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  1. I just got a phonecall from Gamereactor Norway, they said I am going to be reader of the month OMG in the magazine version! I write a lot there but still didn`t expect so soon. Anyways answered some questions with some basic information and a picture and I can`t wait to get my hands on it!

  2. I started being active again yesterday and still

    Greetings Postman,

    This is just a reminder that you registered to the Forums on 22-August 09 and haven't visited the forums for a while.

    With Skyward Sword just around the corner there is always something to discuss!

    Why not stop by the forums again and join in on the discussions occurring daily?

    We also have a active chatroom!

    And some more links, gosh!

    But I already saw that one coming.

  3. I created the most gory thing ever :) Picture tmrw when I have my PC and not my Android.

  4. I don't understand on pokemon.

    Well I have a cat that mostly I in the house feed and sometimes take the mass relay of poop out, so that would be something different.

    It's like having hundreds of pets without having to feed them or clean up after them.

  5. Bleach is dumb, Postman.

    Well people have different taste.

    Example i like musli with strawberry jam and sugar with milk in it (yummy) somebody doesn`t.

  6. Nope. Already got a thread for that in Forum Games, called "There are a lot of pictures on the internet," go post in there.

    Rabdom art created by you goes here.

  7. She came to the future with Doctor Who and he forgot to take her home :c

    What a dick that guy is

    Teto I love your humor.

  8. I had a seizure staring at LL's avatar. Then I decided to get really hyper on energy drinks. . . mind = blown.

    Totally epic!