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About Me

Alright, look all you Legend of Zelda fans/lovers.

I love zelda as much as you all do, so treat me as a fellow fan :) please lol

I had trouble from a diff forum and i switched to this one because its badA! haha

As you all know, the Skyward Sword is coming out soon, supposedly March 27th, buuuuuuuut im thinking not so soon,

and including you, i hope, i will be preordering it xD yays

And im sure you all know that oot is coming out with the 3DS, and supposedly ALTTP is coming out for the 3DS in the future ;)

I am still trying to figure out my occupation, im going for software engineer, buuuut i love game design so i might do that.

if any of you guys have ideas for me, please tell me :)

I am sooo excited to chitchat with you guys, so ill see ya out there<3