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  1. Nixtrix » Pumpkin

    Welcome backkk :)
  2. atlasmist radiofreak » Pumpkin

    welcome back!! from a newbie/veteran atlas
  3. Pumpkin

    Hyrule.net, I missed you soo much
  4. Stormsworder » Pumpkin

    ...That program you use for your MSN gives you trouble often, huh?
  5. Ivo-goji » Pumpkin

    It alright if I add you as a friend?
  6. Stormsworder » Pumpkin

    Is your MSN giving you a lot of problems lately...? >> Or whatever you're using to be on MSN... XD
  7. Zelda Drottningu » Pumpkin

    Sooo... Hows life? :)
  8. Vio Milanor » Pumpkin

    :O Fallout 3 knower ofeeer? Well, the game continues after the ending if you get the "Broken Steel" dlc. Turns out you were just in a coma.