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Okay. Here's the scenario. All of the worst supervillains with the most destructive powers in the world once caught by a daring hero are sent here, to Super Max correctional institute. Naturally the prison is locked down tight. The setting of this RP is this very place where presumably we would be playing Super powered prisoners or perhaps a few super powered security guards. This isn't set in any defined superhero universe so, your characters, their various nemeses and villain teams are entirely up to you.

As per the usual the sign up thingy has...


Super Name:


Team/ If applicable



Crime that got you into supermax and your sentence

Alright, I'll be making a character over the next few days, anyone interested in joining is welcome

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Name: Samuel Burgess

Super Name: Crisis

Nemesis: Arclight

Team: Lords of Chaos, Fear Incorporated

Powers: Wielder of the Crisis Cross, a magical artifact that grants magic powers to the user. Power levels depend on how much Chaos is occurring on Earth.

Crime: Convicted of 60 counts of First Degree premeditated murder when he killed the entire Delegation of the AN (Allied Nations, sort of like our UN). With the intention of causing global instability to bolster his Chaos Magic. Convicted to Eternity in prison (due to his Immortal status). Must wear a talisman fashioned by Magic Hero Arclight to keep powers in check.

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