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S.H.I.E.L.D Case File #616

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A couple years ago I started a draft of this story that I had intended to make into a Marvel One-Shot style short film. It is told from the perspective of a S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent and details an incident that occurred after The Battle of New York.


S.H.I.E.L.D case file #616
This is the After action report of Agent Clay Quartermain S.H.I.E.L.D ID number 121967. 
Not long after the Chutauri Invasion of New York City the Monitor station in the Triskelion uncovered a video that had been uploaded to the Social Network website ViewTube. The video was recorded days before the invasion inside the Walls of the Crestview Mental Health Center. The patient referred to as Bob in the description was taped by an unidentified security guard warning of an impending Alien Attack and their subsequent defeat at the hands of several individuals
The Soldier
The Knight
The Archer
The Spy
The Ogre
The Thunder God
When the video was revealed to be genuine I was ordered to seek out this man Bob aka "Patient 9-2000" accompanying me on the Mission was Agent Abigail Brand.
We left the Triskelion and drove from New York to Vermont and met with The director of the facility Dr. Erica Sondheim. 
Agent Brand questioned Dr. Sondheim and we were told that Patient 9-2000 was admitted as a John Doe in 2008. He was arrested in Boston Massachusetts harassing people and rambling about the Iron Knight (it was later discovered that Tony Stark was Alive and escaped the Terrorist group The 10 Rings via a prototype Iron Man Suit). 
During a period of lucidity "John Doe" revealed his name as Bob and said that an era of great change was upon us 
"The Knight is but the first. More will come The Soldier, The Archer, The Spy, The Ogre and The Thunder God will unite to serve the One-Eyed Eagle."
Needless to say I was shaken to hear him say One-Eyed Eagle, Director Fury's call sign. We asked to see Bob and when we approached he seemed to know who we were.
"So the Eagle sends his chicks to Shield me huh?" He asked.
"Why would you say that Mister...?" Agent Brand Asked
"You can call me Bob honey."
It was very unsettling to be honest. There was this man, clothes in tatters, smelling of cigarettes and BO telling of top secret events that had happened in the past years. Nothing could've prepared us for the things that were yet to come.
"We will fall under fire from AIM and The Shield will slip from the World's grasp and the Serpent will return to claim it. The Darkness will reach out for the thunderer and the Star-Lord will battle for the very Galaxy."
Then his predictions got truly terrifying.
"A period of tribulation will befall Earths mightiest heroes, first a villain of their own making will seek to destroy them and then Everlasting Death from the depths of space will set it's sights on Earth!"
After my initial report to Director Fury we were ordered to take patient 9-2000 with us. We transferred him to the S.H.I.E.L.D wing of Ravencroft Institute and soon after his prediction about the "Shield slipping" came to pass when the Hydra infiltration was revealed. 

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