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[OOC: OMG yes more people. fun fun...

@BathyKolpian - I dont THINK we're going to revive link, but maybe. But if you look at the charaters we have a hybrid twilight deity, a near revived god - even though he's one with erratic and unpredictable powers (though i'm going to knock back his powers somehow), a hylian with supernatural endurance, a giant wolf, and a possible monster slayer still in the forest.

@Dark Midna - I won't move Epsil around this post, but seeing as you're in the woods too, shouldn't we group up and head towards the others..?

[do Hylians turn into Skull_kids after being lost in the woods? :o]

@Taco_Ninja - How you going to get down from the desert lul? *can't remember very well* but didn't link have to use a cannon to get up, and a portal to get out..

-Should I be heading over there? Majora's looking for power and the mirror seems like a nice place to get some. (though I'll just make it weaken him)

ALSO, are Midna and Zelda alive? I need something to screw with Majoras power. If not, i'll find something else, but.. yea.]

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No, they turn into Stalfos, if you read the base storyline, you'd know but for pratical purposes, I'd yes, they are both alive.

Why is Majora here? I'm pretty sure he was defeated before this Twilight event happened.

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Also, are we going to be resurrecting Link in this or something? I haven't really picked up whether that's where it's leading or not.

Wow. Nothing could've prepared me for this explosion of posts...

This is basically an RP about TP, except for the fact that old bosses are reappearing and Link isn't coming at all.

And, for simplicity's sake, we'll just assume that Majora killed Link in MM, therefore Link couldn't be reincarnated.


we have a hybrid twilight deity, a near revived god - even though he's one with erratic and unpredictable powers (though i'm going to knock back his powers somehow), a hylian with supernatural endurance, a giant wolf, and a possible monster slayer still in the forest.

Weeeell, the Mirror is still broken, just as it was in the game, although I guess there are some things that even Majora doesn't know... ;) Zelda and Midna are still alive; Same as before, same story as TP, just more enemies and no Link. And yeah, Skull Kids are Kokiri Children that have been lost in the Lost Woods. They don't age or anything.

I guess there isn't really much else I can write until something happens to help Tor out... Or just worsen his condition. If that's even possible. Knowing Majora, it probably is.

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The Masked boy giggled under the mask, he had travelled from the Faron Woods and to Lake Hylia, from there he'd climbed the cliffs until he reached the Gerudo Desert. And yet, his body was not tired, he continued to skip merrily towards the huge structure he saw in the distance..

~So close, I can feel the resonance of Power in that place... It's rather strong..~

"Power?" The way the mask had said it implied more than simple 'power'.

~My sister... Din, or perhaps the incarnation of her peice. It did something in there and I'm curious as to what.. Yet, something else lies in that building, I'm unsure what, but lets tell it we're here...~ The raspy sound of the mask laughing echoed through his mind and the boy laughed too.

Across the desert, a sound of humming began to fill the air and raindrops quickly began to fall heavy upon the ground.

In their camp, the Bulbin warriors gazed up at the sky, pondering and grumbling amongst themselves as to how heavy rain had come in such a harsh dry desert, a distance away from them water trickled down a slope and into a young mans mouth, with a cough and a splutter he was pulled from his deepening sleep, in the Arbiters Grounds, something stirred underground, and another presence in the air..

The humming began to resonate louder and louder, and with it lightning struck and thunder clapped.. The Masked Child skipped on until he reached the steps of the ancient structure. Epsil felt the power of the mask pool under his feet, and he leapt into the air, grabbing onto one of the ledges high up on one of the pillars which rimmed structure. He swiftly manouvred around the column and leapt off to land on the ground near the edge of the colusseum like structure.

Inside was a platform structure viewing a strange tablet like stone embedded into the ground with runic symbols engraved over its surface..

~Strong magic inde- Jump.~

Epsil leapt into the air just before a massive skeletal claw errupted from the sand where he had been a moment before. A second after that another claw sent an explosion of sand into the air near where Epsil stood. As the claws reached upwards into the sky a massive skeletal head burst from the sands between them.

~A skeletal dragon? Interesting, but easily dealt with.. Epsil, I need for you to let me control this body.. Just to defeat this creature.~

Epsil nodded. The dragon roared at its opponent, its torso and shoulders were now completely out of the ground, but that seemed to be its limit.

~Focus on the mask... Focus on its power~

Epsil obeyed, and felt for the presence inside of him he always felt when the mask spoke to him.. he felt its power, erratic yet to him it was beautiful, the madness of destruction and misery and bringing pain to others...

~Now laugh child.. laugh~

Epsil laughed, a loud, slightly pitched laugh full of the madness which was about to consume me...

Suddenly the world dissapeared and he was standing in front of someone on a platform of darkness... The persons for kept twisting and changing, but admidst it he saw the same eyes and thorns which were upon the mask...

Then the being began laughing, softly at first, but then louder and louder... and inside of himself Epsil felt that this creature was truely insane.

Then it spoke to him.

"Foolish. Foolish child. Do you know why your parents cast you away?"

Epsil trembled.. why was his friend speaking like this?

"Because you are repulsive, you're weak, you're ugly, you disgust everyone in this world.."

Epsils body shook.. "No.." The word felt like a plea... his friend, his only friend, why was he doing this...

"You truely believed that I cared for you? You're but the vessel for my power, and now I will consume you.. Begone."


Images rushed through the childs mind.. seeing the other children keep away from him in fear.. his mother, weeping at his sight.. The lake.. His reflection.. His pitch black eyes.. The mouth, twisted on one side.. His nose bent to one side as if broken.. his face, covered in patches of skin which seemed like scales.. The irregular growth of one of his cheekbones.. A monster..

The last thing that had been said to him by a human..


And so he was.

The laughter that had been filled with a mirth and carefree excitement was gone.

In its place a sinister cackling was heard... echoing through the grounds..

The dragon roared and struck forward, trying to devour the figure.

"Return to decay, fall into ash.." the raspy whisper filled the night air and as the dragons jaw closed around the figure it simply disintegrated... as if an invisible inferno ran along it... And soon there was nothing left of the nightmarish creature.

The solitary figure began to laugh, louder and louder...

He was Majora, the 4th peice of the triforce..

The Corrupted One.

Name: Majora

Age: ~

Gender: Male

Race: Godling

Province: ~

History: ~

[Epsil will be back. Don't worry, i'm not RPing a god.]

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Tor choked and spluttered on the cool trickle of water. The small amount of liquid had been enough to wake him from his deep sleep. He stared up into the sky with glassy eyes, unblinking, unmoving. Even with the dark raincloud covering the sky, the world was still enveloped in an orange tinge. Then something echoed across the desert, something that dug into Tor's mind and enveloped his heart, a requeim of darkness, of misery, and of ancient power. He stared towards the six huge pillars that marked out the Arbiter's Grounds. Even from such a distance, and in such poor weather conditions, it was still fully obvious what was taking place in the Great Coliseum. A huge beast, gigantic by all standards, was hammering its roar against a smaller being. The second entity was perhaps the size of a small child, clad in orange and pale green garb, and wearing a strange purple mask.

He was laughing.

This was the strangest thing Tor had ever seen, in all his years. The child was floating several dozen feet above the Grounds' Great Coliseum, while the monster swiped at it with huge, curved claws.

"Wait... I know that thing from a book!" Tor muttered. "The Lizallord! No... Wait. It's a skeleton... So that would make it...

The Stallord."

As Tor finished speaking, the "child" raised one hand, and the Stallord simply crumbled into dust. Then Tor froze as the being turned towards him. It giggled once, and proceeded to lift tonnes of sand out of the ground without lifting a finger. After several minutes, the "beast-child" stopped digging. A small platform rose out of the ground. It groaned to a stop, apparently reaching its maximum height. Tor had to avert his eyes as something on the platform reflected the sun. He moved himself to a better position, and watched the scene unfold. The beast-child stared at the silver object for several seconds, too, then flung it as high as it could in a rage. The reflective object flew out of Tor's sight, then, as he spotted it once again, planted itself neatly in the sand before him. "What is this...?" Tor bent down and lifted it up. It was lighter than he expected. It was sort of a quarter-circle shape, but jagged on two sides, as if it had broken from a greater whole. Only one side was reflective. The non-reflective side was quite plain, with only a tree-trunk rings pattern on it. The other side, however, the reflective side, had the same pattern with runes inscribed within the gaps. In the corner was a triangle-shaped inscription, which looked like part of a symbol that Tor knew only too well.

The only odd thing was, Tor had never seen such a shape in his life.

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There was no power for Majora to absorb. He let out a shriek which seemed to slice into the very air.

And then something replied to his call... He felt it.. a memory at the back of his mind..

For the second time in the history of Hyrule. The goddesses had decended to the mortal world.

The three beings took the form of human women, the three incarnations of the creators.

Toghether they stood before their brother. The destroyer;

Din~ Goddess of Power

Nayru~ Goddess of Wisdom

Farore~ Goddess of Courage

Toghether, they faced Majora... God of Corruption and Madness.

"I will take your souls and with them your powers.. Sisters," Majora whispered softly, and yet it carried to their ears...

"We pity you, brother.." They spoke in perfect unison..

Majora screeched at them, a sound laced with power and pain... The goddesses forms shivered under its power. "I pity you, for your power is far weaker than mine, this is the end of you! You imprisoned me for an eternity and I will have my vengeance."

"No brother, we will have justice.. You have done mu-"

"Justice? Justice? " Majora interupted Din, "Justice is simply vengeance under a different name, sister." He spat the last word out as if it had been a horrible taste in his mouth.

Nayru sighed, "Your madness sheilds you from wisdom, brother. Vengeance is a poison, a disease. Justice is cleansing, a cure."

Majore cackled, twisting over backwards in th air. "Your words are nothing, sister. I am more powerful than all of you."

"So be it brother, you will be sealed again.." The goddesses encircled him. Majora began to laugh.

Farore began.. "Your courage is for yourself and not for others, because of this, it is un-true." Majora kept laughing..

Nayru sighed and spoke softly.. "Your wisdom is twisted and broken by madness, because of this, it is un-true." Majora laughed louder..

Dins voice was the strongest, laced with power.. "Your power is taken through destruction and not earnt through creation, because of this..."

Majora stopped laughing.

"It is un-true," Din finished. The aura surrounding the goddesses had formed ethreal-like chains from Din and Nayrus hands to his.

"What is thiss.." Majora hissed angrily, trying to move away from it.

Din spoke again softly and sadly as she pulled her end of the chain outwards.."You're right brother, by ourselves. We are weaker than you, even toghether as three, we are weaker than you."

Majora shrieked into the night sky.

Nayru continued on, as she too moved outwards "But true power is from this which we have created, the wisdom, courage and power of this world are ours." Majoras arms were held out to his sides. He shrieked in anger again, the ethereal chains shook.

Farore stepped forwards, and suddenly her aura twisted around her and formed into something... The Master Sword, shining and renewed in her hand.

"I-impossible.." Majora hissed, struggling against his chains.

"The sword whose power you stole was only the vessel, the true sword is here in my hand, awaiting the Hero of Time, and now it will be your end" She whispered the words softly and gently to him before she stepped forward and thrusted, no, she simply slid it into his chest...

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@Skull_Kid: Sure it would get everyone met up faster.

Rachal slowly opened her eyes. She shook her head and sat up. The scenery was the same as it always was. Trees and grass, it was just a green blur to her. If I don't get out of here in two days... Rachal was almost fully a Stalfos, she had been trying to get out for 5 years, why should today be any different? She stood up and started walking again, she had no idea where she was going but, as always she was going to try. After hours and hours of searching, Rachal sat down in the middle of the clearing,Am I ever going to get out of here? Then she saw it. A few inches in front of her, light! She walked through the exit to the Lost Woods. Finally! I'm out, but I can't go back to my parents... I'll have to go by myself.

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This RP has NOTHING to do with "The Legend of Zelda: The Dark Race / Betrayal".

Is it alright if I make this subtle hint though? I'm going to add some history to the characters in the Dark Race and Betrayal. My character here, Karnil, is the father to Kaero, Rio and Aema from the Dark Race RP. There were other siblings too but they all died of starvation after their parents died. That means that Karnil will have to have been one hundred years old at that point, but I know how to explain that. ;)

Karnil lay on the bank of Lake Hylia. The water was gone of course, but he remembered the day when it was once plentiful and the sun shone beautifully overhead and made the water glisten. But that was the past. Today it was dark and dangerous. The other wolves here were ignorant and weak. Karnil was a great leader to them. He had experience with danger and was learned in many ways. He was also strong and could protect his pack fiercely. He didn't have a family. He was committed only to his followers. One of his dreams was to settle down somewhere nice and raise a family. But he was always meant for something bigger. And because of this, he would never be happy.

He looked into the sky and sighed. Even if he could, he would never make his dream a reality. It would always be that. A dream. He looked away to the silly looking men who ran the cannon. They'll never make money with that thing. It's ridiculously dangerous. Karnil smirked. He was still unaware that he was but a spirit here. He stood up and stretched before turning away from the dry lake. Another wolf approached him. It was Kaero. "What is it now Kaero?"

Kaero hesitated. "Another was attacked sir. Up on the bridge." He turned away and ran for the path up the side of the Lake. It led them to the bridge. The great tree stood, as always, tall and proud. It had long since died, but it still stood as a landmark to behold. How old it really was, he didn't know.

They reached the bridge. A crowd of wolves stood, surrounding another who lay motionless on the bridge. Karnil ran in and the crowd parted as to give him room. He recognised the one as Alisia. Only a pup. She was dead. "What happened? Who did this?" Karnil roared. This wasn't the first time one of them had died on the bridge. He had specifically ordered them to stay off the bridge. All who did would almost surely die. The wolves hesitated and fidgeted. "It was the bird wasn't it? The one that lurks in the great tree." Karnil asked more calmly. There were a few subtle nods and Karnil closed his eyes tightly. One too many. Every day these beasts do the same thing. They prey on the weak. Karnil growled. He saw Alisia's mother whimpering over her daughter's body. This was the third pup she had lost to the beasts this week.

"What will we do about this Karnil?" Kaero asked, "We can't just sit idly by while these things kill us off one by one." he said desperately. "We must take action." Karnil looked at Kaero for a second. He was right. This was too far. They had to put an end to this before they were all dead.

"We will kill it Kaero. You and I." Kaero looked at Karnil in confusion and fear.

"You mean... Right now?" Kaero was worried. He was almost beginning to regret what he said. "You always did say that you wished to do something big. For the good of all of us. Are you now saying that you would rather stay behind and do nothing?" Karlin asked calmly. But every word stung Kaero all the same.

"You're right. Somebody has to come with you after all." Kaero smiled a little. Karlin grinned back.

"Okay. We'll go now and put this to rest." Karnil turned away from the group, Kaero followed. "We'll be back. Don't you worry. Just take Alisia to the burial grounds. I will perform the ceremony upon my return. I don't want anyone else to follow us. I hope that we shall never live in fear after this. The beasts will know their place once we kill the bird. If we run into further trouble we will wipe them out." Karnil was confident. The crowd disbanded and returned to the Lake with Alisia's torn body.

Karnil and Kaero approached the tree. As they did so, the wailing of the beasts rang in their ears.

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Ooc: Forgive my inactivity, fellow RP geeks. *Japanese-style bow*


"It's Sanshi." the young woman answered with a friendly smile. "You really aught to watch where you're going, you know." Oliver shrugged. "Yeah...I suppose so." Sanshi tilted her head a little. "You okay?" she inquired. Oliver looked up at her. She was fairly tall for a woman, with dark red hair in a long braid and green eyes. She was carrying a parcel in one hand and what looked like a wineskin in the other.

"I was just..." began Oliver, unsure of what to say. "I suppose I'm just having a bad day." He attempted a smile.

"Hah...I know what that's like." replied Sanshi, wryly. "Look, I'm on my way to the pub; I've got a package here for my brother. If you feel like it, you can come with me. What do you say?"

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Posted (edited)

Rachal had considered several possibilities, the most logical was also the most crazy, she had to go through the Faron Woods in order to get to Castle Town. Rachal had never been out of Ordon before, so she had to get moving and hopefully if she got out before nightfall then she would reach the Eldin province in two days. Unfortunatly, one of the harder lessons that she had learned was nothing ever goes according to plan.

Afternoon came and went, and still Rachal was in the Woods, although, considerably less lost than before. She hadn't seen anything on her way through the forest besides a couple of small insects. It was then that she saw the house, the house on the edge of the Woods. I'll soon be out of here! She walked underneath the wooden gateway that marked the end of the woods and started off towards the huge castle in the distance.

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Karnil and Kaero entered the hollow trunk of the tree. Not even this place was shaded by the particles. they fluttered in the air like ash and dissolved into the air. There was a winding slope carved into the inside of the tree. It led to the bird's nest. They didn't know what they would find on the top, but they had promised to kill the birds. They had no other option but to kill them no matter the danger. If they didn't the birds would kill them later. They had t do this. They couldn't live in fear any longer. This had to be done.

They proceeded up the slope unopposed by any beasts. They soon caught a glimpse of a dark figure at the peak. It was the bird. There were in fact two. They were almost impossible to differentiate between. "There are two Kaero. We must kill them both." Karnil told Kaero in a low whisper. "But we'll overpower them easy." he added at the sight of Kaero's anxious expression.

Karnil and Kaero quickened their pace and and soon found the peak. They were silent. The birds were yet to notice them. As they climbed onto the wide platform, they saw the birds. They hissed to each other as they perched on the edge of the tree. There were several holes in the wide platform through which Karnil had seen the birds.

One turned it's head as Karnil cracked the wood under his foot. It was thin. The bird screeched and lifted off from the perch. The other did also. Karnil readied himself. Kaero jumped to Karnil's side and growled. The birds swooped down upon them. The larger attacked Karnil while the other swooped down upon Kaero. Karnil jumped to the side and the bird clawed at him, missed, and pulled up part of the platform under it's clenched claws. Karnil leapt at the beast's back and bit into it. It let out a black ooze but didn't die. He had merely wounded it. It flailed and regained balance before shaking Karnil off and throwing him across the platform. He rolled across the splintered wood. It cracked and trembled under Karnil's weight. Kaero was fighting also. He hadn't been hit, but he hadn't landed one of his own either. The beast flew at Karnil again and picked at the wood with it's claws. The wood tilted a bit and wood fell from the platform to the earth below. Karnil jumped to the side again as more wood fell away. Kaero landed a bite on the other winged beast. It was a lucky shot. He had wounded it's wing and it fell. On the platform, struggling to stand up. Kaero saw Karnil fighting and saw that he was in trouble. The beast attacked Karnil again but agilely brought itself back into the air before Karnil could attack it. Kaero left his target to help Karnil. The beast attacked Karnil again, smashing the platform. Karnil fell and rolled to a halt on the opposite side of the platform from which he entered. As the other beast wailed and screeched in agaony, Kaero leapt at Karnil's attacker, landing a bite in it's back. It shook Kaero off and sent him once again across the platform. Karnil got to his feet before landing the killing blow to the beast's neck. It screeched again before falling to the platform, smashing through and falling to the earth.

Karnil breathed heavily and looked over to Kaero who lay motionless on the platform. Karnil ran to his side in panic. He laid a paw on Kaero's side. He's breathing. Karnil gave a sigh of relief before looking at the other beast. It was beginning to rise. Kaero awoke. Karnil ran for the final beast. But as he neared it, it took off. Karnil growled as it circled the great tree. Kaero looked around and saw more of them. They were coming to the other's aid. It called them? Karnil was in panic. He looked into the sky. It was littered with them. They massed for the attack. "Kaero! Run!" Karnil barked hastily. Kaero got to his feet and saw the beasts. He ran to Karnil's side. "Go. Now." Karnil whispered, as if it would help the situation for him to do so. Kaero moved towards the trail but the beasts swooped down, one of them grabbed Kaero and another clutched at Karnil. He dodged it but jumped into the path of another. It lifted him into thee air.

It squeezed Karnil tightly. Kaero was held by another bird that flew ahead of them. He was unconscious. Karnil looked down to the earth. The last thing he saw as he fell unconscious was the sight of a group being attacked on the trail of Lake Hylia. There were wolves there too. One was taken by a great bird. On closer inspection there were Hylians there. And a tiger.

Edit: If somebody could take down these birds and have Kaero and Karnil become part of a group, I would be grateful. Also, they don't speak Hylian, so don't bother unless you too are a wolf.

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"Oh, sure! I mean, I just came from there but hey, I wasn't there with anyone else." Oliver smiled a bit for real this time.

Oliver walked with Sanshi to Telma's Bar, when he entered it, Telma shouted "Hey you! Back so soon?"

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Posted (edited)

Edit: Oh, yeah, Dark Midna, I was just wondering, seeing as the Dark Race references are working out great in this RP, if we could make this like... The prequel to The Dark Race?

This time through the desert, Tor wasn't making the same mistakes. He would stick to the shade of the dunes as much as possible, occasionally holding the "mirror" above his head, sort of like portable cover. He was still bewildered as to why he recognized the symbol on the mirror. He knew that he had never seen it before then, but it was as familiar to him as the rising sun. He just shook his head and continued up a large dune. It was much steeper and higher than the others. Then, as Tor reached the peak, he realized that this was no dune. It was the border between the Gerudo Desert and Laky Hylia! At least... What was left of the Lake. He skidded and hopped down the other side of the mountain of sand and stone. He finally came to a halt on some cool, wet grass. "What happened here...?" he asked himself.

"It's the Twilight."

Tor spun around, looking to see who had spoken.

Nobody was there.

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Posted (edited)

Sanshi and Oliver headed back for Telma’s Bar on the South Road. As they walked, they both were casting wistful glances at the Knights of Hyrule, standing idly at street corners or surveying wares in the marketplace, or flirting with shopkeepers’ daughters. They both also noticed that they were doing the same thing.

“Have aspirations of being a knight, Oliver? You’re about the right age, and you look strong, so they’d probably let you train….” She trailed off as Oliver shook his head. Sanshi put two and two together. “You mean they really wouldn’t let you join their ranks? But whatever for?”

Oliver sighed. “I don’t know…they said a lot of things, about my age, discipline, family, whatever else. Anything they could think of. They wouldn’t even let me try out.”

Sanshi nodded. “Elitist fools, that’s what they are…” she said. Then she sighed herself. “No one in my family was ever a knight. My brother’s a scholar, and so was our father, and his father before him. I thought that after Princess Zelda took the throne things would be different, but nothing’s changed.”

Oliver looked at Sanshi. “Oh..” he said. “They wouldn’t let you become a knight either? Because you’re a woman?” She nodded.

“Things are more dangerous than ever out there, with monsters showing up right and left, and they still exclude all but the male nobility to do the fighting.” said Sanshi, with obvious disgust. “So, I got a job at the royal stables. It’s not a bad life, but….”


“Well….I never get to leave the city. I’m always needed for something or other, either at the Castle or helping my brother, so I haven’t got a clue as to what’s going on out there. Except for what I hear from people in Castle Town.”

Looking ahead, they saw many people standing in line just to buy spring water from a pair of Gorons by the South Gate. Apparently, the rivers had run dry, and there were rumors that Lake Hylia was dry too.

Oliver and Sanshi entered the bar. As they did, Telmo looked up from polishing the glassware and narrowed her eyes. It was that loiterer again. She shouted "Hey you! Back so soon?”

Sanshi waved a hand at her. “It’s alright, Telma, he’s with me. What, has he forgotten to pay his tab?”

“No.” answered Telma, putting her hands on her hips. “He just a vagabond, with no home and no job, that I think I see too much of as it is!”

“Well if the Knights of Hyrule would…!” Oliver yelled back, but Sanshi put a hand on his shoulder. “Take it easy..” she said, then turned back to Telma. “Is Shad here?”

“Oh, you just missed him, hon. He and Auru are up on the ramparts on the Western Gate. They said there was something wrong at the Lake, but I couldn’t get much more out of ‘em.”

Sanshi sighed. “And after all the trouble I went through to get this dusty old book…I’ll just go find him. Oliver? You coming?”

The two of them left the bar again, and headed towards the Western Gate, which was also called the Main Gate. They climbed a ladder onto the ramparts, where two men stood, one young and one not so young. They were staring, speechless, at something in the distance.

Sanshi approached the young man, who wore glasses and had red hair like hers. “Next time you tell me to meet you at Telma's, you might try….” Sanshi had looked in the direction of the Lake, and she dropped the parcel in shock. Oliver looked, and he gasped.

There was a great wall of black blocking the road to Lake Hylia. It reached high into the air, where it glowed and danced in a rainbow of eerie colors. It was Twilight.

“What…in the name of Din…” breathed Sanshi. “…is that?!”

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"By the Triforce..." Oliver looked at the black wall "We're doomed..." Oliver became nervous, so he hid behind Sanshi trying to forget what he saw.

After a while he began to calm down. He asked Sanshi, "Perhaps we should check this out? I have a feeling there's an adventure waiting..." he shyed away, knowing it was a stupid suggestion, he looked for some place to be away from Sanshi, he was beginning to feel awkward.

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