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  1. LDGM » Young Link Addict

    yea, i've challenged your fairy...
  2. LDGM » Dusty

    happy D-day
    oh and also a happy B-day
  3. LDGM » Adr990

    i have a poe now.
  4. LDGM » PokeFan

    i've known about it for a while, i got a link from fierce muffin a while ago, while it was still being tested. it was buggy last time though, stick to arcading if i were you.
  5. LDGM » PokeFan

    now accept the training turtle battle
  6. LDGM » PokeFan

    pie wolf still beats seraphim in every stat. for now, training turtle is best.
  7. LDGM » PokeFan

    i readopted protoype, so when you finish your seraphim training, train against prototype. that way, i can heal seraphim.
  8. LDGM » PokeFan

    thank you MPF, another battle i'd like to have until lv2
  9. LDGM » PokeFan

    let's heal first.
  10. LDGM » PokeFan

    yes, i exp point for me, but i'm still poor in battle until i can level up & increase intelligence.
  11. LDGM » PokeFan

    finish the battle though, i may win if you miss now.
  12. LDGM » PokeFan

    by clicking on "send item to user" link, you can send an item to me.
  13. LDGM » PokeFan

    make an octorok, they usually miss because of their low intelligence, gee octoroks are terrible, but i need a win to level up.
  14. LDGM » PokeFan

    again no damage.
  15. LDGM » PokeFan

    why am i dealing no damage?
  16. LDGM » PokeFan

    i attacked you, although i didn't deal any damage.
  17. LDGM » PokeFan

    attack me now.
  18. LDGM

    done, octorok are weak but level up faster than wolfos.
    oh, how do you increase intelligence?
  19. LDGM » PokeFan

    did you defeat me in 1 hit?
    if so, can i battle training turtle to increase my experience?
  20. LDGM » PokeFan

    i have, you must now attack.
  21. LDGM » PokeFan

    what about level 1+
  22. LDGM » PokeFan

    items that say they level up your pet don't work for me...
  23. LDGM » PokeFan

    why do you have so many pets?
  24. LDGM » PokeFan

    well he was just a prototype- a testing pet. how do you increase level of a pet anyway?
  25. LDGM » PokeFan

    then please do so quickly, i need to get the very first octorok strong.