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  1. Hiro Protagonist

    Saw Tron Legacy friday night.
  2. Skyrider » Hiro Protagonist

    Happy Birthday! I had a TARDIS cake for you but it dematerialized.
  3. Mao » Hiro Protagonist

    Beans are evil.
  4. Skyrider » Hiro Protagonist

    Box falls out of the sky, man falls out of the box, man eats fish custard, and look at you, you're just sittin' there!
    Haha, I love Dr. Who!
  5. Rika Code » Hiro Protagonist

    I would but sadly my only Doctor Who channel is on demand so I cannot
    My schedule is to full to watch any others
  6. Hiro Protagonist

    Try watching the tenth Doctor, he'e my personal favorite.
  7. Rika Code » Hiro Protagonist

    I had just recently watch the first episode of Doctor Who the eleventh hour and Dude it was like love at first sight
  8. Arcane » Hiro Protagonist

    You mean: xkcd. That's how the author prefers it.
  9. Hiro Protagonist

    Even in real life I have trouble with that courtesy of Aspergers syndrome.
  10. Otis McNutt » Hiro Protagonist

    It's kinda hard to convey sarcasm while typing, it was a joke.
  11. Hiro Protagonist

    ...I think that was before I joined. Do you think that you have exclusive copyrights to the username "the Doctor?"
  12. Otis McNutt » Hiro Protagonist

    What gives man, The Doctor is one of my old Usernames, change it at once...or don't I don't really care.
  13. Hiro Protagonist » alphasmith222

    Congratulations on joining!
  14. Vio Milanor » Hiro Protagonist

    Oh, Happy Birthday. :o
  15. Arcane » Hiro Protagonist