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Infinite Realms: The End of All

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this is an RP that takes an idea from a currently dead RP by The Real Booster Gold and the infinitly wierd things that go on in my head.

In the beginning of time their were three beings; Udion the Maker, Korius the defender, and , Tyrius the destroyer. Korius, "a being of the light," was always at battle with Tyrius, "a being of the dark," and Udion found that anything he made was always destroyed in the wake of thier battles. Udion decided that the only way that the multiverse would survive was if the fighting would end. As such Udion captured them both, weakened from thier latest battle, and sealed thier bodies and removed and scattered thier powers. To this end he created an infinite amount of worlds and scattered a small amount of Korius' light and Tyrius' darkness onto each forming the dual light and dark nature of all. However a man from earth 666, (where Tyrius' darkness is strongest) named Axureth has discovered this fact and has begun gathering other evil-minded individuals from all over the multiverse and plans to destroy all realms and take Tyrius' power for himself. Already Udion begins to search for those that follow the light to prevent this catastrophy, You are one of these few.

Okay now for the rules:

1. While you can name an existing world (hyrule,middle-earth,etc.) as your world of origin, all characters submitted must be original creations.

2. keep character power at a managable level.

3. do not instant end or magically apear characters or battles; they need to be introduced or drawn out or they'll be no point or fun.

4. If you have an idea for a villin or world to visit or just want to ask questions PM me and I'll try to work it in.

5. Have fun or die!

Character creation sheet




Race:(can exist in other media or be completely made up by you doesn't matter)

General Appearance:(can be shown with a picture or described in words)

Skills:(fighting or other skills such as hacking,lockpicking,cooking or anything else that counts as a skill)

specialties:(such as special powers,exceptional traits,most used tactics,ect.)

Weapons:(if it applys)

Homeworld/universe:(name and a number from 1-infinity then describe)

background:(general history of the character)

Here's mine

Name: Garok

Age: 20 years

Gender: male

Race: Reptilsapian

General Appearance: humanoid shape,6ft6in,in appearance looks like 310lbs of raw muscle but actually weighs around 1 ton. majority of skin is tan python-like scales, has large,thick brown armorlike scales on his back,neck,shoulders,chest,forearmes,shins,and on the tops of his hands and feet,has black clawlike nails and toenails. Has green narrow-slit eyes, two fangs on his upper and lower jaw, and horns that look like short spiked hair. wears only black denim-like pants.

Skills: hand-to-hand combat

specialties: increadible strength, is suprisingly agile despite his weight and size, armored scales protect him from injury, can use his claws to climb some surfaces, can eat almost anything.

weapons: mostly his fists, but somtimes uses his claws.

Homeworld/universe: Earth (22) In universe 22 earth formed with more mass being about the size of jupiter, as a result the meteor that killed the dinosaurs in most universes only cause a miner drop in the population. The dinosaurs and early mammals evolved together and the result are the reptilsapians and simisapians being the two dominant species. Both spieces worked together to invent clothing, fire, and long range communications usually by flying animal, smoke signals, and delivery systems (think U.P.S. with out the trucks) and then stopped inventing as they believed that they had all they needed, continuing the hunter/gatherer lifstyle with strength and agility.

Background: Garok leads a simple life hunting, climbing, and swimming. He lives as if nothing is certain and if he has a chance to have some fun he won't hesitate, be it fighting, leaping through the trees or just eating he always tries to enjoy himself. However he can't stand evil acts and will fight savagely to protect his friends.

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My Multiverse RP wasn't dead I ended it!

Anyway this is very interesting, I think I'll join.

Name: Alexander "Harbinger" Morris

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Race: Homosuperior

General Appearance: 6ft7in, 230lbs, muscular build, wears black hooded sweatshirt with "X" logo across the back and smaller logo on left breast. Blue jeans, black sneakers.

Skills: Expert in hand to hand combat, trained tracker, tactical planning.

Specialties: Super human strength, reflexes, stamina, accelerated healing factor.

Weapons: None

Homeworld: 616

History: Born into a world that hates and fears him, Alex Morris was abandoned by his parents after his mutation manifested at Puberty. He found a home at the Xavier School for Gifted Children and learned to harness his abilities under the guidance of X-Man Wolverine. He left the school and Joined the superhero group Taskforce X under the name "Harbinger". He along with many superheroes recently repelled a Skrull invasion of Earth.

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nice, you even included a marvel canon world number extra cool points for you. Okay forgot one thing, to give an accurate idea of your character everone is to make posts involving thier normal lives until officially brought in. Hopefully this will help with the common problem of worrying about posting for another character.

Garok walked in the fertile jungle that was his home. He enjoyed simply treking through this sea of green and taking a swim whenever he found water. His world was a beautiful one it had it's small problems but war had never truly broken out the two dominant races living in harmony for living space was no worry the simisapians inhabited the mountains where it was too cold for Reptilsapians and the high trees and plains, while Reptilsapians lived on ground, near water for they could swim well, and deserts that were too hot and dry for mammilians. Garok felt like he was blessed to have such a home.

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I know my Marvel realities.

"You need to take some time kid." Logan had said. "Get out of your head for a while, especially after a fight like that or else it'll fester inside you and burst out one day." he added.

Alex trudged across the harsh Nevada desert, the sun beating down on him. "This is what I needed." he said with a smile.

As he continued into the burning desert he happened upon an old man sitting patiently on a rock outcrop.

"Excuse me sir do you need help?" he asked.

"No Alexander Morris, I come with a warning." he said.

All at once the old man morphed into a giant being his gleaming gold body blinded against the sun and his four sided head hovered high above the sholders.

"Who are you?" Alex asked.

"I am the Living Tribunal, I oversee all that transpires in this universe."

"Why come to me?" Alex asked.

"You are needed child of Korius, the fate of all reality depends on you."

"What do you mean?" Alex asked

"You will soon see."

I added The Living Tribunal, because he is an Omnipresent being who watches over all Marvel Realities. The fate of the Multiverse would definitely be of interest to him.

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Garok had been walking and occacionally climbing and swimming for a few hours when he stopped at a large stone next to a jakuqe, a creature that looks like a wolf but is the size of a rhino, however jakuqe despite thier vicious appearance are very docile. As Garok sat on the stone the large creature lifted it's head and waited until Garok patted it to lower the head down again. Garok sat their for another minute or so until he heard the jakuqe growl. A jakuqe as I mentioned before are docile so only an act of violence would bring it to growl, and knowing this Garok ran straight in the direction the beast was growling in. The sight that met him brang him to a rage, a group of both reptilsapians and simisapians were taunting a simisapian child who had run up a tree to hid from these bullies. Garok stepped forward and in his native language said something that would have probably gone along the lines of fight somone your own size you cowards. This merged group attacked, one of the simians was the first to attack useing a tree to springboard at Garok who simply moved over and let the simian slam into a tree facefirst. A reptile cane next trying to slash at Garok with his claws, but Garok raised his arm and blocked using the thick brown scales on his forearm like an armored bracer then delivered a powerful SPAAAAARTAAAAA kick to his foes unarmored stomach and as another of his enemies ran toward him quickly span around turning the finishing stance of the sparta kick into the starting stance of a round house kick to the head. With three members down already with only a minimum effort by Garok the rest of the group ran after which the simian child climbed down thanked Garok and ran home. Garok heard something behind him and turned to see a figure resembling a mighty T-rex with golden scales, this was the form saurtan a being believed to be one of two gods by the people of the planet (the other was a gorilla with silver fur) the golden creature roared and in doing so informed Garok that he was needed elsewhere and as the supreme being before him dissappeared a green light resembling a black hole in appearance which Garok stepped through without hesitation.

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Alex stepped into a shimmering green vortex and found himself in a vast black emptiness. At his feet was a large crystaline surface that was almost completely transparent. Billions and Billions of tiny points of light sparkled in the distance.

"This is getting weird!" Alex said to himself.

As he Marveled* at the vast magnificence around him another shimmering portal opened and out of it appeared what to Alex looked like a Saurian the evolved Dinosaur of the Savage Land but strangely different.

"Hey buddy, gold guy grab you too?" he asked.

Alex watched as the thing moved closer and sniffed him.

"You smell like a Simisapian, yet you have no fur." Garok said.

"It's Homosapian...well Homosuperior but you know it's a whole thing that's to complicated to explain."

"My names Alex." he said extending his hand.

"I am Garok."

"Where do you think we are Garok?" Alex asked.

"Before I came here Great Saurtan appeared to me and told me..."

"That you were needed for something important, yeah same thing happened to me too. So what's this Saurtan look like, big guy gold with four heads?"

"No Saurtain resembles the ancient Tyrant Lizard King but has scales that sparkle like Sun Stone."

"Welcome to The Nexus." Tribunal's booming voice announced.

He came into existence in front of the pair, looming over them.

"Where are we?" Alex asked.

"This is the Nexus, the beginning of the whole of reality. Each of the points of light you around you is not a star but a Universe, some similar to yours, others vastly different. Go now to the Citadel." he said as he vanished.

"Saurtan..." Garok said. "He looked different but that was him."

"He said go to the citadel, what citadel?" Alex asked.

His question was instantly answered as a massive crystal castle appeared on a high hill.

"I suspect that is the Citadel." Garok said.

"Oh very funny, Dinosaur." Alex said.



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as the two traveled towards the citadel a trip that seemed a lot shorter than it actually was Alex decided it was time to bring up something to break the silence.

" So why did you say I smelt like a simisapian? And what is that exactly?"

Garok looked over at this creature next to him.

" Because you do smell like one, most likely because you may have followed a similar evolutionary path. Are you evolved from primates perchance?"

" Actually yes. So the simisapians are evolved from apes" Alex asked

Garok was quick to respond. " No, they are Apes. But I believe that they are at a similar stage of evolution as you, only they are of a similar body size as me and are covered with fur as my previous statement suggested."

" You seem to be pretty smart for a big lizard that has no shirt or shoes." Alex remarked.

Garok gave Alex an angry look. " I don't need a shirt for It offers no warmth to one that is cold-blooded like myself and shoes only prevent me from using the claws on my feet for climbing."

" Well I guess that makes sense, so do you have anything you'd like to ask?" Alex replied

" Yes actually first you called yourself a homosapian a name that would suit a species of your appearance, but then you changed to homosuperior which makes me wonder how that name was chosen and what is the difference."

Alex would normally avoid a conversation like this but considering the other half of the conversation was from a large lizard man it seemed like that would have been a waste of time to.

" Well most people call us mutants because we have a mutation in our genes that react unpredictably in my case granting unusal amounts of strength and stamina, exceptional reflexes, and an advanced healing ability. But in truth we are the next stage of evolution."

" Sounds a little self absorbed of a title to me."

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"Yeah it does doesn't it, a very self absorbed Mutant came up with it, he calls himself Magneto".

"And this Magneto is your leader?" Garok asked.

"No, Magneto is the leader of a group of mutants who seek to destroy normal humans. My leader Charles Xavier wants a world where humans and Mutants live peacefully."

"This Xavier sounds like a great man."

"He was, one of the best."

Alex stopped and pulled off his sweatshirt revealing a black sleeveless shirt with a similar X logo.

"is it just me or is the Citadel just as far as it was when we started?"

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Garok looked from where they were going to right behind them. "Actually I think it is."

"Okay so what's going on?" Alex asked.

"Maybe the ground doesn't have traction." Garok added.

"Well whatever is going on walking isn't working." Alex added holding his hand to his chin to think.

"Wait!" Alex suddenly burst out "How about a fastball special?" Alex asked.

"A what?" Garok stared at this man with a very confused look to his eyes.

"Oh, it's something that a couple of my fellow X-men came up with basically one guy picks up and throws the other.

"Okay then who's throwing who?"

" Well first the one that isn't thrown will have to jump over there." Alex looked over the distance " Do you think you can jump over thier?"

" Well normally I'd say no, but I can feel that the gravity is much weaker than my home's so I think I might be able to."

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Character creation sheet

Name: Kurn

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Race: Nat

General Appearance: Anorexic looking, extremely large white eyes and very little hair. Wears only brown cloth pants that are torn up.

Skills: Only the extreme speed possessed by all of his race.

Specialties: Disguise. Besides his large eyes, he can hid himself well.

Weapons: Only the sharp nails possessed by his race.

Homeworld/universe: Korrum - 18

Background: Since he'd been on his own, he had tried to keep out of trouble. He tried living in Aathor, but no matter what he did, all the Humans hated him. Since there were no cities inhabited mainly by Nats, his only other option would be to go to Orgath, but the Divine knows Ogres hate Nats. He tried to just stay low and live his life, but then the Human nabbed him. When he woke up, he was in a cage. The Human. He was a slave master. Kurn did not understand why they only captured Nats. Why does everyone hate Nats? We just try to be normal. Is it our giant eyes? Our frail bodies? Why? Kurn was not fed anything for days. It was fine though, Nats didn't require as much food as Humans. Eventually he was sold to another Human. He was being taken to the village with the tower. Kurn had heard bad things about that place. He heard that the one who lives in the tower can shoot red lightning from his hands. His only chance was at night, when the Human pulled to the side of the road and set up a camp. Kurn managed to unlock his cage with his nails. The only bad thing was that the Human caught him. What was worse was the giant spinning purple hole that just appeared. He had two choices. Jump back into the cage, or jump into the hole. Unfortunately, he didn't even get to control that. The hole was sucking everything into it, and the powerful winds grabbed Kurn. He got sucked it, and thats all he remembered.

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Alex was flying through the air having just convinced Garok to throw him and due to the speed of his reflexes noticed that the area he was going to land already contained two beings. One was a frail looking creature with large white eyes and the other was a normal looking person that looked like he was going to attack him. Alex had seen this kind of thing before and he sure wasn't gonna let it happen now. Alex used the speed of his reflexes and his strength to shift himself in midair, now instead of landing on his feet next to them he landed kicking the face of the would be attacker, but remembering what he was taught dialed down his strength to a normal kick. The slave master got back to his feet and pulled out a dagger not realizing the power this normal looking man had, but before Alex had a chance to act a loud thud came from behind the slave master who immediately turned to see the source of the noise to find he was looking at Garok. It was obvious he hadn't seen anything like Garok and was a little worried. Garok glanced over to Alex who with a smile on his face winked at him. Garok shifted to an almost feral and threatening stance that allowed the slave master a full view of Garok's massive body his sharp claws and in a snarl showed off his fangs. The slave master was trembling now and Alex still in view of Garok's gaze put a hand forward signaling him to really let the guy have it, so Garok let out a loud roar and lunged at the slave master slowly enough to let him get away and the slavemaster jumped back through the portal which closed immediately after he did.

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Sorry I've not been on, I have to study for my firearms recertification. It's a pain in the ass.

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