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The Legend Of Zelda: Sword of Lights Bane

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This takes place a while after Twilight Princess, so the old link has passed away and a new link will come, and if YOU want to create link, then you have to be a active person, because the wielder of the Master Sword takes a important part in this story.

WARNING: Viewer Discretion Advised


There is was, The Ethereal Sword, just stabbed in the dirt, Kane was still knocked out, and i was just looking at it "its perfect...... nothing like what they said it was" i said, talking to myself, then i took a few steps forward to take it in my hand when, i heard someone whisper "Deattthhhhh", and i jumped back, i turned to see if Kane was awake yet, he was, then i said "Kane! don't scare me like that!", he just looked at me and said "what?" "i almost passed out!" i said "what do you mean?" he said, getting up "you whispered 'death' and i almost had a heart attack!" "i didn't whisper death" he said, that's when i heard it again..... but i decided to think it was my imagination.

"Whoa....." Kane said "that's it, isn't it?" he said, but i was too busy looking at it, then he said "Be-" he started, but i cut him off quickly with a "DON'T!", "what?" he said "don't say my name, their watching........" i said "who?" "the ones who will try to stop me..... stop me from using the sword...." "what? what do you mean?" "i mean, that even though this is years before their born, they are seeing this, so they cannot know my name" i said "oka- wait a second! you promised I would use the sword!" Kane shouted "yes...... i did" i said, so i reached for the sword and took it in my hand, "but.... i lied" i said, and i used the swords magic to get me out of the Void.

Character Creation:






Weapons (if any):

Home Town (optional):

Appearance (optional):


Name: Iztac

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Race: Hylian

Backstory: Iztac is one of the stranger people in town, he claims that he's Hylian, but most people aren't sure. Hes the older scientist kinda guy, he sits at home doing things, he wrote several books and made a board game called 'Trap' which is what made him known.

Home Town: Castle Town

Appearance: Brown hair, Thin beard, about 61/2 feet tall, likes wearing blue and white colors.


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NO7: Stealing is absolutely not tolerated here. If you steal someone else's plot, you will receive a 20% warning level raise. Note; When reporting stolen plots, please include a print screen of the original roleplay, and please make sure that the thief isn't the same person as the creator. Also, if you are a member of a roleplay that is accused of being plagiarized, your opinion on the matter is respected, but it would be prudent if you didn't PM the mods with your two cents. The right of opposition against being accused of a stolen RP belongs to the RP master, and the RP master only. Should they have anything to say, then there is no need for you to help them say it.

Threads accused of being stolen will immediately be closed, and the stolen content removed at once. They will only be reopened if proof that the roleplay is not stolen is presented.

Unless you can PM me with some reasonable proof showing me that this isn't stolen, this topic will be locked indefinitely. It looks like an apparent theft of Door to Darkness. I will post a screenshot later to back this up. You CAN change everything to do with the "Sword of Light's Bane" part, and it will no longer be considered stealing.

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