Oracle of Seasons

Release Dates

GBC 5/14/2001 2/27/2001 10/5/2001


The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons (Japanese: ゼルダの伝説 ふしぎの木の実 大地の章 Zeruda no Densetu Fushigi no Ki no Mi Daichi no Shō) is the seventh installment in the series. It was released alongside The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages worldwide in 2001 for the Game Boy Color.

Both Oracles are two parts of an overall story: the final plot is revealed when both games are completed and connected via Game Link Cable and a password. Also, both focus on separate elements that, when put together, create the gameplay of a traditional Zelda game: Seasons is more action-adventure oriented, while Ages is more focused on puzzle solving.

Oracle of Seasons was critically successful, called by critics as one of the best games on the Game Boy Color, as well as on any handheld device due to its graphics and replay value, though its audio was not received as well. It was also commercially successful, selling almost four million copies, making it alongside Oracle of Ages the seventh best selling game in the series.


One day in Hyrule, a strange force drew Link deep inside Hyrule castle, where he discovered the Triforce, glittering brilliantly as it awaited him.

“Link… Link… Accept the quest of the Triforce!”

Suddenly, Link was enveloped in a shaft of light, and in the next moment, he vanished.

When Link awoke, he found himself in a forest that he had never seen before. Confused, he looked around blankly at the unfamiliar surroundings. Softly he heard pleasant music and laughing voices echoing from deep within the woods. Link followed the inviting voices until he came upon a travelling troupe of actors. He was immediately struck by the beauty of a young woman who was dancing about in circles. When the girl noticed Link, she smiled brightly and called to him.

“Welcome to Holodrum. I am Din, the dancer,” she said with glee. “Would you like to dance with me? Don’t be shy. It will be more fun if we dance together.” She took him by the hand, and he reluctantly began to dance.

Unfortunately, this blissful moment did not last long. The sky suddenly went dark, and there was a loud crash of thunder, followed by a resounding, thunderous voice.

“I’ve found you, Din! You can’t deceive me by disguising yourself as a dancer. I am Onox, General of Darkness! Now reveal yourself, Oracle of Seasons!”

Then a great tornado dropped from the sky and drew near Din, as if to engulf her.

“Help me, Link!” she cried.

Link was blown away by the tornado as he struggled against its awesome force, and Din was swept away in the wind…

Strange things then began to happen throughout the land.

When Onox carried off the Oracle of Seasons from the land of Holodrum, the seasons fell into chaos and the land was deprived of the bountiful gifts of nature. Life was slowly being drained from the land, and all living things began to wither.

Onox had set into motion his plan to gather the power from the withering land and create a world of total darkness. Will Link be able to rescue Din from the evil General of Darkness?

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