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As a bit of food advice, I recommend everyone get a good cast iron skillet. Treated well, they can be your favorite cooking tool. Last night I pan-seared steaks for my girlfriend and myself, so I'll post my current method.



Oil of choice (more info later)



Butter (if you're into that sort of thing)


When choosing your oil, pick one with a high smoke point. Pan-searing anything is going to look like you've set off a smoke bomb, so the oil can greatly reduce the number of alarms going off while you cook. I've settled on grape seed oil, but I've heard of people using peanut oil and other similarly resilient types.

Salt and pepper are totally to taste, based on your preferences. I like a generous coat of salt to get a nice crust, but not everyone does. I'm sparing with my pepper.

Butter just adds a nice rich taste to the outside. I use butter about half the time, but it really depends on my mood.


Set your steak out at least half an hour before you cook it. If it's room temperature throughout when it hits heat, it'll cook more evenly. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees while the steak is warming, and put your skillet on a burner on high heat.

Apply a light coat of oil to the meat. Some people like to massage it a little while they do that, but I think those people are weird. Oil both sides, apply desired amount of salt and pepper, rub it in (yes, with your hands. You can wash them later), and let it finish warming.

When you think the meat is warm enough, throw it on the super hot skillet and let it sit for at least a minute, depending on the temperature of the surface. Mine gets dang hot, so I only leave it for a minute on the first side. Here's where you apply butter if you want. Flip it and throw it immediately in the oven. Turn off the burner, wash some dishes, or fry/roast some potatoes or veggies while you wait.

After three minutes, pull out the skillet and poke the meat with your finger. You know the muscle between your thumb and forefinger? That will be your meat guide. Touch your middle finger to your thumb and, with the forefinger of the other hand, poke that muscle. You want your steak to feel as tough as that muscle, so poke the steak. If it's good, take it off the pan and let it rest for ten minutes. Don't you dare cut it or you'll ruin everything. All your hard work, lost under that knife. Just be patient.

After ten minutes, devour it. It's ready, and so are you. Enjoy.

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