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The Connected Realms

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This is the past and future(as well as other things)of Denelm. The ultimate RP used Denelm, Hyrule, and Ithwithi as it's three main worlds. But there were two more that never got used, Im hoping to bring those in, as well as a bit of histroy and clarifying to the events in The Ultimate RP.

This one, the first little 'story' which there will be three in this topic, is about Denelm's past, when it was in the center of a much larger land mass. The main character is Sundim, the main villain in The Ultimate RP, when she is young.

Canon Characters:

()Pit(Kid Icarus)

()Shad (TP)

()Colin (TP)

()Prince Ralis (TP)

()Mailman(Maximillian Snow)(TP)

()Ninten (Mother)

()Loid (Mother)

()Ana (Mother)



(X) L (Death Note

Original Character Form:







Let me know if you want to be a Canon character, that way I can approve or disprove you and edit to add an X, and all that good stuff.

Edited by Ryu (see edit history)

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This should be deleted because I can't edit it anymore XD

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