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  1. Teto added a post in a topic Is the Forum dead?   

    this forum is thriving
  2. Teto added a post in a topic What happened here   

    A faded silhouette materialises from the mist "anybody want to play One Punch Man werewolf?"
    The fog swallows his reply like a hungry void (or a large mammal).
    "The werewolves would be One Punch Men"
    No reply. The power lines buzz with echoes of IRC activity.
    "I don't know what the other roles would be, I haven't watched it, but the one hit kill thing makes sense for One Punch Man."
    He walks forward, describing his very poorly constructed scenario into the empty streets.
    "The watchers would be anime fans I think. They get meta knowledge by watching the show. That's clever, right?"
    He returns to the mist, and out of sight. To places uninteresting.
  3. Teto added a topic in Casual Discussion   

    Where Are They Now? V2: Happy Thanksgiving!
    Putting up another one of these (How are you getting on?!)
    And in this one we can maybe share any other social media things we have (maybe even Facebook):
    I'm getting through 3rd year Illustration at university right now. I don't know how much I've really said about how I've been getting on. I see some of you on Facebook (pheonix mainly), and Cirt on Twitter (she streams a lot and is going to AGDQ next year?). Also Ganny has me on Twitter. Maybe other people I forget because I'm writing this up fast.
    I've visited chat once or twice in the last few months and nobody was on, what the hell.
    I went to a furcon in Livingston and I'm beyond any kind of help now.
    @Cascade we should catch up again IRL at some point, what's your life doing these days? Is Stirling cool? Should I visit?
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  4. Teto added a post in a topic Talk   

    Ego minefield. Although I've literally not changed at all (I'm not willing to test that by checking).
  5. Teto added a post in a topic Breath of the Wild   

    Also I don't know about anybody else, but this game feels full of Laputa: Castle in the Sky vibes, and making the association I can sometimes feel it in the music. I love that this game just like, a culmination of a lot of lore of the land coming together.
    Rito Village spoilers

  6. Teto added a post in a topic Breath of the Wild   

    I'm going to have some mild spoilers in my breakdown, but more in the surface level: like game mechanics and features, rather than plot.
    I do love that they took a world and lore that I love so much and expanded the scope to make a land as rich as mysterious as it deserves to be. It's not as densely detailed as Skyrim, but I think this game proves that it doesn't need to be. There are a lot of options for player expression that make the game a lot of fun to play and discuss with people. I particularly like time-stopping boulders, building up their momentum, and then climbing aboard to shoot myself into the sky, and usually to my death.
    Only real gripe is that you can't stack buffs. I feel like if I was used to using stat buffs in other games, I'd be used to the fact that you overwrite one as soon as you add another, but having to stick to heat or cold resistance when I also want to up my attack bothers me a lot. That and for a good while before I realised this would be a problem, I cooked everything to include stat bonuses, and so if I need to heal, I run the risk of overwriting necessary stat buffs.
    I'm 20 shrines down and I've been playing it for so long. Snuck a peek at Calamity Ganon about halfway through the main 4 things just to satisfy my curiosity. By the time I'd rounded the castle on the map, I really felt the need to just swim in, climb up the back of the castle, and get a look. I'm currently just getting into the Akalla region.
    Interviews leading up to this talked about wanting to recapture the sense of discovery from wandering around the countryside and finding interesting areas to play around in. It undoubtedly succeeds in this. Nothing beats climbing a ridge and looking down on some new valley or natural phenomena and then immediately scouting for the highest point to drop down onto it and start puppying around.
    For the record, I play it on Wii U, and apart from some dips in framerate and the occasional stop, the game runs fine. Like, if this was the only version it's easily playable, but not what people would consider a finished or totally acceptable state. Elder Scrolls games get away with worse though; at least Breath of the Wild has never fully frozen on me (I've only had to wait maybe 2 seconds, less than a handful of times, over lets say 30+ hours, give or take). It's okay for a game which is the inferior port, but if anyone's wondering, it's good.
  7. Teto added a topic in Casual Discussion   

    You lot first. Catch up. How do you spend your days and how've you been getting on? Anybody dead?
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  8. Teto added a post in a topic Happy Birthday! (Birthday announcements)   

    Happy Birthday Jeeeeesus!
  9. Teto added a topic in Casual Discussion   

    Boss Keys: A Youtube Series by Mark Brown
    I really enjoy video essays, so this series has been a lot of fun. Mark Brown does a lot of videos on game design, and he's been doing these since June, starting with A Link to the Past, followed by Link's Awakening, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Oracle of Ages/Seasons, The Wind Waker, and just today, The Minish Cap.
    The series is best watched in order, I think, to appreciate how his understanding and approach to design analysis develops. Even in his latest video on The Minish Cap, he's still tweaking how he breaks down the dungeons, and lays out his diagrams.
    I think it's a lot of fun to see the games broken down and studied like this, and I hope someone else does too.
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  10. Teto added a post in a topic Talk   

    Also lmao Knuckle your signature image gets more ironic every year
    Though I guess, since it holds so much sentimentality, it becomes more sincere with every passing year?
  11. Teto added a post in a topic Talk   

    Should we just add each other on FB and Twitter and wrap this up?
    Though it's a facetious way to talk about the place that heavily influenced me in my formative years.
  12. Teto added a post in a topic Talk   

    Arc complete. Hello from the Void.
  13. Teto added a post in a topic What's your current ringtone?   

    For curiosity I checked the band, and thought, have you listened to The Dear Hunter? They sound similar. I've got a sense of deja vu like I've said this before, but yeah. They're cool and similar.
    For me, the ringtone is still the theme to Horsin' Around from BoJack Horseman, because I'm hopeless.
  14. Teto added a post in a topic Talk   

    But there are no kingdoms to destroy, no peoples to slay or enslave. All you have are hollow mouths to feed, and they'll feast on one another until they've all turned to dust. And you will rule over the dust. But you'll probably have a bunch of pets actually. Indifferent, characterless pets who take but dont return.
    What I'm saying is I'm jealous.