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  1. Chameleon » Koltem

    Chameleon is gay.
    What a faggot.
  2. Vivica Todd » Koltem

    Actually, Jessika (the singer in Jack Off Jill) just sings and looks cool... she's hot, in my opinion.
    They wanted to call the band Jack Jill, but it sounded boring apparently.
  3. Koltem » Vivica Todd

    Wow, there's a singer called Jack Off Jill? I don't wanna know what she does in the music videos....
  4. Koltem » Chameleon

    Chameleon is gay. Vivica, you would really like him. You guys should be best friends.
  5. Koltem

    Thank you my minions. I desperately need to put Lord in my display name. Thanks for the idea.
  6. Vivica Todd » Koltem

    What statement?
  7. Koltem » Vivica Todd

    Dang you! You took off that awesome statement you had!
  8. Na Riknia » Koltem

    happy b day
  9. Young Link Addict » Koltem

    Happy B-day, Lord Koltem, the friendlyiest member on the site.
  10. Teto » Koltem

    Happy Birthday to Lord Koltem.
  11. Vio Milanor » Koltem

    Eh... Do I know you? o.o
  12. Koltem » Vio Milanor

    Lol, nice personal statement.
  13. paddy » Koltem

    You're a dick.
  14. True Gamer » Koltem

    Ah, you got me. XP
  15. Young Link Addict » Koltem

    Looks like no one won any war. It was locked.
  16. Young Link Addict » Koltem

    You didn't win because I still have D_YL, and you didn't kill me so it's still going on. Haha.
  17. True Gamer » Koltem

    Good to have you back, Goron Lord. =)