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Darren Norris: Noneday

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It was a Sunday when Helen Norris died, as the steady beeping of her Heart monitor slowed her 15 year old son Darren placed his head upon her lap. The last thing he heard her utter was a soft "I love you, baby boy". The doors burst open as the beep was replaced with a steady whine. Darren was whisked away as Doctors and Nurses went to work, but although their efforts were valiant they were ultimately futile.

Darren sat motionless in a molded plastic chair, the deep blue color seemed to glow under the florecent hallway lights enhancing perhaps by accident the intended calming effect of the color blue.

Doctor Fahad emerged from the room a solemn look on his face, he knelt down trying to find the words to explain what had happened. "It's ok Doctor, you tried your best." Darren said tapping him lightly on the head.

In his decade of practicing medicing Amir Fahad had never imagined that he would be the one being consoled.

"Is there anyone we can call for him?" A nurse later asked Dr. Fahad.

"His father died a few years ago in Afghanistan, both he and his wife were only children with no living relatives."

"The kid just lost his mother and now he has to go with CPS?"

"I guess since there's no one else." Fahad said.

Darren sat buckled in his seat as the red Chevy Volt pulled up to the CPS office, the slate grey facade mirrored his feelings as he opened the door and walked in.

One Year Later:

Darren sat in the cafeteria of the Fayetville Home for Boys and slurped his Jello. As he did he heard the familiar hurried tapping of Ms. Holiday's high heels against the cracked tiles.

"Darren come quick!" she said with glee.

The now sixteen Darren turned to her with a dubious air about him.

"What another foster family looking for easy money?" he asked.

"No they found your great aunt!" she said.

Darren followed Bunny Holiday out of the Cafeteria and to Mr. Flex's office.

"Here he is Mr. Flex." Bunny said ushering her young charge inside.

Darren hated being in Flex's office. The man reminded him of a Bulldog his Neighbors once had. His eyes were always bloodshot, his teeth were as yellow as a banana and he reeked of alcohol.

But as Darren entered he caught sight of a familiar face.

"Hello Darren I'm your fathers aunt Marion Norris. Do you remember me?" she asked.

Darren slowly nodded his head as fuzzy memories of a bright summer day came to him. There was a picnic followed by a long drive to a big house.

"CPS had a bear of a time tracking you down Ms. Norris." Mr. Flex said.

"Ahh yes, my relationship with Darren's father Thomas had becomed strained a few years ago, but when I heard of Helen's passing I knew I had to do my part."

"So you are accepting our offer to become Darren's guardian?" Mr. Flex asked.

"Of Course." she said with a smile.

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