Skyward Sword

Release Dates

Wii 11/20/2011 11/23/2011 11/18/2011 11/24/2011


Skyward Sword sets out in Skyloft, a land above the clouds. Citizens of Skyloft fly on birds called Loftbirds, their main way of transportation. After certain events, Link must go on a journey to the land below the clouds, to save his beloved friend Zelda, who does not play the role of a princess in this game. With the help of the Goddess Sword (also known as the Skyward Sword), Link and Fi traverse the land, from many terrains to find out what, and who is truly behind all this!

Wii Motion Plus is also integrated into Skyward Sword, which allows 1:1 motion controls. This brings many new elements into play, such as swing perfection and precise movements.

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