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The Unknown

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Nvm. Read your post wrong DX

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Dylan arrived at the Rail yard a few minutes later, looking at his iPhone which was set to Google Maps he quickly found the location of the container...which was being heavily guarded.

"Attention all units, this is Agent Burke stand down I repeat stand down." Burke whispered over his radio.

"Hostile force in train yard, civilians in harms way."

"What do we do?" Felix asked.

"Secondary congregation point on far side of station." Burke looked at his watch.

"One hour til dusk, make way to location in ful TAC and Nightvision, copy?"

"Copy sir." Cho said.

"What about you?" Felix asked.

"I'll take a defensive position on the cargo crane, flash/bang will signal a go." Dylan said.

"What's he gonna do?" Felix asked.

"You knew the Boss since you were kids and you don't know?" Cho asked.

"Know what?" Felix asked.

"The Boss was Force Recon, you know a Sniper. He once waited four days in the desert for a target not moving once."

"But what if know."

"Well that's why diapers come in adult sizes." Choi said.

Burke jogged back to his car and popped the trunk. Safely tucked away behind the spare tire was a Dragonov APK silence sniper rifle, smooth bore chamber with a Nightingale All-Weather scope. Burke slung the Rifle across husband back and ran for cover.

Unseen he took up a position on the crane, high above the men below.

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Really don't know what to do here... Please continue.


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Burke sat on his perch until the sun vanished behind the horizon.

He took aim at a nearby light and fired sending sparks and glass to the ground below.

Dylan looked into the scope and spotted a perimeter guard alone.

"At this distance you must take into account windspeed, barometric pressure and the curve of the Earth." Simon, Dylan's sniper teacher would always say.

"Bang!" Dylan watched as the guard fell to the ground, a red smear on the wall behind him.

Attaching a repel line to the crane, Dylan jumped down and tossed a flashbang into the container.

"That's the signal, converge!" Felix shouted watching the action with Binoculars.

The raid was over in no time, with only one death.

"Sir I think you should see this!" Cho said concerned.

"We found the nitro and the source of the radioactivity." Cho said.

"But I'm not sure about this." Felix said.

"It does seem easy." Dylan said.

Dylan went over the room in his mind, piecing together the odds and ends.

"The source wasn't a bomb?" Dylan asked.

"No it was an element used in S-Rays, why." Cho asked.

"Because were not looking for a nuke, the ol' chaps built a Dirty Bomb.

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My 13-year old brain has nothing on 'dirty bombs' in it's vast stores of knowledge.

Felix cast Dylan a quizzical look, then at Cho.

"Umm... God I feel like a dork... But, what's a 'dirty bomb'?" He asked, scratching the back of his head nervously.

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A dirty bomb is an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) that uses conventional explosives (in this case Nitro) and radioactive material (the isotopes from old X-Ray machines) to deliver a two pronged attack on a population. The explosive would kill immediately and disperse the materials into the atmosphere killing all who come in contact with it.

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Felix sighed.

"So we're all gonna die!?" He wailed.

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"Not if I can help it!" Dylan said.

"Cho call Judge Rickman and get him to sign a seizure warrant for the tapes."

"What tapes Boss?" Cho asked.

"For the security camera Cho, right over there." Dylan said nudging his head to the side.

"On it Boss!" Cho said.

"You do realise it's 3 A.M Dylan. The Judge's probably asleep."

"Ahh it's his job." Dylan smirked.

An hour later Cho arrived back at the scene, which had become the mobile command center.

"Boss got the tape!" Cho said handing him a DVD.

Placing the disc in the player they watched as a large crate was loaded onto the truck.

"Can anybody read the registration number on the side?" Dylan asked.

"It's to grainy, sorry boss." Cho said.

"It says 543UVB." Felix said squinting

"I'll put an BOLO out on the Truck Boss." Cho said.

"Alright, but I'm gonna try a different avenue." Dylan said pulling his phone from his pocket.

"Hey Billy, you mind using your magic again?" Dylan asked.

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Felix stood around in utter confusion, watching events unfold around him. He began to feel very insignificant, and wished he could get in his car and leave, unfortunately, that wasn't going to happen.

"Felix! Get over here!" Dylan called to him.

He sighed and jogged over to where he stood, his cellphone pressed to his ear.

"What was the number again..?" Dylan asked, looking kind of embarrassed. Felix, with an astounding memory, quickly remembered and told him.

"Thanks..." Dylan mumbled.

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"We got em, they're going west on State Street. Cho call homeland and have them scrabled a TAC team to meet us enroute...and alert FEMA just in case." Dylan ran to his car and opened the trunk, pulling out a DEA vest he quickly put it on.

"Dylan come here." he saud with serious conviction.

"Yeah?" he asked walking over.

"You ready to catch some bad guys?" Dylan asked tossing him a P90 and vest.

"Hell yeah!" Felix said as he pulled the vest on.

"Cho were moving, you meet up with the DHS team at the Roadblock."

"What're you gonna do boss?" Cho asked

"We're gonna...head em off at the pass."

Dylan jumped into the passenger side and Felix jumped in the drivers seat.

"Where too?" Felix asked.

Dylan beamed the information from his cell to the dash GPS.

"Just follow the voice." he said.

"There they are, the ID numbers match." Felix said.

"Get close...but not to close they might detonate if they see us."

"What do we do then just let them get to the roadblock?" Felix asked.

"Wait for them to turn, then while their attention is elsewhere we hit them with this." Dylan said pulling a strange gun-like-device from a case under his seat.

It looked like a gun with a satellite dish attached to the barrel, with wires and coils glued to it.

"It's a directional EMP device." Dylan said

"Here comes a turn...they're taking it." Felix said.

"Get close." Dylan shouted as he rolled the window down.

Dylan leaned out his window and fired, if it could be seen one would see a pulsing blue ribbon erupting from the weapon and hitting the car.

The two agents watched as the truck stopped, it's front tires locking up sending the truck flipping up and over landing on the roof.

Felix ran out P90 in hand.

"Get out now!" he shouted.

The driver crawled out, switch in hand.

"You leave now or I detonate and kill everyone."

Felix looked around at the innocent bystanders.

"Not a chance Ke!" Felix shouted

"Then their death's on you!" Ke shouted


Ke looked at the bloody stump that was once his hand and collapsed in shock, Felix turned and saw Dylan sitting on the SUV's roof, holding his rifle.

"Cutting it close D." Felix said

"Had to be sure it wasn't a dead man switch." Dylan said.

"And it was...what?" Felix asked.

"A cellphone looks like big bad Mr. sword ninja doesn't want hus 72 virgins after all."

As Dylan walked over to secure the suspect the motorcade arrived.

"Good job Burke, but DHS will take it from here." Collins said walking over.

"This makes up for your earlier screw-up." he added.

"My screw-up?" Dylan shouted.

"I'll show you screw-up!" Dylan charged the DHS prick but was stopped by Felix.

"Woh hold it buddy." Felix said.

"We got em Dylan we're heroes, let this prick clean up his mess and we'll get a beer." he added

As Dylan and Felix walked away Dylan chuckled.

"What?" Felix asked

"In the old days you woulda jumped pricks like that." Dylan said.

"Well I guess I'm maturing." Felix said

"Isn't that a good thing?" he added.

"Yeah...just not this time."

"Is every day this exciting?" Felix asked.

"Not really but who knows, tomorrow's a few hours away." Dylan said patting Felix's sholder

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