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The Corsair

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In: Viva Las Vegas!


When you're a Time Lord death is no big deal. You get shot or stabbed or what have you and shake it off and Regenerate. But there are some things that even a Time Lord can't walk away from. 


It was the smell that woke him, a kind of sickly sweet aroma that could be described as burning apples. 


The Corsair tried to stand but remembered that he was paralyzed, hard to stand with no spine. So pulling himself across the floor of his crumbling TARDIS he pried open the floor grate and using only one hand fused a cluster of wires together. The Emergency Claxton whined as the Emergency Temporal Shift thrust the ship somewhere else in Time.


It came to rest in a sandy dune and opening the door on it's own spat him out into the night air.


The Corsair came to a rest face up, looking at the endless expanse of sky and with a smile closed his eyes for the last time.


A dull glow began to peek out from his pores and washed over his entire being, with eyes open he seemed to levitate to his feet despite being quite literally spineless and with a bang released a torrent of energy from within.


His body began to heal rapidly. Wounds heald, spine,  arm and missing organs regrew from nothing and his existing body transformed.


"Oh yeah Regenerate me Baby!" he shouted as the energy subsided. 


The newly reborn Corsair danced a jig and thumped his chest


"You can try but you can't kill me!" He shouted to the Stars above. "Now where the He'll am I? He said.


Scooping his hand into the sand he raked his tongue across the grains.


"North American continent, possibly Arizona or Nevada, absence of Stellar Ring suggests sometime before 22nd Century."


As he began to pace back and forth a pair of lights washed over him, turning he saw a car had pulled up. 


"Hey are you Alright?" The driver asked


"Quiet, I'm trying to ascertain the date!" He shouted.


"It's April 5th 2015."


"Oh yeah, and how do you know that?" he asked.


The girl held up her cellphone with April 5th 2015 clearly printed on the screen.


"Cheater....hey, hey where's my ship?"


"Your what?"


"My transport!" he said scratching his head.


Corsair began to trudge the sand around him, looking for the Tardis, his eyes fell upon a silver rectangular box about the size of a shoebox.


"Why did you go miniature?" He asked


The box let out a high pitched whine


"Oh fine conserve energy and just repair yourself!"


A series of short chirps followed by a wheeze caused a look of concern.


"The girl said that it was 2015, they were fairly advanced then so I can probably find some components to help speed things up."


Corsair gently tapped the top of the box and approached the car.


"You Girl can you give us a lift into town?"


"I have a name, it's Emma!" She said


"Well of course you do, let's get going then Emma!"


Emma slid into the driver's seat and opened the passenger side for the Corsair to use. He opened the door and slid inside carefully bringing the seatbelt upon him 


"What are you doing out here if I may ask?" Corsair uttered


"Saw a bright Amber colored light, probably something from Area 51 it's not far from here you know." 

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