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  1. Ezlo added a topic in Serious Discussion   

    Is the Forum dead?
    You can easily look at all of the topics and the dates that the last post was on and the earliest was last month, with most being years back.
    Does anyone post here anymore? What does traffic look like? Sorry if I don't know. I only poke my head in here for old time's sake every now and again so I don't really have a good feeling for the vibe in this place. I hate to see it like this considering it's one of my very first footprints on the internet, with the only other account I have that's older than this one is one I had on the Lego forums ages ago.
    If anyone is here who has a pulse, let me know.
    if you don't have a pulse, then get away from me rrreeeeeeeeeeeeee
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  2. Ezlo added a post in a topic Misogyny General Chat   

    Ladies and their damn vaginas and shit. Gross.