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LoZ: Time Awakens

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Posted 12 August 2009 - 03:27 AM

OK, first RP. I hope I'm doing it right. So this basically takes place when things were just there, and the Goddesses haven't figured out the time frame. Use characters from any game, but please make them original, not copied, but if you really want to, you can copy from the games. Can be as many Links as there were games. If you choose Link/Zelda, please specify which one. I will start with my Character, intereacting with people that you can't choose. By the way, they have to be able to fight or aid someone in some way. They basically have to be a big part of the RP. Needed.



Good, Neutral, Evil:

My character:

Name: Natalia, AKA "Sniper"

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Personality: Laid back, aids people. Can use magic for offense and defense.

Race: Gerudo/Sheikah Hybrid

Appearance: Scarlet/Blonde hair, down to waist.
Clothes much like Nabooru, but top has Sheikan eye symbol.
Short, ragged, dirty pants that haven't been washed in about five years,
used to be white. Silver chestplate with engravings of the Sun and Moon.

Weapon: Usually has a bow with her, but uses arrows as melee weapons if needed.

Background/History: Born into Gerudo tribe, she had a father who was a Sheikah.
Typical "outcast" until she ran away at 18 to be a world traveler. Since then she has worked
for many people, Good and Evil alike. Very skilled with ranged weapons, she can figure out an enemies
weaknesses by just looking and observing for a few minutes. Magical abilities are easy, can use magical arrows.
Currently in Termina (Majora's Mask).

Good, Neutral, or Evil: Neutral


Natalia sighed wearily as she ventured into the Stock Pot Inn. She was perpared for a really bad inn, but this was sorta okay.
Her gaze landed on a bright, young, energetic woman behind the desk.
"Welcome to the Stock Pot Inn! Did you have a reservation?"
"Sure, let's say I do."
"Ah, yes. Natalia, is it? Right this way."
She led Natalia up the stairs the the immediate right of the counter, and down a long hallway.
"The Knife Chamber is a specially made suite for special guests."
Perfect. I could use a little... Whoa! Natalia thought as the lady opened the door. Call the guards! This is a crappy suite!
The paint was peeling, the window was cracked, and you could hear an annoying instrument on the other side of the wall.
"My name is Anju, if you need anything."
Natalia was so shocked she didn't say anything, or hear Anju walk away. She was so, so.. glum she didn't want to walk into the room.
But, for the sake of her sanity, she took off her chest plate and laid down on one of the beds and fell asleep.
When she awoke, she wanted to lay in the bed. It must have been at least 2:30 P.M, so, instead, she walked down the hall and down the stairs.
She heard the people quietly arguing over something. She hid around the corner and listened-
"I'm sorry, but all of the rooms are full."
"No, I made a reservation five months ago and I want that room!"
"But we're completely booked!"
"I made a reservation under the name of Natalia and I'm pretty sure that I'm Natalia!"
Natalia peered around the corner to see Anju behind the counter arguing with a Zora.
"Fine. But I'm not paying for that suite!!"
Natalia walked back to her room, smug that she got the room. She plopped back onto the bed and fell asleep, smiling.

Next person: Follow this up or create a new scene! Be Creative!

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Posted 12 August 2009 - 04:45 PM

I somehow doubt this will last long. But I'll join anyway.

Name: Nathaniel AKA Nate

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Personality: Varies with his mood. His vocabulary also flucuates depending on the situation.

Race: Hylian

Appearance: Green eyes, average build, strawberry blonde hair in a short braid with bangs brushed off to either side, black tunic and kokiri-esque boots, along with grey underclothes.

Weapon: Very large two-handed sword with leather around the handle and from the hilt 6 inches down the blade. No defining features.

Background/History: Has lived in Clock town his entire life with the upbringing of a normal Termanian. The only difference between him and everyone else it that he is extremely skilled with a two-hander. Obviously in the MM timeline.

Good, Neutral, Evil: Neutral for now, but will probably change.


"Hiaah! Heiaas! Hoyia!" Nate yelled at the top of his lungs. Steel whistleing through the air, the smell of a hard working man, and a dark blur flying accros Termina feild. "Come back here you stupid bird! Give me back my mask!" The crow seemed to laugh at him as it flew over the wall and into Clock town. "What does that stupid thing do with the rupees it gets, anyway?"

OoC: Not very long, but it'll do for an introduction.

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Posted 21 August 2009 - 11:40 PM

WOW this seems fun ill join




Personality:A Warrior that has a oricania and has use of masks that make him powerful and give him some healing ablities as well!


Appearnce:Has A Gold Shirt ,A red Belt ,Ultimate blueish red gauntlets, Winged boots.

Weapon:A Huge Golden Sword that has the ablities to kill multipule enemys and a shield made out of Hylian crystals and goron rock making it the hardest thing in the world to break!

Background/ history:owner of the Majoras mask.Wandered into terminia while exploring a forest and now thinks he live in Terminia's Clock Town.

Good,netural,evil:good now but will change a few times in the story.

"Hey!HEY! Get back here with my candybar! i mean it! i will chop your head off!"But it was to late the bird flew off with his candybar already.But then the forest all the sudden made a noise! so he went to Clock town to tell Someone what he had heard when then he was attacked so he withdrew his Sword and attacked him back!With one slice the monster was dead but then he heardn the Forest tremble when he made it to Clock Town so he hurried as fast as he could to tell her what he had heard.

Was that a good opening sentece?

Trioln made it to tell his friend what happened."Yo man!I got important news to tell!"What is it"?"Ok number one Don't use that against me and second of all i hear the forest make a sound then it shakes Violently!So i rushed back here but for the first time a a.......""Well what was it boy," he said."I Saw a monster in Terminia for the first time!I mean i was running towards clock town when i was attacked by a monster but i killed it but i got a feeling there is going to be more to be coming soon,'He said loudly!Then He gave him a worried look then said "lets hope there isn't going to be more to appear"He said sadly and yet disturbed."Well then I'm going to bring 1 Warrior with me and i know who it will be then were setting out to see whats wrong with the forest"he said almost proudly.So he set off to find the Warrior Forone to help him.

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Posted 25 August 2009 - 07:19 PM

Name: Alex Arbiter
Gender: Male
Age: 394
Personality: Shrouded in his past, Most of the time care free, does not give a damn if someone dies, does not get alot of sleep
Race: Twili/Hylian Hybrid (as always)
Appearance: Pure snow white hair, golden-lime eyes, deep green tunic, cream white pants.
Weapon: Blue Phoenix Blade, and five throwing knives, lastly and cross bow if all else fails
Background/History: Treated as an outcast for most of his life, Alex sought out for a new life out side Hyrule so he move to Termina and
started as a bounty hunter. What most people dont know about him is his age.
Good, Neutral, Evil: Depends if the pay is right.


As Alex walked out of his house to see the every day townsfolk walking around in east clock town, as he walked over to mayor's office to see if there was any new bounties available. As he walked inside
he could here the usual commotion of townsfolk complaints. But this one was a bit unusual he could
hear some of the guards saying they where going to place a bounty over someones head. Alex slammed the door open! "Who's got the bounty on who's head? Give me the details, and I'll be right on it!" Alex said with enthusiasm. "Umm Alex... How do I put this, you need to take a break let the guards do their job for once what do you say?" The Mayor said. *Sigh* "Okay but do you what I can do in the mean time is there and one who my need help with an expansion since with everyone expanding the buildings that they live in?" Alex said with a degree of disappointment. "Why yes in fact! Miss Anju needs some help adding a new floor on the Stock Pot Inn since of, well the knife chamber and all!" the Mayor said. "I'll send a messenger telling her you'll be there at noon today." "Thanks!" Alex said.

Well thats all I'll post for now

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Posted 26 August 2009 - 07:00 PM

So as Triolin went to find foreone he saw a mysterious shadow near the inn "Who's there?"He said loudly.Then a echoe went through his head 'the forest temple, go there to save us,"It said."A Forest Temple what is that?"He said awkardly.Then out of nowhere a monster appeared and attacked him."WHOA what the heck?"He said.Then he pulled his sword out to kill it but all the sudden his sword was gone."Wha HUH?Where did it go?"Then all the sudden a mask fell out of nowhere and he put it on and turned into a deku.

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Posted 26 November 2009 - 06:44 PM

Name: Link (Majora's mask)

Gender: Male

Age: 12

Personality: Strong-Willed

Race: Hylian

Appearance: Kokiri Tunic with red side and normal belt. Kokiri Boots. Dark blonde hair parted in the middle. Green Kokiri cap.

Weapon: Razor Sword and Hero's Shield

Background/History: He has been a normal child for a while until he was summoned and started a whole adventure in Termina.

Good, Neutral, Evil:Good

Links Items:

-Fairy Ocarina
-2 Magic Beans
-1 Bottle

"Finally." Link says, as he rides into Termina Field. He pats Epona and climbs off. He walks toward a huge town square, but notices a blue, round dome. He walks up to it, and notices there is a fence. He sees a patch of dirt with a strange circle in the middle. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a Magic Bean. He quickly plants it and pulls out a bottle. He puts it upside down over the plant and shakes.
"Nothing." he says.
He pulls out his Fairy Ocarina, and plays the Song of Storms. It quickly grows, and he climbs on top. It floats up and Link jumps off of it when it reaches the top of the fence. He gets inside. He sees a door, and grabs the handle. He pulls and pushes.
"Why-isn't-it-open-ing?" Link says, smashing the door with his shoulder. A crows quickly flies by and steals his Ocarina.
"HEY!!!" Link screams. He quickly goes to the fence and tries to climb it.
"There isn't anywhere i can climb on. Its just a vertical fence!" Link yells. He looks around the whole area he can go around, and nothing. He goes back to the door, and continues hitting it.
"This door won't break! Or OPEN!!" Link yells, falling to the ground.

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Posted 13 January 2010 - 03:07 PM

Name: Delgardo Dragmire Aka "Halfblood"



Race:Half Gerudo half sheikah

Appearence: about the same height as TP ganondorf (Ganondorf's Halfblood Son), Ginger spiked up hair with small ponytail, one amber and one blood red eyes the red one has a scar over it which he covers over with a large leather patch, tanned skin, strong build. wears a cream sleaveless tunic with brown pants, think steeled toed leather boots and blue bandana round his neck, figerless gloves.

Personality: hotheaded, brave, loyal, battlehardened, stubborn.

History: his sheikah mother was killed infornt of him when he was five the same time he got the scar over his eye, ganondorf raised him to fight along side him, when ganondorf was executed in TP , delgardo was captured as inprisoned in a timeless realm untill he later broke out at the end of TP, he believe that ganondorfs deeds where justived for what the hyrulians done to the gerudo, he wants revenage for his father but isn't sure how he's going to get it. is curently on the run in terminia.

Good, Neutral, Evil: Neutral for now

Weapon:his weapons of choice are two close combat fighting blades that are as long as the master sword


"Oooh my head where the hell am I?" Delgardo asks as he rubs his sore head. he looks are and finds himself in a field witha town not far till he realises somethings missing,
"Trax!!!" He shouted. after an hour of calling trax he gave up and headed towards the town. "...Clock Town.. " he read the sign. he enter the town the streets where busy with kids and carpenters running about he see a man looking at a poster" excuse me can you please tell what land i'm in?" Delgardo asks the man who turns around with a surprised look.
"whoa your a big fella aren't you. ooh sorry not use to seeing lads your size, to answer your question your in termina."Replied the man. "Termina?huh do you know off anywhere where i can stay?" Delgardo asks.
" there's an Inn just down there called the stock pot inn but i'm not too sure if there's any vaccanies" Said the man. "Thanks"Replied Delgardo as he hands the man some rupees and then heads off to the stock pot inn."odd i though i seem him before"Said the man and he turns back to the poster only to see a picture of Delgardo on it. but before he can say anything Delgardo was entering the inn.

Ooc: Sorry if the into is too short.

#8 Scorpio_13


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Posted 16 January 2010 - 12:22 PM

Aw i wanted to join :(

#9 Werewolf

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Posted 16 January 2010 - 02:27 PM

Desu can't declare anything, he's just an idiot. Keep going and squeeze all the enjoyment you can out of this thread you guys.

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Posted 17 January 2010 - 11:11 AM

Okay Yay~!!!

Name: Amie
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Personality: Quiet, but not so much that people forget about her. She's also very observant and has a good sense of humor. Also good at lying and acting.
Race: Hylian/Zora (mom was a Zora, dad is a Hylian)
Appearance: Short black hair, very pale skin with a blue-gray shade in it (from her Zora genes). She also has dark gray eyes and she is very small, only 5 feet 2 inches. Usually wears a dark red tunic with tan sleeves with tan pants, brown knee length boots. She also has black fingerless gloves and a black sword harness.
Weapon: Long sword with dark blue hilt. Also has a set of throwing knives on a attachment of her sword harness.
Background/History: Her mother was a Zora and her father was Hylian, and when she was born her mother abandoned her father with the baby. Her father was a barkeeper in Clock Town and she's worked there since she was ten. She also trains at the sword place in West Clock Town three times a week. She wants to explore the world of Termina but her father is very overprotective ad won't let her until she is 18. (which is soon)
Good, Neutral, Evil: Good/neutral. Depends on the situation.

EDIT: haha oops forgot an intro

Amie came out of her father's bar one morning and stretched. The crowd last night had been rowdy, and she'd had to break up more than one fight, so she ached everywhere. Coming out of the doorway, she saw a huge man entering the Stock Pot Inn. He must be a foreigner, judging by his clothes. She also hadn't seen him before around town.
"DAD! I'm going out!!" she called.
"Be back by ten!" came the answering shout. She always was, and wasn't sure why he kept reminding her. Amie left East Clock Town to check the mail, then to South Clock Town to see what was going on. Other than setting up for the carnival, there really wasn't naything.

((is that okay?))

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