No problem. It should be kinda fun."

"If you ask me, though, Saooey's getting kind of jumpy. No doubt you have heard about Prosper..."

"Of course I have. I don't know why he'd barricade a farming settlement..."

"Me neither. I guess we've come into contact with hostile people, but we've explored further than where Prosper is and found no problem. We have towns further out, too. Cities, even. I'm not sure what's gotten into him."

"They say that leaders get nervous when they see their downfall coming."

"It was close to happening five years ago."


"Anyway, turn in your armor and spear. Good luck."


"So what do you know about those guys who were harassing you?" Sigil asked Mila.

"That I won't miss them."

"I already knew that. What else do you know?"

"They have a leader. A huge man. He depends on his endurance and raw power to kill."

"Sounds too easy."

"I could probably take him..."

"I would offer to let you try, but they already know who you are. It's not like you can slip in and take out their leader."

"I guess not. What a shame. They also, as you've seen, prowl the back alleys, often pulling people into them and mugging them. They practically rule the lower class in Madrigal."

"Where do they live?"

"In the only nice house in the slums. It's a mansion, actually. It doesn't surprise me."

"I'll have this man dead by nightfall."

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The small group of heroes traveled quickly, as they had an injured vampire on their hands. He had somehow managed to drag himself along down to the village, where he was stopped from going further by the barracade. Claus nearly landed on him when he climbed over it, struggling to push himself off to the side before he landed. He almost missed Kei's hand, his injured one. Kei grunted loudly, balling his hand into a fist. Ever since Validus has been lugging him around on his shoulder.

They stopped outside the massive iron gates of Madrigal, and several guards filed out, as was procedure.

"We have an injured person! He needs medical attention immediately!" Velna told them. They nodded and helped Validus carry him inside.

"I'll call a doctor." One of the guards told them, running off into the city. The other guard told them to just sit tight for a moment while he checked something, and he left too.

"Hey... Is that... IT'S US!" Claus gasped. Velna and Validus followed his finger to a small poster nailed to the wall. It included every single hero, including the dead ones, every smallest detail showed perfectly.

The guard's armor claking sounded his return, and Velna snatched it off the wall just in time, stuffing it under the table where Kei lay.

The guard leaned against a wall, taking his helmet off.

"You know... You look awfully familiar to me..." He said, giving them quizzical looks. "I can't place it... But I've definitely seen you somewhere before."

Velna and Validus exchanged nervous looks, both thinking the same exact thing.

Please don't let him remember!

A few moments later the other guard returned, an Elvish doctor in tow. The guards stood off to one side with the heroes on the other while he operated. It was a matter of minutes before Kei was standing again. His breathing was a bit labored, as it had nearly punctured a lung, but other than that he was okay.

"Thanks for everything." Velna said, handing the doctor a small bag of gold. The elf smiled and bowed before following the other guard back into the city.

"We'd better be going now. thank you." Validus said to the guard. Just as they were entering the city there was banging on the door. Out of pure curiosity they turned to watch as the guard undid the various bolts and locks to open the door. And in came two PSI boys, Link, and Anna.

"To the pub." Link said to them as they passed.

"Now." Anna added.

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"I told you I'd have him dead by nightfall," Sigilant said to Mila.

"True to your word, are you?" She laughed. "And you took out all of the other wretches in there, as well. That's impressive. You represent your friends well."

"Thanks. Heroes are heroes. This kind of crap is my job."

"Speaking of which... I noticed a poster. It had quite a few people on it called Heroes. One of them looked a lot like you."

Sigil's eyes widened. What?! How?!

"Only... Your eyes were red. I look at you now and they're bright green. You were also white as snow. Why do I see color in your skin now?"

"It's... Complicated."

"Not too complicated for me."

"It's a long story."

"I've got time."

"Sigilant!" Anna snapped. She slapped him. "If you're done being a ladies' man, maybe you can notice the posters around town!"

"First of all," Mila began, "I'm not his girlfriend. Second,"

"Shutup! You-"

"Anna," Sigilant cut in, "I don't care if you were a queen once, you don't talk to my damned friends like that no matter how stressed out you are. Calm down, sit down, and tell us what you know. Don't snap at my friend AND our new member, don't slap me across the face, and for God's sake, DON'T bring everyone in one pub to sit down at a single table. You know that if what you say is true about these posters, then a table with everyone on them would DEFINITELY attract attention." Sigilant looked at the other heroes. "Try to split up and go to different tables. This is going to attract attention if you don't."

"A new member...? Her?"

"Is there a problem with that, Anna?"

"No, not really... She just doesn't really look like hero material..."

"Just because someone isn't tall and in armor or expensive clothing doesn't mean that they can't be a hero. She has skill."


"Now," Sigilant said, casually leaning forward, "tell us what you know."

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"The entire tow-" Anna began.

"Shhh!" Sigilant hissed, as several eyes began to drift over.

"Sorry." She mumbled. "The entire town was destroyed." She said, much quieter this time. "They have it under quarantine, or something. But we could see it from a nearby hill, it was gone. Only ashes and smoke left. And... about a thousand or so of Saooey's best."

"We tried to get closer but they caught us, we didn't want to draw attention to ourselves, so we followed their 'advice' and left peacfully." Link put in.

"Yeah, what about you? Why the goddesses are you wearing Saooey's crest!" She snapped.

"It's kinda complicated, some other time."

"And what happened to you guys?" Anna asked Validus, and the rest of his group, who had been sitting at a different table. Claus got up and walked over to their table and told them the story, including what happened with the elves.

"This is good..." Anna smiled.

"What is?" Link asked, kinda dumb-struck.

"Saooey can't put up with archers of that skill! If we could get, say, fifteen or more, we'd have am uch better chance of defeating him!"

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Posted (edited)

Okay, okay, wait. If I had time to read the rest of this sooner, I would have posted this sooner. I have NO IDEA what you guys are doing to Anna's character anymore. You guys are twisting her into some... idiotic, power hungry female dog. Which she NEVER WAS and NEVER WILL be. She never even really would have cracked under the pressure, but I went along with it because it wasn't this bad back then. She KNOWS how to deal with things like this, and she KNOWS how to rule; she was taught before she ran away. Just because she didn't want to be Queen doesn't mean she doesn't know how or she'll be a doggiepoo about it. I have to say this, because that last post by HF really irked me, if you don't know the character, don't write them.

I'm tired right now, though, so I'll read Ryu's post later and see what I can do.

Edited by Cat Girl (see edit history)

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Okay, okay, wait. If I had time to read the rest of this sooner, I would have posted this sooner. I have NO IDEA what you guys are doing to Anna's character anymore. You guys are twisting her into some... idiotic, power hungry female dog. Which she NEVER WAS and NEVER WILL be. She never even really would have cracked under the pressure, but I went along with it because it wasn't this bad back then. She KNOWS how to deal with things like this, and she KNOWS how to rule; she was taught before she ran away. Just because she didn't want to be Queen doesn't mean she doesn't know how or she'll be a doggiepoo about it. I have to say this, because that last post by HF really irked me, if you don't know the character, don't write them.

I'm tired right now, though, so I'll read Ryu's post later and see what I can do.

We can actually fix this pretty easily, just send me what you want her to say in a PM and I'll edit it in. Sorry.

Sigilant put his head in his hands on the table.

"I don't know what to do right now..." he muttered. "Should we hide or attack? I have no clue... They'll check Kilik's hut and find it fixed up and clean. Hmm..."

"If I might make a suggestion," Mila cut in, "you could all stay in my place. It's a shack in the slums, but we don't all have to just pack in there and stay there. Guards don't patrol the slums. You could just walk around and think until you come to a decision."

"Thanks. I think we will."

Anna smiled at Mila. She was glad that Mila was willing to do this for them, and misjudged her. She may be some street urchin, but she is certainly helpful.

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