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  1. Well that he's a clone isn't like supposed to be like a massive twist. You see that coming in the first half of the movie. I think it's a good thing. The story goes beyond "well you're a clone, let's all marvel in that". We actually get pretty used to the clone. It's a solid movie.

  2. I started it and got to the page JUST before this page coincidentally. But seeing as how you've just spoiled it, I can't continue.

  3. That's a pretty page.

    On a side note, does anyone else get annoyed with overly dramatic, wide-eyed, close-up reaction panels in comics? It was funny at first but idk. This page isn't the as guilty of it as other comics are.

  4. Not trying to trivialize the work that Tappy does, but I think at this point it'd be easier for the small amount of users to just go to a new site and carve out a niche there. 

  5. I am torn between the Wii U and 3DS version. Neither options seems ideal to me.

    The Wii U version will be a fun party game, and Smash bros has always been a good game for spectators. So it'd be really cool to see the Wii U outputting some crazy and beautiful stuff on a single screen. BUT the controllers are $50 and you can't use GC controllers. And puppy using Wii controllers. I am not against using the Gamepad. I think I could get used to that for Smash Bros. Also, apparently the $50 controllers feel cheapish, and don't have much weight to them. Also, apparrntly the buttons don't "click". They're soft and doughy.

    The 3DS version is going to hurt my hand. I just know it. It doesn't seem as much fun when everyone who is playing is looking at their own screen. And it's not as visually pleasing. I'll probably get the 3DS version though.

  6. Is that a new dog or your old one?

    If it's the old one, you made me sad.

  7. BenAffleckBatmanBatmobile.jpg


    Photoshopped version below. It's a warmish gray with maybe the slightest blue added to the black? I am actually okay with this, if it turns out to be like this. Probably not, though.  




    Below is a lightened version. It appears that the suit is really dark gray, just lighter than the black of his gloves/gauntlets/cape. I think it may be too gray. 




    I like it. I originally thought the emblem looked like it could be easily peeled off, or that the suit looked too rubbery. But now, it doesn't seem to look like that to me.