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  1. Ryu added a post in a topic Discuss Anime and Mang   

    It makes me especially sad cause I know that anime such as Attack on Titan Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works, etc., etc. are all great, or at least known as such, yet I have no desire at all to even try and watch them.
  2. Ryu added a post in a topic Zelda Wii U Discussion!   

    Only now it's been pushed to the end of 2017, does this mean we are getting the One Zelda to Rule Them All?
    I hope the NX isn't a garbage gimmick system like WiiU. Fun as hell but when it sells that poorly it makes developers ignore it, which means less games and even less sales, and much less people playing. Maybe having a decent lineup and Zelda as a launch title will bring Nintendo out of their Dark World.
    Not sorry about the terrible puns, but I am done.
    If the dynamic open world they're making is anything at all similar to that of The Witcher 3 I will be a very happy Zelda fan. It'll be interesting to see how this new game feels compared to the extremely linear Skyward Sword.
  3. Ryu added a post in a topic Discuss Anime and Mang   

    I have trouble fitting in with other fans of anime cause I watch maybe 1-2 new series a year. Instead I rewatch favorites until they make me sick, then I do it again.
    Though I occasionally binge a new series on a whim, and most of those turn out okay. Kill La Kill was dope, definitely no regrets there.
    How does Dragon Ball Super compare to the original manga? I want to watch it just for the new canon content, but I despise Goku's Japanese voice actor. Love the lady, hate her voice.
  4. Ryu added a post in a topic Talk   

    That sounds incredibly dope, actually. Most fantasy novels have the narrator in the midst of the world's fantastical goings-ons, either following the main character or personifying them. I'd read it.
  5. Ryu added a post in a topic Why do people hate Link's companions so much?   

    Hmm. Well I've always seen Zelda games as very lonely and sometimes even depressing. A cheerful character that's always ready to help you out eases that sense of loneliness a bit, but the only companions I've ever liked were Midna and Navi. Fi I guess wasn't too bad, though she was annoying at first. 
    It's easy to see why some don't like them, *cough*Knuckle makes a good point*cough* but I've always seen the companions as an integral part of the game. It wouldn't feel like Zelda if someone wasn't bothering you every so often with: "Remember how you're saving the world?! Get to it!"
    That being said, I'd totally be fine with Zelda WiiU/NX not having a companion type character.
  6. Ryu added a post in a topic What games are you playing currently?   

    Been playing The Witcher 3. Just bought the second DLC expansion so that's cool. Can't wait til the 31st!