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The Unknown

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You open your eyes and find yourself on a cold concrete floor. As you try to stand up a wave of pain erupts from the top of your head and travels down to your neck. Shaking away the pain you stumble to your feet and as you brace yourself on a rusty metal shelf you see a broken window. Outside you see desert stretching for miles and catch your reflection in the dirty glass. It's then you realise that you can't remember your name.

And you are not alone... As you look for a way out other stumble into the large open space in the center of the warehouse, with no memories of who they are and how they got there.


Approximate Age:


style of dress:

distinguishing marks:

hair color:

Nickname: Redman

Approximate Age: 27

Gender: Male

Style of dress: Faded blue jeans, AC/DC t-shirt, Leather jacket

Distinguishing Marks: Scar on left cheek, devil tattoo on right bicep

Hair Color: Red

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Redman stumbled out from a corner and collapsed to the cold concrete floor. A crude bandage, a piece of a torn white T-shirt wrapped around his hand covered a deep gash. "Hello?" Redman tried to shout but it instead came out as a weak rasp.

He stumbled over to a door and tried to open it, as he pulled he heard the loud clang of a chain banging against the steel door. He felt himself slip and he reached out to stop himself from falling, that's when he saw him. Lying under a pile of wood pallets a male, pressed Italian suit, $1000 watch dead a single gunshot wound in his left temple. Redman's heart started to racek he felt like he should scream but for some unknown reason he didn't, something told him that this wasn't the first dead guy he saw.

As Redman looked at the body, a nearby clanging caught his attention, he was not alone in the building.

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Nickname: 'Lawliet', or 'Joker'

Approximate Age: 27

Gender: Male

style of dress: Saggy blue jeans, long sleeve white shirt.

distinguishing marks: None, really. Unless dark circles around the eyes count.

hair color: Black

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"Is somebody there?" a male voice asked.

"Here!" Redman spoke in his raspy voice.

"What's wrong with your pipes dude?" Joker asked.

"Not sure, I feel like I was shouting...alot." Redman said.

"Names....wait a minute." Joker started to say.

"I can't remember my own name!" he added.

"Yeah me me Redman." Redman said noticing an empty tin of Redman's Chewing Tobacco lying on the ground.

"Call me...Joker." Joker said as he fished a joker card out of his pocket.

"We alone?" Joker added.

"Besides the stiff, not sure." Redman said.

"There's a dead guy where?" Joker asked.

"Under those wood pallets, he was executed."

Joker walked over and saw the guy, who was very much dead. "He's dead alright, why are you so sure he was executed?" Joker asked.

"His pants are dirty, but look at his knees they're even dirtier. And the wound is close to the top of his head meaning the killer shot...from...a...standing...position."

"How'd you know that?" Joker asked.

"I'm not sure." Redman said.

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Joker chuckled.

"He looks pathetic, lying there... lets drag him over in the corner or something."

Redman walked over and helped Joker to drag the dead man across the room into the corner, where they then layed a tarp over him.

"Much better..." Redman rasped. His voice sounded a little better, but not much. "Any water here?" He asked.

Joker smiled awkwardly and looked around.

"Eh... he he... Nope. Tough luck buddy..." Joker patted Redman on the shoulder and chuckled again.

Joker, or Lawliet, as he'll eventually be known. Is kinda... loony. A lot of the time he laughs for no apparent reason(and if you've seen Death Note, he sits like L.)

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Redman felt his head began to clear, the frog in his throat also lessened.

"Someone locked us in from the outside, the question is why?" Redman said

As he and Joker sat near a barred window a canister caught his eye.

"Hey Joker do you see that?" he asked.

"Yeah it umm...looks..*he he he* like a propane tank."

Redman walked over and picked it up.

"It's not Propane, it's Anthrosyte!" Redman said.

"Here's another one." Joker said.

"But this one's busted open." he added.

"Well that explains things!" Redman said.

"What..umm... what do you mean?" Joker asked.

"Anthrosyte is a heavy liquid that vaporises when it hits the air. It's used in the creation of Wet, a very potent street drug. If it's inhaled in large doses the subject suffers headaches, hallucinations, nausea, memory loss and feels overly jovial."

"That's not so bad." Joker said.

"Yeah but Anthrosyte's also a Gaba blocker, it supresses the Gaba that the brain produces to regulate expansion of the diaphragm which controls breathing. No oxygenated blood leads to organ failure and eventually death."

"How long?" Joker said, acting serious for the first time.

"I'm not sure how long it's been since exposure so I'd say about eight hours."

Joker looked at his watch.

"My watch is broken."

"When did it stop?" Redman asked.

"About 1:15 P.M., why?"

"It could've been damaged in whatever incident dented the canister, it's 3:45 now that means we have six hours to get out of here and get help before the Gaba loss kills us."

"Well let's look for a way out." Joker said.

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"Obviously." Joker began, but then stopped due to laughter.

"What?" Redman asked, looking at him funny.

"The HAHAH... WINDOW!" Joker blurted.

Redman, who found this in no way at all funny, looked to the dirty, badly cracked window. After judging it's thickness and cracks, he decided it was the only way out, unless they somehow managed to pick the lock.

"Second story... We'll have to drop. Shouldn't damage us if we land correctly." Redman said, looking for something to bash the window with. Joker ripped a metal support pole from the shelf and handed it to Redman, he gave him a thumbs up and stepped back.

"We could also build a... a... thingy. That we can hang onto from the window, so we don't have to drop as far." Joker suggested, suddenly very serious again.

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Redman gripped the pole like a baseball bat and squeezed hard.

"I'm about to go David Ortiz on the bytch!" he said preparing to swing.

"Wait!" Joker shouted.

"Look at that cord running along the top of the window frame, could that be an alarm wire?" he asked.

Redman put the pole down and walked over.

"Whatever it is, it's recent see everything else is covered with dust but this things clean."

The two captives followed the cords to an open hatch along the wall.

Oh you have got to be kidding me!" Redman said as he opened the hatch.

"Is that what I think it is?" Joker asked.

Inside the hatch was a block of C4 wired up to many canisters of Anthrosyte.

"Well there goes that plan!" Redman said.

"Maybe we should try another window?" Joker asked.

"I'm pretty sure that we'll see similar setups all over this place it makes sence Anthrosyte's highly combustible and it would make a superb boobytrap."

"Boobytrap for what?" Joker asked.

"The cops or DEA breaching this place, they break a window to pop in a flash-bang and BOOM all the evidence of the drug activity goes up in flames."

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Joker's mind was working overtime. C4... wires... windows... door... bricks... HAHAHA... Redman's concerned look snapped him out of it.

"I have an idea..."

Redman watched, intruiged, as Joker began pulling apart most everything in the room. The shelves were taken apart, the tarp was cut into strips with a small, yet sharp, piece of glass. A small bundle of rope, canned air, a bungie cord, and a few other little tidbits were found also. All were found and used by Joker as he constructed what he called 'The thinggy...'.

"You think C4 charges go off when man-handled?"

"If it's rough man-handling." Redman replied. "Why?" He gasped in horror, but before he could say anything Joker had strapped all the charges and Anthrosyte to his strange machine.

"Ready..?" Joker asked, and began to laugh.

"For what?" Redman asked, slightly creeped out and afraid Joker was going to do exactly what he thought he was.

"THE FIREWORKS!" Joker blurted, and flipped a switch.

A spring, a snap, a twang, a crash, a crack, shattering of windows, "GET DOWN!" Joker yelled, practically tackling Redman. A pretty impressive explosion, followed by a blast of intense heat followed.

After a few moments Joker flipped off the small tarp-covered wood slab and stood up, then helped Redman to his feet.

"Wahoo!" Joker cheered, and began to laugh hysterically, pointing at the door.

Redman looked over at the door and saw it had been blown open by the blast. This only made Joker laugh harder when he saw it.

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"Hey snap out of it!" Redman shouted.

Joker looked around and realised that the entire episode had been a hallucination.

"Oh damn *chuckle* that seemed so real!" Joker said chuckling.

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"What did?" Redman asked.

"I don't really know... just... everything 'laugh' WENT BOOM!" He fell to the floor, literally rolling around he was laughing so hard. He reminded Redman of a psychotic Tickel-Me-Elmo.

After a few minutes Joker finally stopped, and stood up, clutching his stomach. "So, how are we getting out of here?"

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Redman staggered back, as a wave overtook him.

"You ok Redman?" Joker asked

"It's Dylan...Dylan Burke, I think!" he said.

"Oh ok then, well *chuckle* call me Lawliet." Joker said.

"Wait you knew your name all along?" Dylan asked.

"Yeperoni!" Lawliet said with a wide grin.

"Then why did you say to call you Joker?" Dylan asked.

"Well you got to make up a name, I wanted to as well!" Lawliet said.

"Jeez we need medical attention, the gas sure did a number on your mind."

"How do you know I'm not always like this!" Lawliet said

"Good point!"

"Hello is anyone there?" a voice cried out.

"Did you hear that?" Lawliet asked.

"Yeah, why?"

"Oh good I thought I was hearing voices! And not the ones I normally hear."

Dylan and Lawliet watched as a 20 something girl entered, she wore a short denim skirt, pink tube top, high heels and her strawberry blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail.

"Damn!" Lawliet shouted.

"Oh thank GAWD I found someone!" she said.

"Who are you?" Dylan asked.

"This is gonna sound nuts but..."

"You can't remember who you are?" Dylan said.

"Yes how did you know!" she said.

"Well apparently we're locked in an impossible Warehouse and we've been exposed to Anthrosyte a dangerous toxic chemical used in the manufacture of the recreational drug known as Wet." Dylan said.

"Dude I have no idea what you just said."

"Yeah me neither!" Lawliet said.

"The way you dress is really deceptive Dylan!" Lawliet added.

"Simply put we breathed in a gas that's slowly killing us, so...what's your name?" Dylan asked.

"Umm...oh shoot I can't remember!" she said.

Dylan saw a red bag hanging from her sholder and grabbed it.

"Hey that's mine!" she shouted.

"Your name is Mandy Hoffman, there's a shocker." Dylan said.

"Are you sure, it doesn't sound familiar!" Mandy asked

"It's on your drivers licence, a Nevada licence." Dylan said handing the purse back.

"Did you find anyone else Mandy?" Dylan asked.

"What..umm yeah but they were sleeping." Mandy said.

Mandy led Lawliet to the others she came across. As they approached the two unconscious individuals started to wake up. One was a heavily tattooed Latino whose Montecito Casino ID identified him a Hector Alanzo, a cook at Wolfgang Puck's and the other was a woman in her mid 40's wearing a waitress outfit with "Starla" on her nametag.

"What a Motley Crew!" Lawliet said looking at the suddenly expanded roster.

"Now what?" he added looking at Dylan.

"Yeah how you gonna get us outta here homes!" Hector asked.

Dylan sighed as the eyes of everyone fell on him. Dismayed all he could do was shrug.

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I love when Mandy walked in the room XD Sounds like the exact same thing I would say.

"So, right back where we started... but with more people..." Lawliet began to laugh.

"What's his deal?" Hector asked.

"He laughs a lot, don't mind it." Dylan brushed off the question quickly, he needed to think. "I'll be right back..." He said, walking away.

The other three sat around uncomfortably watching Lawliet as he sat in the middle of the floor, sometimes spasming, laughing as he did so.

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Lawliet walked in to find Dylan sitting on a pile of wood pallets, close to the body they discovered.

"Hey how you doing?" Lawliet asked.

"How am I doing, what about you?" Dylan asked.

"You see that's why we're looking to you man, we're all dying and you're concerned for me!"

"I just can't help but wonder, who was he and why did he die?" Dylan asked.

"Good question, let's ask him!" lawliet said walking over.

Lawliet fished through the guys pockets and found a wallet.

"Got a wallet her D!" he said tossing it.

"No way!" Dylan said.

"He's FBI...Special Agent Patrick Dunham." he added.

"Check if he's armed." Dylan asked.

"Sholder holster's empty man!" Lawliet said.

"Check his ankle." Dylan said.

Lawliet lifted up the agent's pant leg revealing an ankle holster and a .38.

"How did you know?" Lawliet asked.

"It's a throw away piece, SOP for...field...agents." Dylan said

After a few moments of awkward silence something in the man's hand caught his eye.

"What's that in his hand?" Dylan asked.

"I don't know, lets see." Lawliet said as he struggled to open the hand.

"He's still in rigour!" Lawliet said as he pryed the cold hand open.

"It's a tuft of hair...and an ugly looking hoop earring, and a clip on one at that!" he said smirking.

Dylan looked at it and his mind drifted.

"She was missing an earring...quick what color's the hair?" Dylan asked.

"It's blonde...why?" Lawliet asked.


"The bimbo, what about her?" Lawliet asked.

"It's an act don't you see she's behind everything!"

The words opened up the floodgates of hidden memories.

Agent Dylan Burke of the FBI was sent from the DC field office to Nevada to investigate the disappearance of the lead Agent, Patrick Dunham head of the joint FBI/LVPD taskforce investigating the sudden surge of WET into the streets of Vegas. A former Vegas badboy, before being court ordered into the military Dylan looked up an old friend Felix Lawliet who was a lowlevel dealer of WET who wanted to get out of the life by showing him where the agent was being held. They didn't expect that the boss (a former Vegas stripper who ruthlessly stole the empire from her Mafia sugardaddy) was there. A firefight ensued causing a canister of Anthrosyte to rupture knocking everyone out.

"Felix...I remember!" Dylan said.

"Yeah me too man weird..but does that mean that..."

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No fair >:C How do I do this?

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