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  1. Link Player

    It's funny how even over a decade later, I can remember all the conversations and good times I had with my very first group of internet friends. I recall usernames, real life names, the site in general. It kinda makes me sad to see that this place is just a graveyard of memories and forgotten friendships. 

  2. Link Player

    Damn.. what a trip down memory lane.

  3. Link Player

    Look for my school in the 2013 Rose Parade!!!!
  4. Link Player

    Please vote for my mau5head!!
  5. Link Player » Adr990

    Thanks Adr! I remember you! :D
  6. Adr990 » Link Player

    Welcome Back! :D
  7. Link Player » SilverAlchemic

    OMFG well hai!
    Yeah, I've been with the .Net since 07, but I left. and returned. and left. and now finally returned again.
  8. SilverAlchemic » Link Player

    OMFG! You're back! even though i didn't really know you!
  9. Link Player » Cat Girl

    Hi Cat Girl :P
    YOu remember me, riiighhtt???
  10. Link Player

    man... it's been a LLLOOOOOONNNNNG time...
  11. TrueNinja2 » Link Player

    Pretty good, pretty bad. Just finished Star Testing. 'shudder'. Pretty excited, waiting for the new Metroid to come out, though I probably won't get it for a while.(Im saving up for Halo: Reach now.)
    Where've you been this whole time?(Actually, you were probably here the whole time and I just didn't notice XD Im not on very much anymore.)
  12. Link Player » TrueNinja2

    No wai. Ryu my buddy! How's it been?
  13. TrueNinja2 » Link Player

    Hey, what's up?
    (It is I, Ryu.)
  14. Link Player » Bigboss

    OMG It's Big Boss!!! Look up Solid Snake as One of the members. He's there!
  15. Link Player » Otis McNutt

    You have changed your Display name yet again. I'm gonna call you Ecto. Hope you Don't Mind.
  16. Link Player » Adr990

    Linkin Park Raaah Raaah... Linkin Park Rocks.
  17. Link Player » LDGM

    Yeah, we haven't talked for quite a bit.
  18. LDGM » Link Player

    hi link player, i haven't spoken in a while
  19. Link Player » Solid Snake

    Nah you can do whatever you want... Unless the mods get you. But that shouldn't happen. ^^