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RED SOX!!!!!!

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For the first time in 12 years the Boston Red Sox have clenched the AL East Crown, They beat the Minnestoa Twins last night which brought the magic number (Number of games needed to win the division) down to one. Then the second place New York Yankees who had a solid 9 to 6 lead over the Baltimore Orioles saw their hopes shattered as the O's came back to tie it up 10/10 in the 10th inning. With runners on all bases the Yankees were unable to get a run home to win the game. So as the cheers of Boston fans combined with the cheers of Baltimore Fans the Baseball gods smiled down on Baltimore and after a base hit and two walks the bases were loaded with Orioles and two outs were on the board, Melvin Mora steped up to the plate and as the ball hurtled towards home plate Mora swung the lumber and...bunted down the third base line the runner from third running like he was being chased by death himself crossed home plate and the game was done. The dreaded New York Yankees, once the most popular team in baseball had their hopes of a Division Title dashed again for the 9th year. Then Like a flash of lightning, back at Fenway Park in Boston Mass, playing on the center field scoreboard those who stayed were witness to the O's victory and the celebration that followed. In the Red Sox locker room, the champagne and beer flowed like water as the titans of the game celebrated their and (to a lesser extent) the Orioles victory. So starting October 3rd the race for the World Seriesbegins.


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