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  1. and while your at it, get some ace attorney games with your DS...

    no gamer is complete without an ace attorney game.

  2. you, my friend, have some amazing adventures.

    The Legend Of Sahaqiel;

    a link to the second floor

  3. I honestly don't the the NA release for it yet though. I just want it. :cry:

    we've still got to wait till October nonetheless :P

    EDIT: w00t, 5555th post :crazy:

  4. didn't do much today, my average Sunday it was.

    i just watched X factor re-runs.

    they've gone down since they introduced audiences at the auditions. :drama:

  5. *comes in with much frustration and irritation* ><

    what's the prob, Doc. Rob?

  6. Do you guys play any fun game at the moment?

    naw, i'm waiting for prof. Layton and scribblenauts :crazy:

  7. Very wise.

    Also, what about a communist woman?

    they aren't allowed to go to these sort of parties. :grinninglink:

    or leave the house for that matter >_>

  8. To other people, maybe, but I like to think my school is open minded enough for it.

    i know what you mean. ;)

    i used to have an open mind, but my brains kept falling out :mellow:

  9. Alot of stuff about your dad. I know why. fathers day in Australia today smile.gif .

    or prehaps cleaning day in australia :prop:

    but, yeah; father's day is totally, awesome.

    actually from now on i will stop using the word totally, it's overused. :pokepoke:

    it's encompassingly awesome! :king:

  10. Damn you, you get off just as I get on.

    I hate our time zones.

    we should pile all countries atop each other, to remove timezones.

    it shall become EngRalia of A