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NBC's Heroes revival

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I recently read that MSN Is considering rebooting NBC's Heroes for it exclusive streaming service on Xbox. The New series Will be set in the same continuity but feature New Heroes.

I like this idea....

When it was on Heroes was one of my all time favorite shows (at least the first season). Heroes suffered greatly From the 2007 Writers Guild of America strike and never really recovered (I still have no idea what happened to Katlin).

I love the idea of creating worlds within worlds, I've started quite a few fanfics set in the Heroes reality featuring Adrian Blake a Heroes character I created right here in a Heroes RP started in 2009 by Vadarth X (where are you Buddy?).

With Super heroes as popular as they are right now the reboot Heroes could go far.

One more thing, did they ever classify the Heroes? I mean Marvel has Mutants and DC has Meta Humans. Did they ever give the "Heroes" a snazzy name?



i dont think they did, if i remember right. i watched it all the way until it stopped airing, and even wound up getting the comic book (my mom got the love story novel between hiro and that diner girl).


katlin.....was she by any chance the girl that could (if i remember right) understand wifi and phone waves? because they covered her in the comic book.

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No. Katlin was the Irish Girl Peter met while he had amnesia then stranded in the dark future.

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I think the original idea was that they would have new heroes every season, but the popularity of the first season's characters had it that they continued with them. I gave up on Heroes in season 3, but I loved the first season, and I'd definitely be willing to watch it again if they started fresh.

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