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Zelda Online: Tierras De Hyrule

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(Sorry my english :P)

Hi people!
To start the project page:

[b][url=] Project: Zelda Online: Lands Of Hyrule[/url][/b]

* Will be The official temporarily because I have no web page xD

[b] What is Zelda Online: Tierras De Hyrule? [/b]
It is an MMORPG based on Ocarina Of Time and Majoras mask,
with the game system of Ragnarok.

[b] Why Ragnarok?[/b]
because I'm a fan of zelda like Ragnarok, and I've been Gm in some RO servers, and I have experience with emulators eAthena.

[b] What I'm looking for?[/b]
Staff and a host.

Well take care people here to help with the maps
that know how to use BrowEdit and... who does not ...
if have a good PC i will find tutorials for u XD

Knowing or having ideas of sprites of ragnarok and/or Photoshop

Historians: (Quest)
more than anything npc dialogs, occupied the dialogues of the npc's Ocarina
I have some but I'm busy with other things xD

And later Beta Testers = o

Well much blah blah ...
here an outline of history and what will be Zelda Online: Tierras De hyrule

[b] - [color="#FF8C00"]Game System[/color] [/b]

The gameplay is identical to that of ragnarok
get lvls to get Stat points and Skills

[b] - [color="#FF8C00"]History [/color][/b]

The story basically puts us in
in the timeline of Ocarina Of Time.

It was first thought to make identical to OoT
but because it will be a [b]mmorpg[/b]
we chose to make some changes
since the game system will not be the same,
Class are implement (not races).

[b] - [color="#FF8C00"]Class [/color][/b]

For now just add the following classes:

[u] Sword Class Hero (Hero Tanker)[/u]
Specialized Skills of short and medium attack range
It is a very strong class but slowly recovers HP.

[u] Bow Class Hero - (Hero Sniper)[/u]
Specialized Skills alcanse attack long
Kind of great skill and little hp.

[u] Magic class Hero (Hero magic)[/u]
Specialists in magic skills and spells of healing
Launch powerful magic attacks but are slow and have very little hp.

* More classes to be decided after
* Names of classes are temporary

[b] - [color="#FF8C00"]Market[/color][/b]

In Tierras De Hyrule there are two types of currency ...
[u]Rupees And Zeny [/u]

[i] - Rupees [/i]
They are used to buy weapons and equipment.
and are get by drop
Killing mobs and making some Quest

* Mobs: The term used for "monsters"

[i] - Zeny [/i]
like in Ragnarok
but here only to buy Healing Items
for Upgrade weapons and other

* You can change your Zeny for Rupees
and your Rupees for Zeny
But each change will cost a price that varies
depends on the city where are you

[color="#FF8C00"]Here a Gameplay:[/color]


and some Screens of the game:







[b]Game System [/b] |[color="#FF0000"]/////[/color]-----| [color="#F4A460"]50%[/color]
Thats are ready, but have little details.

[b]Class [/b]|[color="#FF0000"]//[/color]--------|[color="#FF0000"]25%[/color]
Is ready Novice class (novice) to be the class that will get the fairy

[b]History - Quest [/b] |[color="#FF0000"]/[/color]----------| [color="#FF0000"]1%[/color]
I have thought a lot but I'm devoting to other things: \

[b]Maps[/b]|[color="#FF0000"]/[/color]---------| [color="#FF0000"]2%[/color]

Ask your questions, suggestions, improvements,
feel free to Comment!

and again sorry some mistakes :P

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It looks cool, but you shouldn't come to an english board to look for help on a spanish game, since most people here don't know to speak good spanish.

EDIT: Also, you might want to change the background for the equipment window because it makes it hard to read.

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Can we be a Zora?
Because I wanna be a Zora
I am going to be a Zora okay
And I shall rule with my Zora hotness
So I must be a Zora
Meaning you must make me a Zora


You might want to think of using different servers for languages and let translaters do the job for you

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Whats the general consensus on this game, guys? I don't know enough about Ragnarok to make any judgments on this project.

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