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'PS: I Love You' Movie Review

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Well, I just came back from the movie theater, after seeing this film called, 'P.S: I Love You', starring Gerard Butler (8-D) and Hilary Swank.

Now, let's start off with the basics:

Plotline/Concept: Tearful, yet I did not cry, but it's one of those films where you feel extremely sad. Great plotline, a bit confusing in the beginning, but otherwise good.

Acting: One word. B-E-A-Utiful! Simply awesome! It felt real, not like the acting job from the film, 'The Outsiders', *cough* Ponyboy *cough*.

Action: None.

Humour: Lots! Well, not a truckload or anything, but it had it's key moments! It had humour, kind of like on that TV Show, 'Friends', with Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer etc.

Horror: None.

According to the Actors/Actresses...

Gerard Butler: One of his best. Even though his character is killed off at the very beginning, he is shown a lot during the movie to portray the emotion he wrote in the letters. ..Maybe he wasn't as good in this as he was in, say, Phantom of the Opera, but I still loved him in it. If I start going on about me daydreaming about him, don't mind me. xD

Hilary Swank: She had great emotion in this movie, I guess I could say it's one of her best movies as well, then again.. it's practically the only movie I've seen Hilary Swank in lol. xD

Plot: A young woman is married to an Irishman by the name of Jerry, but he unfortunately passes away due to the fact that he had a Brain Tumor. The woman then tries to hopelessly get on with life, and it isn't going well. She then finds a series of letters, written by her beloved Jerry, and in each letter, he tells her of many things she must do to move on in her life, to live without him. At the end of each letter (or almost each) he writes, 'P.S: I love you.'.


My Overall View of The Film: Outstanding, spectacular, amazing, I loved it! Not as much as The Phantom of the Opera, but it's my third favorite film that Gerard Butler stars in. My second is 300. ;)

Though, for all you guys who don't want to endure chick flicks, don't see it.

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