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The sun is just beginning to rise over the clouds when we all congregate just outside of the night academy doors. It's still dark enough for most of Skyloft to be drenched in shadow, but the tiniest hint of light is begninnig to dust the sleepy little town. I smile, pulling my satchal a little closer to my body.

"Right," I say, looking around at my friends. "We're still waiting for... Link," I think aloud.

Pipit grins. "What do you want to bet that he overslept?"

Bryarly laughs. "I'll go get him."

She runs back into the Knight Acadamey, being careful to close the doors quietly behind her so as not to wake our teachers. The rest of us converse quietly for a few minutes while we wait. We ponder how exactly Zurin knew what to do with the stone of trials while we didn't, what todays adventures might entail, and whether or not we'll really find the Triforce.

Just as the conversation reaches a lull, the doors of the Knight Acadamy are thrown open and Link and Bryarly tumble out, looking flustered.

"What's up?" Fledge asks. "Something wrong?"

"The stone of trials..." Link says, between gasps for breath. "It's gone!"

Karane frowns. "What do you mean gone?"

"I mean I woke up this morning, got ready, checked my satchel and it wasn't there!" Link replies.

"Are you sure it's not just in your room?" I ask.

He nods. "Positive. I didn't touch it, it should still be in my bag."

Pipit sighs. "Oh cr-"

But before he can finish, an almighty crack resounds through out Skyloft, it's horrendously, ear-splittingly loud. And as quickly as it came, the town falls back to silence.

"What the hell was that?" Emzy asks, staring around at us all.

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Zurin wasted no time awakening at first daylight and making for the bird statue. He never expected what followed when the bird statue was reunited with its missing eye though; suddenly the beak flew back and revealed a small cannon underneath which fired several volleys into the rock straight a head. With a huge crack, the loosened pieces fell away to uncover an entire dungeon, hidden all that time right under Skyloft.


There was no doubt the others heard that noise, but just to be sure, Zurin launched a rather large fireball into the air that safely burst high above. "That should get their attention, at the least." he mused as he teleported from the cliff to the dungeon entrance. "Soon, Demise, you will be dead by my hand, and I will savor the anguish of your last breath more than you could imagine."


The temple interior was incredibly lavish, but small enough to contain a single corridor with a chest. Opening the chest pulled a tripwire somewhere that opened a nearby gate, but it was of little consequence to Zurin. The map inside practically told him all he needed to know. Particularly the locations of each piece of the Triforce. Memorizing the locations and discarding the map in the chest, he teleported for the closest room containing a piece.

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We dash outside the academy, followed by the teachers, the headmaster and other students.

My heart is pounding against my chest. What the hell happened? We push ourselves a way between all of the residents of Skyloft and I bump into Callia when she suddenly stops.

"Callia why did you- O my goddess," I whisper.

Beneath the statue of the goddess where there used to be nothing but grey rocks was now a giant circular white building

"That looks like a dungeon..." Link whispers. 

My breath is taken away. It looks beautiful, but how did it get there? Had it always been there? All those years? 

"It must have been a plan of goddess Hylia herself..." Callia breathes.

"But who revealed it? Who could have been so stupid to steal the stone from Link without knowing what it would reveal?" Emzy says.

"Biggest question is, who knew the stone was there?" I say.

"Well it must have been one of us- Oh no..." Callia sighs.

"What?" I ask.

She looks down. "It must have been Zurin..." 

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Posted (edited)

((Great job on this Knuckles! I'm really enjoying it :D Apologies for the long response, I got excited!))


"Oh come on," Pipit says. "You can't seriously think this was Zurin!"

I glance up. "Think about it! He's the only other person who knew about the stone of trials. AND he knew what to do with it! Who else could it have been?"

"You can't be serious," he replies.

"I'm deadly serious," I insist.

"You've had it in for Zurin ever since the day we first met him!"

Link sighs. "I hate to say it Pipit, but what Callia says makes sense."

"Look, let's not argue about it," Emzy cuts in. "Let's just work on finding a way in there!"

So we set off, looking around the Goddess statue for a way in, but all the pathways have been destroyed since the rock crumbled. It's only as we make our way over to the bridge that I see a small group of people congregated on the far side of the lake. We make our way over, tagging onto the back of the group.

"What's going on?" Link asks, tapping Orielle on the shoulder.

She turns, shrugging. "I'm not sure, there's all these weird balloons floating in the sky... and there's some kind of doorway!"

Link grins. "It sounds like we've got our way in there."

Link pulls out his hookshot and helps to hoist Emzy up onto his back. She loops her arms around his neck as he aims his hookshot at the target. Without Zurin here, it looks like we're being forced to take the long route.


After a few minutes, we all stand on the tiny platform outside of the temple.

"You guys ready for this? There could be anything in there..." Bryarly asks.

"We don't have much of a choice, let's do it," Karane replies.

We all make our way up the steps and into the gloomy temple. I'm surprised to find such beautiful golden architecture inside, beams and doorways intricately carved to shape the small room. An ornate white-gold chest lies in the centre of the space, though it's already open.

"Someone's definitely beaten us in here," Bryarly muses.

"Zurin," I clarify.

"You don't know that..." Pipit insists.

I roll my eyes. "Who else could get in? You'd need a hookshot, Zurin can teleport!"

He doesn't reply, instead makes his way over to the open chest to pull out an aged map. He unrolls it, carefully studying it.

"The Triforce is definitely here," he murmurs as we gather around him. He points to three golden triangular marks on the map. "I'm guessing these are the three sections of the Triforce.

"Assuming that Zurin is ahead of us," Link says. "Then we've got to hurry if we want to catch him up. He's got a head start on us, he can teleport between rooms... we've got to take the long route."

"Come on," I say. "We don't have time to lose."

As we set off through the open doorway, my stomach is twisting with nerves. Every way I look at it, all I can think is that Zurin must have been using us all this time... using us to get to Demise. I just wish I knew his motivations to find his old master again.

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I don't understand anything of this. Why would he do that? We trusted him! Callia and I have always been right. He can't be trusted. He's a demon!

"What is this place..." Emzy mutters.

"It looks like a miniature version of the first temple I did," Link says. "Shouldn't be too hard?"

"I don't know... You did all the puzzle tackling and stuff you know," Pipit sighs. 

We defeat the three deku babas, surrounded by mushrooms. What follows is a very big gap that looks impossible to cross. 

"I can connect my whip to that thing," Link sighs. "But it won't get us to the other side."

"There's a rope there, use your beedle," Callia says. 

Link smiles. "I wish I had you guys with me in the start. I was kind of clueless." 

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Teleporting to the first room containing a piece of the triforce was easier than expected, with nothing but a dull, slightly intimidating area to greet him. A locked door stood a foot from Zurin's face as he reconstituted, so he wasted no time in melting off the chains and moving forward without exploring the room further. This area was even smaller and contained two huge Moblins ready to run him through, but a few blasts of fire sent them tripping over the edge of their thin walkway and opened the next door. This new room had a great deal of that highly unpleasant architecture that belonged in a demon's city, but was made even worse by the Bokoblins hiding among the walls.


After nearly taking a few arrows to the head, then having an uneventful battle that ended nastily for a large Stalfos and his cohorts, Zurin was in the smallest room of the place yet. Across from him was a retractable gate with a clear view of the starting room, and in the center of this smaller chamber was a strange portal. Before Zurin could even scold himself for missing the retractable gate earlier, a strange rumble shook the entire area. He could feel himself, along with the room around him, being lifted and moved about by some mysterious method. Now Zurin was truly irritated, as it was safe to assume every room had been mixed around now, meaning he could no longer teleport straight from one piece to another. And this portal... it didn't completely stop him, but figuring out how to activate it without the Master Sword it obviously required was going to take time.


He was going to be here for quite a while.

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"That's it!" Link grins. "We got to the door... apparently, we've set out the temple so that the Triforce should be in the next room."

"Be careful," Bryarly warns. "It'll probably be heavily guarded with loads of enemies or a complex puzzle..."

"It's ok," Link reassures us with a smile. "We're all here together. If we can beat the last silent realm, then a few dungeon puzzles won't be an issue!"

We all laugh, it's good to let out the nervous energy like that before tackling whatever's on the other side of the door. Link reaches down, pulling up the heavy door an granting us access into the room. It's rather dark and bland in here, and I'm rather surprised by the lack of anything... there's a door on the far end of the corridor.

Pipit frowns as he glances at the map. "I don't get it... the map says that door should be locked..."

"No, look..." I whisper, as I make my way over. The floor just in front of the doorway is littered with puddles of metal, set rock hard. A slightly deformed padlock lies in the centre of the mess. "The lock has been melted right off..."

"Zurin," Bryarly mutters. "He's a fire sorcerer."

Pipit lets out a heavy groan, rolling up the map and sticking it rather inelegantly in his back pocket. "It's getting harder and harder to think that it's not Zurin..." he groans.

"Let's just get on with this," Fledge says. "We're making good time, we might even be able to catch up with him, talk to him..."

We all nod, and open up the door to allow us entrance into the next part of the room. We have to cross over a few narrow platforms that seem fairly pointless to me. We're lead to another door, which opens out into a scary room. There's a dim purple hue to the place, and the floor is littered with stalfos bones and broken arrows... some kind of battle must have gone down in here. We push on further, finding ourselves by a small gateway.

Pipit swallows hard. "According to the map, the Triforce is right through here..."

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The rough sound of stone on stone draws Zurin's attention away from the central portal and back to the chamber entrance. Expecting an assault, he quickly jumps onto the other side of the retractable gate, but the only thing to enter the room on the other side is a rather annoyed Link followed by the rest of his friends. The crowd shows a mix of shock, anger, and disappointment as they confront him.


"Zurin, what in the Goddess' name is going on here!?" Pipit actually beats Link to the point as he yells at Zurin. "You stole the Gem of Trials, terrified half of Skyloft when you broke into the temple, and now you're taking the Triforce for yourself?" Byarly steps forward next to shoot an accusation of her own. "You've been using us this whole time, haven't you? I don't care what you want with the Triforce, but tricking us is the last mistake you'll ever make!"


Zurin can't look anyone in the eye, only managing to shake his head. "I've... lost my patience with this adventure. Spending this time in Skyloft, meeting Batreaux, it all made me realize my incompatibility with the world." he replied. "You have all been so kind to me, but I will never be more than a wretched demon, forced to hate the world or hide from it like Batreaux." Zrin turns his back to the group and starts to walk away. "You will always be my dear friends, but I need to be on my own now. I won't interfere with the search for the Triforce any longer. ...perhaps we can meet again soon, as well." And with that, Zurin vanished into thin air.

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"Don't you dare-!" I shout, but as my voice echoes through the empty space I realise that he's gone. He didn't even hear me.

Pipit lets out an irritable grunt, turning and pounding his clenched fist into the uneven rocky walls. Dust crumbles off the wall, and his knuckles are bleeding a tiny bit, but he doesn't even seem to notice.

"We need his help," Bryarly mutters. "This dungeon could contain anything... his teleportation and his fire powers could be useful..."

"How could he just leave like that? After all that time? How could he just be so selfish? He tells us we're his 'dear friends' and then runs off and leaves us to do what will probably be the hardest part of our quest!" I exclaim. "How could he?"

"Well you didn't exactly make him feel welcome," Pipit growls.

"Guys!" Link intrudes. "Arguing isn't going to get us anywhere. Zurin's gone. There's nothing we can do! There's literally no point arguing over this when any second now, Demise could awaken and begin to terrorise the surface. We need to put things into perspective. Once the quest is over and the surface is safe, then we can go on another mission, scour the surface for Zurin and get our answers. Ok?" We all nod, and Link continues. "Good, now, if you'll excuse me..."

He pulls the Master Sword from his back and stands over the mark on the ground, sword raised high above his head, then plunges it into the mark. He lies still for a few moments, almost like he's doing another silent realm. But then, slowly, surely, I see the three golden triangles begin to glow on the back of his hand. The bottom right portion of the Triforce glows brighter than the rest, and he returns to his body a few moments later.

"This," Link says, grinning and holding up his hand. "This is the Triforce of Courage."

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"Wow," I breath as I watch the glowin triangle on his hand. "That's amazing..."

"Let's continue," Link says. 

We pass through lots of different rooms that all resemble one dungeon we passed through earlier. It's like a final test the goddess wants to put her hero through.

"I think this is the fire sanctuary room," Pipit mutters. 

"No really," Callia replies sarcastically. 

It is quite hot here. There's lava almost everywhere, making me sigh. I hated the Eldin region. Even more than Lanayru. Just the constant risk of being burned as a crisp was quite frightening for me. 

Link has to crawl underground with his mitts to open up a gate, and we defeat some small enemies. Then we see some weird statues.

"What do we have to do?" Emzy wonders.

"This is going to take so long!" Pipit grumbles. 

"All because that... demon... left us," Callia scoffs.

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Posted (edited)

((Sorry if it seems like I'm rushing to get to the end of the temple, I just find that explaining every detial of temple puzzles in RPs can get a little tedious!))


But moaning won't get us anywhere, so we press on.

The second piece of the Triforce, the Triforce of Power, which filled the top segment, was found in a lava infested room. We had to solve multiple puzzles whilst on platforms of rock moving over lava. It was risky, to say the least, one slip-up and we would have fallen to our deaths. But that wasn't going to stop us. And soon, Link had claimed the second piece of the sacred power. All that was left was the Triforce of Wisdom.

We're working in a room that loosely resembles the sandship, when Emzy lets out a heavy sigh, standing with her hands on her hips.

"How are we doing for time?" she asks.

"It's hard to tell indoors..." I mumble. "But according to my calculations, it should only be mid-afternoon, we've made pretty good time on this temple!"

Link nods. "And there's only one piece of the Triforce left. If we can find it today and make the wish... then we can be reuinited with Zelda before the sun sets."

My stomach sinks, a little disapointed that the adventure is coming to such a quick end... but I suppose we all know that it has to happen at some point.

"Then let's get moving," Pipit says, cutting off my thought patterns. We press on, working together to transport the time-orb to the correct place, raising platforms from the ground. We carefully leap over and Link hookshots us all over to a section of the room that's fixed on a higher level. And sure enough, we're met with the mark of Nayru, symbolising the last piece of the Triforce.

"It's the last one..." Link mutters. "I think we should all go in together..."

"I guess that makes sense..." Bryarly replies.

We all grab hold of the sword together, and plunge it deep into the mark, transporting us one last time into the spirit realm.

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Teleporting out of the dungeon turned out to be a terrible idea for Zurin; the moment he materialized back in Skyloft, a large crowd had gathered at the temple entrance. They were naturally horrified at the sight of a demon appearing out of thin air, and ran away screaming and shouting almost instantly. Seeing this only made Zurin feel exponentially worse, and so he teleported again back to the surface in fury. 


Resting in one of Faron Woods' clearings, Zurin had some time to think about the recent events. At first he was angry at his friends and the people of Skyloft for their reactions to him, but that outrage simmered down after a while. "Perhaps my actions aren't as justifiable as I thought..." he said aloud to himself. He thought about how abandoning his friends in that dungeon didn't really fix anything or make anyone feel better, and how it would have been smarter to just talk about his problems. All things considered, he had made a mistake.


Understanding the error of his ways was all well and good, but how could he make up for it to his friends? It took a very long time to figure that problem out, but eventually he came to a conclusion.

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Posted (edited)

(( I need to stop writing such long replies, I'm sorry, I can't help it! :'( ))


As the blinding whiteness fades I'm met with a strangely familiar, yet unfamiliar setting. The air shares the same glimmering blue-white glow as the silent realm, but instead of being in a previously visited location, we're stood in a small room, made of what looks like stone with two glowing lamps in either side of the room. In the centre of the space, on a pedestal, lies a glowing golden triangle. It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen... it's impossible to stop staring.

Link steps forward, and gently reaches out, fingers outstretched. It doesn't take more than the tips of his fingers to touch the shape before the entire room is plunged into a musky gray darkness. It's unnerving, and out of instinct I reach out to grab Fledge's hand. Just then, the light from the two lamps begins to spread, and the room is filled with a warm amber glow. Seconds later, I feel the sensation of my soul vanishing from the realm and returning to my natural body.

Yet when my view returns, I'm not stood in the temple any longer. I'm back in Skyloft, high atop the statue of the Goddess. I look around myself in confusion, but my eyes fall on Link and the sacred mark on the back of his hand begins to glow. Suddenly the glow erupts, spreading in every direction as the three pieces of the Triforce appear in front of us, swirling and spiraling like beautiful dancers. That's when Fi emerges from Link's sword.

"Master, I believe at this juncture a prayer is required. The ultimate goal we have travelled so far for is now within reach. Focus now, and wish with all your might for the destruction of Demise."

Link nods slowly, and turns, to look at the sacred power. He closes his eyes, and I can feel the tension as he prays. I softly close my eyes too. I'm well aware of the fact that I don't possess the Triforce, and my wishing and praying probably won't make a difference, but if there's even the slightest chance then it's worth a try.

Please, let Demise fall, I silently pray. Let the surface prosper.

As I open my eyes, I watch the pieces of the Triforce form together. There's a silent lull for a moment, before the Triforce suddenly brightens, illuminating the entirety of Skyloft and the sky. It's the brightest thing I've ever seen... I'm forced to close my eyes and turn away.

That's when I hear the sound of splintering wood. I turn suddenly, dropping to my knees and peering over the edge of the statue of the Goddess, only to see the wooden bridge cracking and dropping away.

"What's happening?" Emzy screams and the isle of the Goddess begins to tremble and quake as it breaks away from the rest of our home. Slowly, surely, the island begins to plummet down through the sky, dropping away from everything familiar. I'm clinging to the stone for fear of falling off, everyone else drops down, desperate not to be chucked off the statue. We sink down through the cloud barrier, and as I spot the lush greenery, I realise that we're dropping into the Faron region.

With a loud grinding noise and a humungous crash the statue of the Goddess falls into the sealed grounds... and suddenly it all makes sense.

Demise, imprisoned at the bottom of the pit, has been locked in by the physical presence of the Goddess, her statue... the reason why the innards of the half broken temple here looked so familiar to me was because I knew them, they're the same as the one's previously in Skyloft that have plummeted down now. The shape of the Sky Keep perfectly fits with the shape of the sealed grounds...

The goddess, the sacred Hylia, she so carefully orchestrated it this way all along...

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((no worries, this is all great stuff! Keep it coming :D )


For a moment, Zurin had feared the sun was colliding into the earth when a huge, bright object burrowed into the nearby Sealed Grounds. It was the most incredible thing he had ever seen; for a moment, Demise burst out of his prison to protect himself, but was completely obliterated by the huge mass of stone emitting that blinding radiance. It could only have been the Triforce on top of that rock, shining so brightly, which meant his friends had succeeded.


Before Zurin could even breathe a sigh of relief, someone darted out from behind and struck him on the back of the head. It wasn't a fatal blow as the dealer intended, but enough to incapacitate him. As his vision faded, the last thing he heard was a familiar cackle, then everything was gone.

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Posted (edited)



As I gaze around me, it's so clear to me that everything was meant to be this way... all along. This place, basked in the glorious shining rays of the Triforce, has never been more beautiful. Now that Demise is gone, there can be nothing but tranquility in this stunning land. And just in that one perfect moment, I knew that I could never live contentedly in Skyloft again knowing that all this wonderful land was waiting down below... and from the look on my friends faces, I know that I'm not the only one. The Surface is our home now...

"Master Link, I bring news," Fi says calmly. "I have confirmed that the Isle of the Goddess, which was formerly a part of Skyloft, has returned to the Surface. Furthermore, I have detected the successful eradication of Demise. Your prayers to the Triforce have been heard. In light of these factors, the seal Zelda maintained through her agelong sleep is no longer necessary. My projections indicate she will wake momentarily. I advise you make your way to the Sealed Temple as soon as possible."

Link doesn't even stop to talk to us to confirm what we're all thinking. He just runs, swan-diving off the platform and falling down to the ground below. At the last moment, he pulls out his sailcloth and floats elegantly.

"He's so smitten over her," Pipit says with a smile.

We all laugh, before making our way over to the platform and diving over the edge. The second we touch ground, we all take off running, making our way over to the doors of the Sealed Temple, with Link already inside.

As we enter the building, Groose and the old woman stand near the Gate of Time, smiling. Link has already run on ahead, and is pushing through the doors to the backroom where Zelda slept. Karane takes a step forward, but Bryarly reaches out and takes her by the arm, holding her back.

"Don't," she says softly. "Let Link have his moment with her... we'll see her in a minute."

Karane nods understandingly and steps back, but I'm just smiling as I watch Bryarly. Maybe, just maybe... she might be starting to get over him.

The old woman studies us carefully, her aged eyes narrowed. "What happened to your friend, Zurin?" she asks in her husky voice.

"The less said about him the better," I reply. I don't want to talk about him right now, not now that everything is finally going right.

It's a few minutes later when Link finally returns. He and Zelda walk, hand in hand towards us, giggling like little children. Zelda, dressed in a gloriously white dress with long sweeping sleeves, has never looked so happy. And as for Link... well Link can't take his eyes off of her. My heart leaps at finally seeing all my friends, old and new, gathered together in one place. Groose lets out a happy gawarf, looking clumsily between Link and Zelda. He runs over, wrapping Zelda up in a Gorilla hug before clamping his hands on Link's shoulders and shaking him from side to side, not like a bully, like an overly happy dork. He runs between us, hugging us all in turn, and crushing my ribs in the process. He then leaps towards the old lady, hugging her tiny figure too.

Zelda turns, watching us all with her calm lilac eyes. "My friends..." she says, walking towards us. "I-"

But she doesn't get a chance to finish before the copper diamonds appear in an explosion, throwing us all backwards.

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