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Zelda: Blood Stains

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Long ago or so the Legends say, an evil Man came to Hyrule seeking an ancient power. His search ignited a fierce war that ravaged the land. As defeat grew ever closer a Hero appeared to stem the tide of evil. With the Villain weakened in battle the King called upon his most trusted advisors, six powerful Sages to use powerful Magic and seal the Evil away for all time.


But of course that is mearly a Legend....right?


They say Hyrule was a very different place in the past. Green fields stretching for miles with dark and menacing woods, high mountains and wind swept desert plains. The last hundred years have seen every trace of the old World crushed under the weight of industry. My Name is Kevin Drummond I'm a Detective in the Hyrule Protectorate, a Metropolitan Force that Serves and Protects the Citizens of Hyrule. Our Jurisdiction reaches from outside the Royal Spire, through Castle City, past K-Ville, and out into the Suburbs.


This story is not my story but rather that of my Partner Detective Inspector Lucas Green. When I first met him he had just been promoted to D.I the youngest to ever do so at the age of 22. He never admitted it but Legend says he busted a group of Gorons planning to sell Bomb Flowers to Gerudo Terrorists. He got a Commendation and a Gold Shield for all his work. It didn't take me long to realise that the man not only matched the Legend, he exceeded it in every possible way.


I still remember that day, the day our world got stranger then anyone could've believed. It all began with a murder.


Chapter One: And Holly makes Three.


I was at home catching on some much needed sleep when my T-Phone rang.


"If this is not an insanely beautiful woman, I'm hanging up!"


"Sorry Partner, will you settle for a ruggedly handsome Detective?" Luke said.


"I just got home Pard, what is it?" I asked.


"It's the Ripper...he's struck Again."


"Where?" I asked.


"K-Ville, Club Ingo...just look for the green lights.


Club Ingo was a dive strip joint in K-Ville. The Booze was watered down and the dancers were past their prime but on that particular evening Business was booming. I made my way to the Scene, an alley to the back and got a sick feeling in my stomach. For the past Month a sick twist the Media debbed "The Ripper" had been cutting a swath across the City. His prey were Prostitutes, he stalked them then when the time was right he pounced and killed them by carving their hearts out while they were still alive.


"Another Pro?" I asked converging on Luke.


"That's what I thought at first, until I saw the body. The Vic is Holly Martin age 22, and that's just the beginning."


It didn't make sense, I knew it and Luke did too. The first two vics were Pros. Rap sheets as big as your arm with solicitation and possession charges. But this Girl was pure Vanilla, plain in ever way not even a Ticket for Jay Walking.


"She's a Missionary." Luke said unzipping the Bodybag.


"A Missionary...are you sure, it could be a Character.


"Nope she's legit, the Bouncer sees her every day passing out literature. some Churchie trying to convert the Sinners."


Luke handed me a pamphlet he found clutched in her hand.


"The Three Goddesses Church....huh, I think our guy made a mistake. That or..."


"We've been totally wrong about the MO." Luke said.


"Yeah, and the Cap's not gonna be Happy About That."

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I enjoyed the subtle, maybe even subconscious association of "terrorists" with "whoever lives in the sandy place" when it came to the Gerudo terrorists.

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