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We are told many things as children. "Don't make that face or it'll freeze that way", "Stop that or you'll go blind", "Don't mix Pop-Rocks and Coke or your Stomach will explode" and "Monsters aren't real". If they only knew!

In recent months sighting of so called "Monsters" have steadily increased. In Texas, more and more people claim to see the mysterious and bloodthirsty Chupacabra, sightings of Scotland's Aquatic creature Nessie have increased, in the American Northwest glimpses of Bigfoot have become commonplace and perhaps the most startling are the reports of the Mothman, America's most famous Cryptids return to Point Pleasant West Virginia.

And while the media hasn't made the connection, Cryptozoologist Byron Hall has.

And People have begun to take notice.

Chapter One: Last day for Byron Hall

When Byron Hall was 12 years old he discovered that which would be his lifes work stuck to the bottom of an empty whiskey bottle like a makeshift coaster was "The Weekly Globe News" a cheaply made tabloid newspaper with "Bride of Bigfoot" printed in bold black letters. And while the story made little sence to his preteen mind, the seed had been planted. By age 18 he had graduated top of his class and full ride scholarship enrolled in the Zoology program at Hudson Valley University. While studying for his Doctorate he occasionally came upon files of unexplained sighting of unbelievable animals and was reintroduced to the world of Cryptozoology. Studying in secret for years Byron graduated and with PHD in hand openly persued his passion, exposing the true nature of so-called Cryptids.


Byron sat front and center, his webcam pointed directly behind him. His "Mons Among Us" podcast had become a minor sensation online and after a playful ribbing on Tosh.0 his viewership had increased dramatically. "Hello" he said shakily into the camera. "And welcome to another installment of "Mons Among Us" a weekly look at the strange and unbelievable happenings in the world around us."

Standing from his seat Byron lifted a tarp from the large board he was standing in front of. "At the end of Last weeks show I promised that this week would have an announcement of staggering proportions and here it is." he said tilting his head to the board. "It started some months ago with sighting of Chupacabra in Texas, Then to Bigfoot in Montana and North Dakota, then down south with Skunk ape and Lizard Men and in the great plains with giant "thunder" birds. Now recent reports point to the return of Nessie, Scotlands famous monster. And while the media only sporadically reports on this, I have made a startling conclusion, these sightings, these events are precursors to a greater event, an event with connections to this!" he said pointing to a group of artist renderings and newspaper cutouts. "The Mothman has returned to Point Pleasant!"

Sector 51, the secret government organization dedicated to investigating strange phenomena.

In a dimly lit situation room an image of Byron sits motionless on a huge plasma screen. "Can someone please tell me why out of a room full of so-called Eggheads, it took a tabloid thumbing, granola eating, internet fruitcake to piece together a theory which has eluded us for months?" Commander Dade Phillips asked. "Well sir he is a reasonably intelligent man and a PHD." Doctor Niven Andrews said. "He has quite a bit of research to his name." Doctor Jacob Myers said. "And he...he's better than us. Always had been." Doctor Beth Peck said looking down.

"Oh that's right Dr. Peck, you knew him didn't you?" Phillips asked. "Yes sir, he was always rather brilliant." Peck said. "Well than, maybe it's time for young Byron to join our little group."

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