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Heroes: Reborn

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The World has changed much in Six years. The public is now aware of the existence of people with extraordinary abilities and the worst has come to pass, fear and mistrust grip the world. 


People with abilities now live in Hiding and keep their abilities suppressed for fear of being round up. But a group calling themselves "The Brotherhood" have appeared and are fighting back in a misguided attempt at equality.


That's where you come in.....


This is a sequel to the Heroes RP from 2009 and if you participated in it back then maybe you could use your character (or make a new one). The original is linked below.


Adrian Blake looked over the picturesque landscape of Vermont from the second floor balcony of the resort. As the sun drifted higher over the pines a golden glint caught his eye, looking down he found the source a ray of sunlight reflecting off his Wedding Band. 


"Good Morning Mr. Blake!" A voice said from behind.


He turned and saw his wife Amber had woken up.


"Good morning Mrs. Blake." He said wrapping his arms around her.


"I woke up and you weren't in bed, something wrong?" 


"Bad dreams is all." He said.


He turned to her and kissed her lightly on the forehead, as he did he got a momentary flash of something.


"What's wrong?"


"Nothing, just a migraine." He said.


"Have you taken your medication?"


"Just about to."


"You do that while I handle breakfast, you want Waffles or pancakes?"


"Waffles please, with sausage."


As Amber left Adrian slipped into the bathroom and opening the medicine cabinet pulled out an orange pill bottle.


"These pills will suppress your abilities for twelve hours, so take two daily" Paul had said.


Adrian placed one in his mouth and downed it with water.


As he descended the stairs he heard Amber gasp.


"What's wrong babe?" He asked.


"The Freaks have attacked another Genetics lab!" She said.


"You know I don't like that term, they're people just like us!"


"Sorry, but doesn't it get to you? The things that they can do, especially their leader P! Nobody can stop him."


"Just change the channel, there's a special about the Auroras. I saw them last night, it was Amazing."


As Adrian and Amber sat down to breakfast he wondered what exactly Peter Petrelli was trying to accomplish.

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