The Game Awards event just took place yesterday evening (12/6/14) and Nintendo have graciously given us another look at Zelda for Wii U. The video involves Eiji Aonuma demoing the game as well as commentating with Shigeru Miyamoto who is watching alongside.

Now that we have another look at the game, what do we now know about it? Continue reading after the jump to find out!

Open World

For those unfamiliar with Open World environments, an open world environment allows players to freely roam a world, and various ways of completing the game. Some games of which have such an environment are the Grand Theft Auto Series, Assassin’s Creed Series, Elder Scrolls Series, and many more. Zelda for Wii U will have a massive overworld to explore however you choose to.

Zelda Wii U Map 1Zelda Wii U Map 2Zelda Wii U Map 3Zelda Wii U Map 4

Above images shows us how big we can expect the overworld to be. First image shows the map zoomed in all the way all the way to fully zoomed out (last picture).


The sailcloth makes a return after first appearing in Skyward Sword. It has only been shown as a means of transportation for jumping off a cliff, to help safely land to the ground while also allowing you to travel. Whether or not the sailcloth will only be a transportation item, we do not know.


While we don’t know for certain that the feature horse will be officially named Epona ingame we do know, like before in previous games, you will have a horse companion to help you traverse the vast world. Aonuma demonstrated a new feature, which has enabled Epona to be completely automated with no steering involved stating “…real horses don’t run into trees very often…” This now enables you to freely move your camera around as well as, use your sword, shield and likely any other arsenal Link possesses while not having to run into trees and mountain sides.

Another demonstrated feature involving Epona was the ability to vault off of your horse and instantly target your enemy in slow motion.

Animal Life and Vegetation

While not clearly visible in the video, Mr. Miyamoto points out seeing bug life as well as having seen apples growing in the trees to which Mr. Aonuma mentions that you will be able to pick the apples and eat them. While we don’t know the extent and full purpose of the animal life, the video also showed free roaming horses.

Different Arrow Types

Like previous Legend of Zelda games, it appears once again that there will be different arrow types available to your bow and quiver. The first video (embedded below), shows what appear to be incendiary/explosive arrows as well as an “energy” tipped arrow.


While we haven’t even seen very much as to what the game offers, there’s one thing that we have seen and it’s that the game will be visually stunning. Like Nintendo’s newest titles, we can hopefully expect the game to be 1080p and 60 fps bringing a stunning gameplay experience.

Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments below or let us know in our forum discussion thread!

For those who missed the first Zelda Wii U teaser video you can find it embedded right here:

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