1. Crowned Twili Princess

    Sad to see how dead this site is, like Hyrule in Breath of the Wild. I remember a time when there were dozens and dozens of users online at once and there was always some conversation going on.

  2. Crowned Twili Princess

    I decided to come back here because I bought a Switch over a month ago and have been playing Breath of the Wild. What a stunning game! So much to do! Easily one of my favorite Zelda games. The only thing I think was lacking was the story line.

  3. Otis McNutt

    Is anyone still here?

    1. Teto


  4. Magnus

    Goodnight, Hyrule.net

  5. Dark_One


  6. Kibblo

    Oh hey

    I'm alive

  7. Na Riknia

    The best of the Defenders is yet to come.
  8. Na Riknia

    In more uplifting news than politics, NA is still in Worlds. Go C9, woo!
  9. Na Riknia

    Welp, looks like a "wait till it eventually hits Netflix" to me based on just this. Maybe the next trailer will just my mind, but so far it seems like another entry in the long line of "movies that could be decent if they had only original story assets and have no business having the name or subjects of the nostalgic property involved outside of securing ticket sales."
  10. Na Riknia

    I need that Teemo skin.
  11. Na Riknia

    RIP pink ward teemo
  12. Na Riknia

    Dude, Shkreli may be one of the biggest absolute asses (researching more into that), but his sense of humor is on a whole other level.
  13. Na Riknia

    This is the world we live in... can't stop laughing.
  14. Na Riknia

    Dang it... I wanted my Animal Crossing.
  15. Na Riknia

    Years can go by and I'll never not love this.
  16. Na Riknia

    But does it take place in Albuquerque?
  17. Na Riknia

    Oh hey, it's playing at the AMC at the Parks Mall ins Arlington. Too bad it's $16.20 a ticket.
  18. Na Riknia

    Every time I watch one of his videos I'm glad Dave left that shit show known as TYT. He basically says the same thing I've been saying. There is no way Johnson could be president outside of a miracle, but everyone who is fed up with both sides of the system should vote for him just to rock their cradles and let another opinion be heard for once. If you want things to eventually change, you gotta start saying no to the bipartisan system at some point.
  19. Na Riknia » LDGM

    It has been a long time, and it will be even long yet again.

    1. LDGM


      4 hours is a long time...


  20. Ryu

    Coming here makes me feel old. :wacko:

  21. TIerkreiss15

    I'm hungry. Pizza would be nice....

  22. T1g

    Happy New Year NERDS

    1. Teto

      that's not PC anymore