The Legend of Zelda: Door to Darkness

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Rachal and the two wolves had followed the man down the stairs and into the large lobby downstairs. A table, longer than it was wide, had been set up there and about thirteen people, plus herself and that man, sat around it. The wolves sat next to Rachal. "So, now that everyone is here, we must decide what we wish to do with our present situation."

The man whom had come to get them spoke first. Rachal knew that she needed to hurry to Death Mountain, but this was important too. The majority of them stayed silent, thinking but then, one of them spoke. "Well, we should fight them." Everyone seemed to agree and they all returned to their rooms to prepare. It was there that Rachal felt a gut renching feeling, the kind that you get when something is very, very wrong. She trusted her instincts and knew that either she could stay and fight with Kakariko or could go to Death Mountain, but the question was, which was more important?

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