Breath of the Wild Leads to 3D Printed Nintendo Switch Controller Adapter

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Engineer designs controller adapter that allows one-handed gamers to play with both Nintendo Switch controllers.

The Nintendo Switch is unique in its ability to allow gamers to player the console in a number of different ways. Gamers can play it as a traditional console with the Joy-Con controllers fitted into a standard single controller. Users can use the controllers separately within each hand, as two users, or even attach them to the modular screen and make it a mobile gaming system. A largely unnoticed issued is the accessibility for gamers with the use of only one hand.

To be fair to Nintendo, this problem exists for most, if not all consoles, and is not a uniquely Nintendo Switch issue. One engineer, however, has developed a way to enable one-handed gamers to play with the Joy-Con controller.


Engineer Julio Vazquez developed two accessories that turn the two Joy-Con controllers into a one-handed controller. Using a 3D printer, Vazquez two adapters: one that creates a right-angle controller and another that moves the controllers side-by-sideBreath of the Wild was even used as inspiration for the side by side version, as Vazquez based the design on the Skeikah Slate found in the game.

Breath of the Wild 3D Printed Controller 1

Breath of the Wild 3D Printed Controller 2

In addition to developing the accessories, Vazquez also made them available for free for anyone to download and print on Thingiverse.

Vazquez explained his reason for developing the adapters, "This adapter was developed by request of my friend Rami Wehbe, who wanted a way to play Zelda: Breath of the Wild using only his left hand, as he lost the ability to control his right hand due to a cerebrovascular accident." The engineer also explained that the prototype tooks weeks to develop and test but he wanted to make sure it worked properly in order to help other gamers enjoy games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

source: JulezGaming

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