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  1. Cascade added a post in a topic Talk   

    Good lord anyone else have those days when you check out that super dead forum you used to post on all the time years ago and cringe at how all your old posts are the most obnoxious twee teenager things ever created? Or is it just me?? I hate Past!Me, haha. Why did any of you like her, honestly.
    It's weird how barren this place is now, considering how gung-ho we all were back in like 2012/2013 about never letting this place die. This has been some nostalgia trip... feels like my time here happened decades ago rather than only a few years ago. I wonder how you guys are doing these days, even the users I wasn't close friends with (or close in the slightest, or even flat-out dislike) you all were pretty special and/or entertaining and will always be a part of my teenage years. IDK, I doubt anyone will see this post anyways. Is the IRC even active still? I'm too nervous to check hah.
  2. Cascade added a post in a topic Happy Thanksgiving   

    Most retail shops are hourly pay so I guess since they're open til late people will get the extra hours paid without hassle. Not sure what the protocol would be regarding like, Amazon/the post offices and delivery companies though. Once it settles as a definitely annual thing there'll be something, lol. 
    At least (so far as I know) the shops here aren't opening at crazy early hours like I've heard what happens in the US, just open til later than usual. The shopping centre here closes at half 5 on fridays usually, but is open til like 8pm for Black Friday? Just like what happens every Thursday I guess lol. But with MORE ADVERTISING and DEALS. I will not be going near the centre tomorrow. Last year I made that mistake and just. queues. queues everywhere. not even happy queues.
  3. Cascade added a post in a topic Happy Thanksgiving   

    Christmas basically does everything Thanksgiving does, lol. From what I've been told anyways. It's such a questionable holiday in many ways. have fun spending time with the families you don't really want to spend time with though guys!
    But yeah Black Friday has become a thing here somehow. It's gross as heck. Becoming more like America everyday! woooop. Definitely since last year though I've noticed it becoming an actual literal thing, the advertising has been RELENTLESS since. Thank god I don't have to work tomorrow..
  4. Cascade added a post in a topic Discuss Anime and Mang   

    Completely and utterly my kind of show, take that as you will. Everything is fashion and over-the-top and I love it.
  5. Cascade added a post in a topic Pheonix561, Your King, Streams Undertale   

    I fell asleep during the true lab section of the stream last night and I'm so mad I missed all his goofy reactions there most definitely would have been lots of at all the stuff that happens in the ending u_u american stream timezone privilege is a real thing...
    at least I got to see the frankly disturbing reaction to alphys date. I guess. I was genuinely concerned you were like gonna choke to death during that lol
  6. Cascade added a post in a topic Undertale   

    are you literally me I am fighting this guy right now and, as hilarious and ridiculous a concept his character is that I like a lot, the actual dodging attacks shit feels literally impossible. Everything he throws at you is like, too much at once and unless you have superhuman reflexes you can't avoid them. And puppy the bombs. Nobody has reflexes this good I refuse to believe it. Same with Muffet. Cute but annoying.
    I really am enjoying the characters and story and general feel/humour of the game, and I think the choice of killing monsters or sparing them and that changes the tone of the game is a really neat spin on the formula, you can tell a lot of effort and charm went into making this game, but my god, every boss fight has tripped me up and killed me repeatedly lol. Even some random monsters have killed me. I JUST CAN'T DODGE TO SAVE MY LIFE. It is really a bit draining lol. Play this game people but prepare yourself to die endlessly and have a million healing items on you at all times no question. 
    Also stop letting over-enthusiastic fans dictate how much you like something you really just need to learn to ignore them and let them get on with their fun. It can be annoying sure but like, you don't have to look at it. You can close the tumblr page. Just experience it on its own merits.
  7. Cascade added a post in a topic Talk   

    I agree 100% with it.
  8. Cascade added a post in a topic I hate cats   

    I would totally go to the cat cafe with you anytime if you're looking for people to go with! It sounds like they'd have a ton of rules about how to interact with the cats but it wasn't too strict, just take off shoes/wear blue protective bags over shoes when inside the cafe and don't lift up the cats. That was it. Otherwise get tea and cakes and just walk around the place bugging whatever cat you could find. The staff were really friendly and chatty and laidback as well. One of the most relaxing/stress-free places I've ever been in. Overall defs would recommend and would go with anyone who asked me lmao.
    I am definitely a cat person moreso than a dog person tho. Dogs are cute and sweet and lovable as well, but they are way more work to deal with. Not in a bad way, but just so much that I could never have one with my lifestyle and give it the proper care it deserved. Cats are more chill. And anyways "Cats are pissy little turds that only come to you when they want something from you." is pretty much me anyways lol so we're basically a perfect match. No problems with that here.
  9. Cascade added a post in a topic Rooster Teeth   

    It ain't gonna make me watch it Pheo jeez we've been through this already I'm not gonna fall for it.
  10. Cascade added a post in a topic I hate cats   

    someone clearly has never been to the cat cafe in edinburgh this thread wouldn't exist otherwise
  11. Cascade added a post in a topic Should gays be accepted by America?   

    Locking this thread because we've had this exact discussion a million times, we all know each other's viewpoints on this issue. It's just not worth the effort or time anymore. But next time you have this "debate" anywhere, Lethe Albion, try being more sensitive and not get huffy and whiny when people don't respond kindly to your negative opinion of them/their group. And don't just hide behind the tired old "it's just my opinion" statement whenever facing opposition to your views. You're entitled to your opinion, sure, but others are also entitled to disagree with you and be upset with you because of it. It goes both ways.
    (P.S. Using "SJW", social justice warrior, social justice, etc as a term to discredit/put down people who aren't conservative's viewpoints is a total cop-out of an argument, very indicative of your personality/attitude towards these issues, and so goddamn tired. It really does invalidate your entire point IMO. The internet needs to shut up with it.)
  12. Cascade added a post in a topic A Song of Ice and Werewolves (GoT)   

    (I'll offer myself as a sub for Cirt if she's too busy to play)
  13. Cascade added a post in a topic What's Your Favourite Fictional Hellscape?   

    My Eternal Damnation that I will never be able to escape.
  14. Cascade added a post in a topic Movies   

    No he didn't. He wasn't involved in any part of the making of them. The only connection those three films have is that they're all 3D stop motion animated films produced by Laika the company.
  15. Cascade added a post in a topic SPLATOON   

    Rainmaker Mode being added Saturday early morning for UK/tomorrow night for America! Capture the Flag is always fun, pretty excited!