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  1. Cascade » Umbreon

    should post more and stop lurking silly :<
  2. Umbreon » Cookiemaster

    Oi pipsqueak you look like a troll,
    At least try to be literate in your posts and be on the topic
  3. Linox » Umbreon

    Happy Birthday Umbreon!! Have a good one!
  4. Final Hyrule Finale » Umbreon

    it's been a long time Umbreonchan, just thought I'd say hi
  5. Zelda Drottningu » Umbreon

    *cough* I meant late...
  6. Zelda Drottningu » Umbreon

    Ummm... yeah. Happy Birthday for Novenmer 5 :/ Welcome to the teen years! (Yes, i know how lite I am)
  7. Umbreon » Hedawn Omni

    Indeed it has
  8. Umbreon

    (I said I'd never usse this) Hey guys I just discovered something you'll never believe! This is a forum not facebook! Converstions go in threads!
  9. Hedawn Omni » Umbreon

    Hey girl Long time.
  10. Umbreon » Xylobe

    That's it I'm using YOU as a sacrifice to destroy twilight.
  11. Umbreon

    Sorry I was busy with Annie JR... that's all over with now...
  12. T1g » Umbreon

    I need you to reply to your PM so I can start the game as soon as possible.
  13. Roc » Umbreon

    Fight the power! WOOH.
  14. Umbreon » Devious_Bookworm

    Welcome Devy-nee-chan!
  15. Devious_Bookworm » Umbreon

    Hihi all-powerful Umbreon-sama! :D
  16. Umbreon » Garo Master

    Don't play innocent with me...
  17. Garo Master » Umbreon

    What did I do?
  18. Umbreon » Garo Master

    Welcome... *watches suspiciously*
  19. Umbreon » Roc

    Yeah! RAWR!
  20. Roc » Umbreon

    Scorpios, UNITE! Lol
  21. Umbreon » Xylobe

    I don't suppose YOU'D go to sugoicon with me...