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  1. LDGM » Young Link Addict

    fine, i'll buy 3 stachildren and a sea chart.
  2. LDGM » Guest

    welcome to hyrule.net, the original zelda online
  3. LDGM » Young Link Addict

    well i have a loyalty card, but thing is i'm not very loyal to the sinking goron, after quitting it twice. :p
  4. LDGM » Young Link Addict

    well can i have the lightly dark wooden sword?
  5. LDGM » Young Link Addict

    i want the all-powerful dark wooden sword.
  6. LDGM » Riley12345

    why can't you two just be friends.
    p.s. join the darknut academy.
  7. LDGM » Max

    i have a 4 on my rating. help me please.
    regards - LDGM
    p.s. i got my own clan :joy:
  8. LDGM » The Biggest Zelda Fan Ever

    so you're leaving keaton army...
    but why do you choose the great evil army?
  9. LDGM » PokeFan

    right, you're accepted.
  10. LDGM » Cat Girl

    after the dark one posted i can't get onto talk topic or person above topic. =0
  11. LDGM » Negation

    i've requested to join your clan, once you've accepted you can give the clan to me, and it'll be off your hands forever.
  12. LDGM » Negation

    if your so desparate to give away your army, then i shall gladly have it. i have interesting plans for it....
  13. LDGM » Ocarina Man

    you're welcome, please enjoy yourself on the forums.
  14. LDGM » Ocarina Man

    welcome to hyrule.net, the original zelda online.
  15. LDGM » The Chilled Hylian

    WHERE ARE YOU. :cry:
    the sinking goron are holding a funeral for you, they think you've left them.
  16. LDGM » Young Link Addict

    i've overtaken you in posts for good now.
  17. LDGM » Young Link Addict

    the new chu picture has no white background. oh and i was confused, the green one is me, the yellow is val hammer. :p
  18. LDGM » Young Link Addict

    yeah, val hammer's the green one, paddymac's the purple one, arcanelord is the red one and isuppose you can be the blue one. +_+
  19. LDGM » Young Link Addict

    +_+ you overtook me again.
    oh and i'm the yellow one in my personal pic. :p
  20. LDGM » Young Link Addict

    aye, sorry, but i've finally overtaken you in postal count. :cry:
  21. LDGM » PokeFan

    have you and frecke fart been banned?
  22. LDGM » Max

    in resopnse to my comment congratulating you on 2000 posts, i have 2010 now and am overtaking you. :p
  23. LDGM » PokeFan

    i've tried to PM you, however it says you've blocked me or you're incabable of recieving PM's
  24. LDGM » Guest

    welcome to hyrule.net, the original zelda online. :p